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Amma - Full story

Amma – Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers on Zee World

Amma full story: captures the life and journey of Zeenat Sheik, a mother of two daughters deserted by her husband and son during ‘The Partition‘. They deserted her because of her strong will and patriotism towards freeing India from British domination. When Zeenat’s uncle and aunt took over her house, she had to take refuge in a temple and start afresh.

Zeenat is able to stand up to the adversities thrown in her path and attain a voice of her own in a world dominated by intimidating men. She becomes the queen of her world (Female underworld kingpin) and very vocal in the lives of her daughters.

Beyond the show, Zeenat is a role model for today’s women and gives emphasises to the fact that Bollywood is also out to give representation to women as independent and strong, not subjected only to the influence of husbands and male relatives.

Amma is going to be a fast paced series having only 52 episodes and one season. It is Created by Farhn P Zamma and Written by Aloke Upadhyay.

The series also follows the love story of Amma’s daughter Rehanna and Faisal (one of Amma’s men) as they try to gain her acceptance. In addition is also a small side love story of rehanna’s sister saraswati who loves atul her college friend. How amma reacts when she gets to know about all this is the main idea post the leap

There is also another love story on Saraswati who is in love with her college friend Atul as she too tries to gain her mother’s acceptance.

Amma is a family drama series encompassing crime, romance and thriller.

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Amma – Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers on Zee World

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