Deception 7 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Deception 7 January 2020 Update

Deception 7 January 2020 Update on Zee World – Satish says he has kept his sister’s rakhis safely, and asks if brother – sister relation breaks after brother’s marriage. He tells that his jiji used to love Kusum and she couldn’t become her mum. Pooja says Kusum’s anger is justified. Anuj asks if we can save the house. Satish asks him not to worry, and says if Ram ji wants, we will save our home else we will think that our journey here ended.

Pooja asks Anuj to make Kusum have food. Anuj says I am agreeing to you for last time. Pooja asks Satish, if she can work if he don’t feel bad. Satish says when you was a child, people used to say that you will go very far and asks her not to break everyone’s hopes and concentrate on studies at this moment. She goes inside the house and is about to close the door, but then sees Sharma outside their house in his car.

Sharma talks to Harish on phone and tells that he didn’t get chance to talk to Pooja. Pooja knocks on his car’s window and asks why he is eyeing her, and says she is not that type of girl. Sharma tells that she is misunderstanding him and tell that she is like his daughter. He says he was waiting to talk to him, as someone is searching girl like her for a work which she can do.

He says you will get 10 Lakhs advance and also good salary with which you can pay your mama’s debt. He says if you agree to meet the employers then he will fix meeting. Pooja is doubtful about Sharma. Sharma says he is seeing her since she was a kid and that he will never think bad about her, else he couldn’t look in Satish’s eyes.

Pooja thinks why Sharma ji is offering a heavy salary, and thinks to apply in a company. Supriya comes to Naren’s room and sees birds all around his room. Nren looks at the parrot. Supriya says it is stubborn like you and wants to eat from your hand.

Rahul’s mum wakes him up and tells that she don’t want him to get back seat. Rahul says he is not like his dad and knows how to handle big empire alone. Rahul’s mum asks him to be careful and says we shall take advantage of Naren’s illness. Rahul says it is not Naren’s cup of tea to handle business and says he don’t waste time in useless things.

Satish asks Pooja where is Kusum? Pooja says I made pakodas. Satish says this means Kusum haven’t come here. Anuj shows newspaper to Satish. Satish says I made her understand yesterday, but again…Pooja comes. Satish tells her that yesterday she asked him not to work and concentrate on studies. Pooja says she will get experience.

Kusum asks why he is stopping Pooja. Anuj tells Kusum that if Pooja does work then he will also leave his studies and work. Satish says Pooja and Anuj will not work, and if anyone have any complaints then they can leave. Kusum says I will not leave this house, this is mine. Pooja is saddened by the arguments and walks off….

Harish calls Sharma and tells that Pooja will bend down for her family. Surpriya hears Harish talking to Sharma. Pooja calls Sharma ji and says she wants to come for interview today itself. She sees Kusum, Mama ji and Anuj arguing with each other and is upset.

Naren is in his room and hears something breaking. His chachi scolds servants for breaking the frame and says their year salary will not be enough to compensate. Servant apologizes to her. Naren’s chachi scolds them and says she will not give them salary for 3 months. Naren takes the frame to floor and then throws it from there. Chachi is shocked. Naren asks how to compensate for my misbehavior. Chachi thinks he is getting mad day by day. Naren reads poetry….His parents look on.

Deception 7 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Pooja coming to meet Harish. Rahul talks to Harish via video call and tells him that he has solved the office problem. Harish thanks him. Rahul says I have to handle business in your absence. Harish gets sad. Pooja comes inside the cabin and comes to know that it is Harish Vyas’s office. She says she didn’t bring her certificates. Harish says that is not needed and tells that it is not desk or office job. He tells that if she agrees then she need to stay in his house at Hrishikesh for 3 months and Supriya will take care of her.

Pooja asks can I know my job profile. Harish says I was thinking why don’t we discuss the things at my home. He invites her home tomorrow and gives her 10 Lakhs rupees cheque. Naren asks Servants who has messed up his room. Supriya asks what happened? She says they have cleaned your room. Naren is upset and tells that he is searching Dada ji’s stuff.

Pooja asks Harish, why he has selected her and on what basis. Harish says he has seen her Abhimaan, patience and Swabhimaan also. He says it is not easy to win someone’s heart and asks her to win someone’s heart.

A money lender tells Satish that he can’t help him with money and heard that he has to pay Sharma ji also. Satish leaves. Money lender Girdhari calls Sharma and informs him that he turned down Satish’s request. Sharma says okay.

Pooja asks I have to win whose’s heart. Harish says I will just say that you are our responsibility also and tells that Sharma ji will co-ordinate with her and asks her not to tell anyone, even her family. Pooja thanks him.

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Supriya finds his dada ji’s diary. Chachi says you have broken precious photo frame in the morning and now was angry for this old diary. Naren tells her that it is precious for him. Malanga Re plays……..Naren apologizes to his mum. Chachi sees her husband Hardik coming. Her husband sneezes and tells that he is allergic to dust. She says it is good that you came home. He tells that he got Harish’s call and he wants to talk to all family members. She calls Rahul and asks him if he knows about family meeting info.

Sharma asks driver to drop Pooja home. Harish calls Rakesh and invites him home. Mayank comes and compliments his mamis. Naren’s bua and her husband come home. Bua says Naren came to my house, but didn’t come inside. She asks where is he? Supriya says he went out and tells about his anger. Bua says everything will be fine.

Neelima Chachi says there must be something related to Naren. Harish comes and says yes…..Pooja thinks Harish is a smart businessman and have noticed her. She thinks Harish has hinted her about handling a child and thinks if that boy is complicated, that they are ready to pay much money. Harish tells Rakesh (phupha ji) that he thinks that they are pressurizing Naren to change. He says I think we shall leave everyone on time. Harsha (bua) tells that she can’t stay away from Naren.

Deception 7 January 2020 Update ends as Harish says you can meet him whenever you want and says I am just saying that we will not try anything. He tells Rakesh that he wants to talk to him. He says today Rahul solved office problem and he got worried. He says Hardik is simple, but Neelima is ambitious, says she wants to see Rahul’s name plate as MD of the company. He says everyone wants to take Naren’s advantage and hopes Naren gets fine soon and Pooja agrees to take care of him. Naren is with his birds…Malanga Re plays….

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