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BBNaija 2019 Day 63: Names of Housemates for this week eviction

BBNaija 2019 Day 63: Names of Housemates for this week eviction

BBNaija 2019 Day 63: Names of Housemates for this week eviction

Day 63: Nominations This Week: it is quite dicy and challenging for the housemates nominated this week eviction. Here is Elozonam, Frodd, Khafi, Omashola, and Venita have been Nominated for Eviction. Although Khafi escaped the initial Nominations, Seyi ended up putting her up to Save himself.

And it’s been three weeks since the Pepper Dem Gang had to Nominate each other for Eviction and in a different twist, there was a switch to the old method of Nominating Housemates for Eviction. No longer did they have to compete against each other in their respective teams to decide the Housemates up for Eviction. Each one of them made their way into the Diary Room and Nominated two Housemates each.

BBNaija 2019 Day 63: Names of Housemates for this week eviction

Housemates Who They Nominated
Cindy Diane and Seyi
Diane Omashola and Venita
Elozonam Seyi and Mike
Frodd Omashola and Elozonam
Ike Venita and Khafi
Khafi Elozonam and Venita
Mercy Omashola and Venita
Mike Frodd and Seyi
Omashola Elozonam and Diane
Seyi Mercy and Frodd
Tacha Mercy and Frodd
Venita Frodd and Khafi


And This Is How The Nominated Housemates Ranked;

Housemate Nomination Count
Elozonam Three
Frodd Four
Omashola Three
Seyi Three
Venita Four

1567451922 34 rr

Let’s Review The Votes. The Usual Suspect

There seems to be no rest for Frodd. After being up for Eviction two weeks in a row, this week marks his third-week consecutive week being up for Eviction.

The Beef Inspired Nomination

All doesn’t seem well between Khafi and Venita. Although they put up a front that all is well, it doesn’t appear so and it was no surprise that they both put each other up for Eviction.

Frodd recently got into a fight with Elozonam and we wonder if that had anything to do with him putting Elozonam up for Eviction.


It’s rather strange that Seyi and Tacha put up the same Housemates (Mercy and Frodd). What could have brought about this decision? Did they see them as threats in the House? Elozonam clearly saw Mike as a threat and stated to Biggie that this was what informed his Vote.

The Gift And The Curse

The Veto Power is fast turning into a gift and a curse in the Pepper Dem House. Week after week, the Pepper Dem Gang put the Housemate with The Veto Power up for Eviction for the obvious reason that he or she can Save himself. Today was no different as a few of the Housemates kept Nominating Seyi for Eviction. Seyi didn’t repeat his last stunt where he refused to Save himself; this time, he didn’t hesitate. He saved himself and put Khafi up for Eviction.

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