The Heir 14 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 14 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 14 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jagan asks Raavi to look for Amba. He goes to the terrace and looks for Amba. He gets the rope made by dupatta there and gets shocked. Raavi says Amba is not at home. Jagan says Amba has run away. Deema says you have got mad, I slept with Amba and Mannu in her room. Jagan says that’s not your grandson, Amba gave birth to a girl, not boy, I have shown color Mauli to you, go and find her. Bebe does not see Amba anywhere and looks for her.

Jagan says I told you everything, you did not listen to me, you won’t get Amba here, she has run away with her daughter, you did not let me see the baby, I wanted to know if Amba is saying truth or lie, you insulted me and did not listen to me. Deema goes to the terrace and looks for Amba. She sees the dupattas rope and gets shocked.

Jagan asks Deema did you get sure now, Amba did not give birth to a son, Chatti has come, what will you tell villagers now, that your elder daughter in law has run away, Amba has sent Simran and Gunjan with Veeru, what will you do now. Deema gets angry.

Zee World: The Heir 14 June 2019 Update

She says Amba would have not got far, Jagan finds Amba and drag her here, did she think I will forgive her, the mind will see why Deena should not be made angry. Jagan smiles. Before he could leave, Amba comes there. Jagan gets shocked seeing Amba. Deema asks Amba where were you, where is my grandson. Amba says I was in the bathroom. Deema holds her hair and asks did you wish to run, where are your daughters, what’s going on in your mind. Veeru comes there with Simran and Gunjan. Jagan asks where were you all night, what’s in this bag. Veeru says I went to Jagrata, this bag has Prasad and my clothes.

Amba tells Deema that her stomach is upset, so she has in the bathroom, where will she go. She says I came to tell you that we will postpone Chatti, Mannu is unwell. Jagan says enough, a new drama now. Bebe asks Jagan to stop. She asks Amba to get ready, if its grandson, it’s a tiger’s son, nothing will happen to him. Amba gets worried. The preparations are taken care of by everyone. The ladies sing in Chatti function.

Amba cries seeing her baby. She apologizes to Mannu and says I could not save you. She sees the knife under the pillow and recalls Deema’s words. Raavi tells Deema that her Maayka has sent so much on Sukhi’s birth, and taunts poor Veeru. Bebe does not care much.

She gives keys to Raavi and asks her to get gold jewelry and silver utensils from her locker, keep everything here, do as I say. Raavi gets shocked. Deema says Amba gave our heir. She tells Veeru that she will know everything when she makes baby bath in milk, whether Jagan is saying truth or Amba.

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