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Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

The episode starts with Nimmi crying and saying she did not fail, she has got third division. Shanti holds her ear and scolds her, for lying and calling Bua wrong. Sarla says I m thinking for your good Nimmi, what will your inlaws say, they will bring you back to us.

Pari says she can’t lie even in dreams and taunts Nimmi. Sarla says she is worried for them. Nimmi asks Sarla not to worry for her, she is liar but not a thief. Shanti asks Nimmi not to say anything wrong. Nimmi says Pari is fired from the parlor as she was caught stealing.

Pari says how dare you call me thief, I did not do stealing. Nimmi says fine, then why did they fire you from the job. Shanti is shocked. Sarla asks Pari did she lose her job. Pari says Nimmi is lying, I left the job myself, parlor was having politics.

Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

She cries and says Nimmi is lying. Shanti asks Nimmi how did she know. Nimmi says she has heard this. Sarla signs Pari. Pari says she wants to die and does drama. Sarla says she can’t see her insult. Kaushalya says forgive Nimmi. Shanti sees Sarla crying and stops her. Kaushalya apologizes to Sarla.

Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Shanti scolds Nimmi for hurting Sarla’s heart. Sarla says her fate is wrong. She says we will go home, I did mistake to come here, I thought its my mum and brother’s house, I did not know Nimmi rules here, forgive us, you snatched me Maayka from me by blaming me. Shanti stops her and asks Kaushalya to stop Sarla.

Family Affairs 21st May 2019 Update On StarLife

Kaushalya falls in Sarla’s feet. Shanti cries and says the home which does not have place for my daughter, how can I stay here. She gets some tablets in her room. Kaushalya knocks the door. Shanti comes out and says Nimmi will not apologize, she wants to see me dead, I m sorry. Kaushalya says its your house Amma. Shanti says Sarla, tell Raghav that I took his name before my death, I will eat sleeping tablets and die.

She eats the tablets and drinks water. She faints and they all get shocked. Sarla says Nimmi has done all this. Nimmi says she will see. Kaushalya asks her to shut up. Nimmi cries and leaves. Nimmi calls the doctor and asks him to come home soon. Sarla blames Nimmi and Kaushalya. Nimmi says she did a mistake. Sarla says if anything happens to Amma, she will die too. Nimmi holds the keybunch and Shanti holds her hand.

She says she is dying here and she is stealing the keys. Nimmi says no, it was hurting your waist, so I was taking it. Shanti says call Raghav, then I will go peacefully.

Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Riya asks her friend Bunty to eat fast, they are getting late. She reads the love tips and recalls Shivam. Bunty says she is nervous. Riya says will it confirm. Bunty says I know you will be confirmed, what if I reject. Riya says its my love story, why will he reject you. Bunty says about interview. Riya says he is so cute. Bunty says we are getting late for interview, come. The doctor checks her and says she is fine, which tablets did she take. Kaushalya says she has taken sleeping tablets. Shanti says she just saw some tablets and does not know details.

The doctor says he does not feel any effect of the tablets, her pulse and BP are fie. She asks him not to tell anyone, as its about her daughter and bahu. He says he will not tell anyone and goes. Shanti says she got saved. Nimmi asks doctor is Shanti fine. He says yes, it does not look she took sleeping tablets, maybe she fainted, she is fine, call me if there is any problem. Nimmi gets doubtful. Family Affairs 21 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Riya and Shivam go for the interview and gives the interview, saying their strengths and weaknesses. They are given a few items to sell, to show their skills. They get tensed seeing the items provided and give their best try. He shows the nightie and she tells about the pile’s capsules.

They both selected in Sunehra company and thanks to the HR. Riya sees Shivam there and smiles. She follows him and he sees her. He recalls the last meeting. She sees the world stopped and feels love at first sight. Music plays…………… A man uses a water pipe and throws water. It falls on them. Kabhi Jo Badal barse…………..plays…………….

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