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Family Affairs 21 June 2019 Update on StarLife TV

Family Affairs 21 June 2019 Update on StarLife TV

Family Affairs 21 June 2019 Update on StarLife TV

The episode starts with Bua sending Riya to clean off the haldi with her bahu. She says Riya looks pretty. Anupam misses his wife. Riya hears about her mum and gets sad. Bua says Riya’s mu would have done this ritual today. Bua asks Anupam to do this ritual as he is her mum and dad.

Anupam does the rituals and Riya hugs him. Bua jokes and laughs. Her bahu asks about her mobile. Bua says I did not get it. Riya says we will find your phone first. Bunty calls on the number, and Shanti gets the phone ringing near her. Bua ji calls her a thief for stealing her phone.

Shanti argues and Bua ji says she will call police. Shanti bangs the phone. Ashok gets it. Pari gets tensed. Sarla asks Shanti to forget about the phone. Ashok says I will leave and asks Shanti to calm down. Shanti gets angry and
cries. Raghav asks her to calm down, its happy time. Ashok calls Bua and she scolds him. He says he is Ashok, their mobile came there in marriage house, its his son’s marriage, and the bride name is Riya Mathur.

Family Affairs 21 June 2019 Update on StarLife TV

Bua tells everyone that her phone is in Riya’s inlaws. She says she is Riya’s Bua Dadi, her phone got missing and she thought any maid has stolen it. He says its good thing, I m glad talking to you. He says my Amma ji spoke to you. Bua apologizes. He says its good, there is someone who scolded Shanti, I will return the phone.

Nimmi shows the bridal dresses to Rani. Rani gets upset. Shivam comes after a bath and sisters tease him, that he looks a groom. Nimmi says he is glowing as girl’s family can think he is the groom. Rani leaves. Nimmi says Rani is mad after Amit, and is angry on Sarla. Shivam says Rani is a nice girl. Bunty and Riya call Shivam, and he says he just had a bath as he had haldi applied, its marriage happening at home. Bunty jokes and calls him the groom. Preeti calls him and asks him to come fast. Bunty hears this and teases him.

She says even Riya is looking beautiful. Shanti calls Shivam and he tells Bunty to say his hello to Riya. He ends call. Riya smiles. Amit waits for Sarla. Rani comes to him and asks him to think again about marrying her. Rani leaves. Ashok talks to Kaushalya and Shanti comes there. She makes Kaushalya make many sweets and asks Ashok to go out and see arrangements. Kaushalya tells Shanti that her brother could not come. Shanti asks is she joking, he has to come. Family Affairs 21 June 2019 Update on StarLife TV

Kaushalya says he said he will come soon. Sarla makes Amit clean the haldi. Sarla tells Shanti that she wants to go for facial at the parlor and Shanti allows her. Riya manages things at home and Bua asks how will Anupam manage without her. Riya gets thinking.
Kaushalya calls her brother and talks to him, asking how is his mum in law’s health. He says she is unwell, she is on bed rest and we are taking care of her. She invites him in marriahe. He says he will come with his wife Renu and calls his daughter Dimple. Renu agrees to go with him, and asks him to get some gifts. Raghav talks to Kaushalya. He flirts with her and she smiles.

Pari gets ready and comes to meet her BF. She gets a call that tailor got her lahenga at her home, and asks him to reach the restaurant. Her BF comes and greets her. She sits crying and asks can she rest on his shoulder. She says mum is talking about my marriage. He asks her to refuse. She asks how, I don’t have anything concrete. He says don’t worry, I m here. She sees her old lover there and gets tensed. She says she is feeling hot and asks him to come. The man comes to deliver her dress and sees her. She scares the man slowly not to tell anything, else she will make him get fired. She insults the man and her BF pays money.

Shanti calls Anupam to say she can’t send water for bathing there. Bua refuses to make Riya bath by that used water, and Shanti hears them. Shanti thinks she was not sending water before and its time to show she is groom’s Nani. She talks to Bua. Shanti says she will send the waters as pandit is not agreeing. Bua says fine, send it. She says her name Laleshwari Sahay, everyone calls her Laali.

Shanti recalls and Bua ends the call. Bua says Riya won’t bath from that water. Bunty teases Riya saying this rasam is very romantic. Riya agrees and Bua laughs. Shanti asks Shivam to get water touched by Amit and take it to bride’s home. Shanti thinks is this that Laali….

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