Family Affairs

Family Affairs 10 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 10 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 10 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Shanti making Shivam and Nimmi keep the things at place. Preeti hears radio and smiles. Shanti asks why did she not go office. Preeti says she has holiday. Raghav says he will go for office and takes tiffin.

Kaushalya asks till when will he come. He tells Shanti that he will come at night, and stays annoyed with Kaushalya. He asks Shivam to sell the bike and leaves. Shivam leaves for office. Riya and Bunty come office. Bunty asks Riya to think again. Riya says there is no way, I thought well. Bunty says Shivam is very lucky. Riya asks what. Bunty says does anyone do this for someone.

Shivam is sad and sees his bike. Nimmi takes the bike’s pic. Sarla comes there. She says she did not imagine this would happen. She meets Shanti and eats curd by her hand. They go to the rickshaw. Sarla says we are going to girl’s family for the first time. Shanti says why did she buy so many things for Riya’s family, and asks Kaushalya to take all the baskets inside. Kaushalya smiles and takes it happily. Sarla says return the basket when I go home. They leave.

StarLife: Family Affairs 10 June 2019 Update

Riya tells Bunty that she did the work. Bunty asks is she feeling happy now. Riya says I m feeling relieved by rectifying my mistake. Shivam tells Nimmi and Preeti that Dadi always blames us. Nimmi posts ad of Shanti’s swing on the selling website and shows Shivam and Preeti. She says lets see for how much this sells off. Preeti and Shivam worry that this can trouble Kaushalya too. He deletes the ad with Shanti’s name as Shashikala. Nimmi says three offers already came. He holds his head. A man calls Shanti saying her name Shashikala.

She scolds him saying wrong number. Nimmi says Shivam’s bike is special. He says yes, for me and dad too. She says don’t sell it. Shivam gets manager’s call and says what, I m just coming. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to eat the sweets got by Sarla. She gets sad recalling Raghav’s words. Shivam says he has seen proud feeling when I have him lift, he used to say this is his bullet bike which my son drives, he will not let the bike sell off, he knows everything. Kaushalya asks how.

Preeti says they have to pay money for items. Shivam says don’t worry, I mean I got the job back. They all smile. He says in same company, there was little misunderstanding, which got cleared.

Nimmi says we will party as Dadi is not at home. Riya is sad at home and Bunty asks her not to regret now. Kaushalya, Preeti and Nimmi dance at home and do a small party. They make Shivam dance. Shivam says he has to leave for office now. He leaves. They are happy. Shanti and Sarla come to Riya’s home. She gets a call again and says wrong number. Sarla reads its Mathur Nivaas.

Shanti says my home has nameboard written as Shanti Sadan, and I wish to read Sarla Sadan. Anupam opens the door. Sarla greets him. He welcomes them.

Kaushalya makes many dishes for everyone. Preeti says about Riya to Kaushalya and Nimmi hides the matter. Shivam comes to office and meets Riya. He goes in rush to meet boss. Bunty talks to Riya and asks about Shivam’s reaction.

Riya is positive about it. The man calls Shanti and says she has filed pic for her swing on website. She scolds him. Sarla says talk in low tone, you wanted to sell bike, and calls for coming for swing. Shanti says Nimmi has done this.

Anupam calls Riya and asks her to come home, as Sarla has come. Riya tells Bunty that she has to go and leaves. Shivam hugs manager and says sorry. The manager apologizes and says I came to know its not your fault, Riya was responsible and she resigned. Shivam tells the boss everything and manager smiles. He asks her to get to work and goes.

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Shanti says she will not see Riya now, and gets angry. Riya comes home and greets them. Anupam asks her to freshen up and come. Anupam says she is nervous seeing you. Shanti says so we will go, we will call and take your answer. He says he will ask her.

Shanti is angry by the calls. Shivam looks for Riya at office and calls her. Sahil sees her phone ringing and tells Riya that someone is missing her. He asks her to come out, as proposal will be fixed today. She sees Shivam’s missed call and sends him. They both call each other at same time and get number busy. Shivam messages her.

Today: Family Affairs 10 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Anupam asks her is she ready for this relation. Shivam thanks her for the job, it’s a new beginning for them. She says its her yes and hugs Anupam. He gets glad. Shanti keeps samosas back seeing Anupam come. Family Affairs 10 June 2019 Update

Anupam says its yes from Riya’s side. Sarla says she will fix the relation by nek. Shivam comes home and calls Kaushalya downstairs. He says he got the job, boss said welcome back and they laugh. He tells the same to sisters. Kaushalya says Raghav will be happy. He says he will give them gifts, when he gets his salary from Dadi.

Kaushalya says Amit’s shagun is happening today, I will make great today and also keep fast. They teach Kaushalya to say I m proud of you and laugh. He hugs Kaushalya.

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