Deception Update 18 January 2020 – Zee World

Deception Update 18 January 2020 - Zee World

Deception Update 18 January 2020 – Zee World Tina and her friend tease Naren. Tina says Naren drinks only milk and laughs. Pooja says I think you all shall leave you. Tina says now a helper will ask us to go and pushes pooja. Naren holds her.

Tina says I can’t believe that you are so touchy about a helper. Naren picks the milk bucket and pours milk on Tina. Malanga Re plays……Tina says what the hell? You have become animal and calls him idiot.

Pooja says your clothes have been ruined and brings water bucket and pours on Tina, saying now all dirt is washed off. Tina asks how dare you and is about to slap her. Naren stops her and holds her hand, asking her to talk to him. He says it seems you have no interest in animals and asks her to leave.

Tina says mad man, who will marry this mad man. Pooja thinks how she can say this and goes to teach her a lesson. Rahul comes there. Tina tells him that his brother is mad and asks him to see what he has done. Rahul tells that his brother do this when he takes drugs and says he takes drugs 3-4 times in a week.

Deception Update 17 January 2020

Pooja hears him and thinks why he is lying at Naren. She says he told that Naren has a mental problem and now drugs, what does he wants. Tina hugs him and goes. Pooja thinks what does he wants? She thinks I thought Mayank is not a good guy and recalls all the incidents. She recalls Mayank caring for Naren when they were in yatra. She thinks Mayank was with Naren and took care of him, if he wanted, he would have returned home like Rahul. She thinks she did a mistake by trusting Rahul.

She gets Anuj’s call and tells her that Rachel agreed to teach students. Pooja says it is good. He asks about her boss. Pooja tells him that her boss is good, but someone close to him is betraying him and provoked her against him. She says nobody knows that he is double faced and says she will expose his truth soon. She thinks I don’t care for myself, I have to stop Rahul for Supriya Maam and will not let anyone ruin Naren’s name.

Deception Update 18 January 2020 – Zee World

Harish tells that Tina’s father called and complained about Naren. Harsha is upset. Harish asks why did you make him meet any girl, atleast you would have discussed with me. Harsha says no. Rakesh and Mayank looks on. Neelima asks why you are taking your anger on Harsha and asks him to scold Naren. She says don’t know what Tina’s mum will do or talk about Naren in the club. Naren comes home. Harish recalls the condition that he will not ask him anything. Neelima tells him that it is not right to pour milk on any girl.

Naren goes to his room without answering him. Pooja tells Harish that she wants to say something if he permits her. Harsha asks her to tell. Pooja tells Harsha that Naren didn’t do any mistake in the farm. Neelima says who are you to interfere. Rahul comes and signs Neelima. He tells that the girls were mannerless and Naren just reacted. Harsha cries. Rahul thinks he supports Naren infront of everyone and provokes others against him when being alone. She thinks to talk to Harish.

Naren gives sorry card to Harsha and apologizes to her. Harsha says I know you and says Tina must not be good. Naren says this shall not have happened? Rakesh tells Harsha that they are married for 25 yearrs and asks her not to interfere in her mayka’s affairs and asks her to understand that Naren is Bhaiyya’s son and later her nephew. Harsha says you know his anger, he will come to convince me. Harish stops them as they are leaving and tells that they shall play cricket to relieve stress. Rakesh agrees and asks him to talk to Harsha. Harish cheers up Harsha and hugs her.

Pooja tells Harish that Tina and her friends were misbehaving with Naren and joking about him. Rahul hears them. Harish asks him not to support Naren or justify his actions. He says I am doubtful that he misbehaved with you in Haridwar. Rahul smiles.

Pooja nods no. Harish says I told you that Naren can’t do this, but today I am saying that he can do anything. He says I have promised to punish the guilty and I assure you to bring Naren’s truth till evening. Rahul feels pity on Naren and thinks someone did, and someone will be punished.

At the play ground, Vyas family gathers to play cricket. Harish is batting. Hardik gives commentary. Naren gears to throw the ball. Rahul thinks about Harish saying that he will expose Naren by evening. Harish signs at Pooja. Naren throws the ball. Harish hits ball towards Rahul. Rahul holds his stomach and falls down. Everyone get concerned for him. They call the Doctor.

The doctor checks him and says he was hurt on his place before also. Rahul recalls misbehaving with Pooja. Neelima says you didn’t tell us about this injury. Harish says I will tell and says Rahul had misbehaved with Pooja. Everyone is shocked. Rahul is shocked too.

Harish tells Pooja that he has promised her to punish the guilty. He tells that Rahul was hit on this place (stomach) and even went to Doctor and got x rays too. He gives the reports to the Doctor. Doctor checks report and says it is right. Neelima asks what is happening? Harish thanks Doctor for coming. Neelima asks how did Rahul’s report come to you and asks him to tell what happened? Harish says it is not important how these reports come to me, and what is important is the story behind these reports.

Rahul panics and gets shocked. Harish asks Rahul to tell all story to everyone or shall I say? Neelima asks him to come to the point. Harish says coming to the point, on Mayank’s birthday when these three boys went to Haridhwar, Rahul tried to misbehave with Pooja and she hit on his stomach with her elbow, and then Rahul went to doctor and these reports are proofs of this.

Neelima says this is ridiculous and says why will Rahul misbehave with this naukrani. Supriya gets shocked and stands with Pooja. Neelima asks Rahul to say something. Even Naren is shocked. Harish says what he will say? Can’t you understand that he did a mistake. He tells that he had planned this cricket match along with Pooja so that he can bring Rahul’s truth infront of everyone.

A FB is shown, Harish tells Pooja that Rahul is coming and asks her to start the drama. Pooja tells that Naren didn’t do any mistake. Harish suspects Naren. Rahul gets happy. Fb ends.

Harish says shame on you Rahul. Hardik is ashamed of Rahul’s doings. Neelima says this might be this Naukrani’s conspiracy. Rahul gets up and tells that he didn’t misbehave with her, just applied cake on her face. He says he did masti with her and applied cake on her cake. Neelima says its okay. Naren gets angry and gets up. He slaps Rahul hard. Neelima asks what the hell was that?

Naren says I was just joking. Everyone looks on shocked. Rahul says you would have talked to me before slapping me. He says you didn’t know that this girl tries to come closer to me and starts talking to me whenever she gets chance. Why she is making issue? Pooja says I wanted to reach home and that’s why asked his help. Neelima says it is not new to tease Servants. She says why they are making issue.

Pooja wipes her tears. Neelima asks Supriya why she is silent and calls them double standard people. Harish and pooja looks on. Neelima says he didn’t do anything and don’t need any slap. Naren says you said right and goes. Neelima asks Rahul to come. Supriya recalls promising Pooja and her mami. Pooja cries. Supriya tells pooja that she couldn’t identify her sad face and asks why did she hide truth from her. Pooja says I am very sad and didn’t know what to do. Supriya asks her never to hide things from her. Deception Update 18 January 2020 – Zee World

Mayank tells Rakesh and Harsha that he didn’t expect that Rahul can’t do anything like that. He tells Naren did right by slapping Rahul. Harsha says he is like your Nana. Mayank says it is not good to misbehave with a girl. Rakesh says he is concerned about Hardik. Neelima provokes Hardik and tells that she is not surprised and knows that Harish did this to sideline Rahul from MD position. Rahul tells that he did this as I am Hardik’s son and not Harish’s son. She asks him if he will be silent now itself. Rahul says he will not spare Pooja.

Pooja thinks Naren fought with his family for her. She thinks about Kusum’s words and thinks how to keep up with the promise. Naren comes home and brings the Police. Rakesh asks if this Police is with you. Naren says Police came to arrest Rahul as he did a mistake and needs to be punished. Neelima asks if he is out of the mind and asks Harish to send the Police.

Hardik asks her to calm down and says I will bring Rahul. Neelima says it is a small thing. Naren asks if misbehaving with a servant is a small thing. Inspector says no. Naren asks him to arrest Rahul and punish him. Neelima asks do you have warrant with you. Inspector asks pooja to lodge Police complaint. Naren asks pooja to file complaint and not to be scared of anyone.

Neelima asks Supriya to stop Rahul’s arrest and says they care for Servant than family members. Harish says he has misbehaved with Pooja and wants to make this matter go like a joke. Inspector asks them to end their conversation and asks Pooja to file a complaint there itself. Rahul comes there. Neelima asks him to apologize to Pooja and everyone and end the matter.

Rahul bends down infront of Pooja and apologizes to her. He says you never gave me any signal or tried to come closer to me, you just asked for genuine help and I have taken advantage and misbehaved with you. He apologizes to her. Pooja recalls Rahul touching and holding her waist and then rubbing cake on her face. She recalls Supriya’s care for her. Naren asks Inspector to arrest him. Hardik tells pooja that his son should be jailed for his mistake, but he can’t see his son in jail and asks her to forgive him. He apologizes to her. Naren looks on.

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