Family Affairs 22 May 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 22 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Family Affairs 22 May 2019 Update On StarLife TV

The episode Starts with Riya staring at Shivam and smiles. Shivam signs the man to stop the water and leaves. Bunty comes and Riya says its same feeling, my heart is saying he is her love and true soul mate. Riya says its sign from Lord. Nimmi asks Shanti to take rest. Shanti asks is she sad or happy that she is fine, and scolds her. Sarla says she is relieved seeing her mum fine and cries. She says she will not come here again. Shanti asks Nimmi to apologize.

Nimmi says forgive me Dadi. Shanti says not to me, to Bua. Nimmi apologizes to Sarla. Shanti asks her to fall to her feet and apologize. Kaushalya insists. Nimmi holds Sarla’s feet and says forgive me. Sarla says fine, I will come few times to see my mum’s face, take care. Sarla and her daughters leave.
Shanti says my daughter has left crying, remember this Kaushalya. Raghav is at his train station office and sees his brother in law.

Family Affairs 22 May 2019 Update

The man says he has come back from Banaras and talks. Raghav asks him to do anything more to work and earn for life. The man says why to earn more, life is passing, that’s enough, I know to be happy in my less earnings. He leaves. Raghav says Amma is right, Sarla stays worried because of him. Kaushalya brings fruits for Nimmi. Shanti says when will Raghav come. Nimmi fans air to her.

Kaushalya asks Shanti not to tell anything to Raghav whatever happened at home. Shanti says she is feeling weak and eats grapes. Kaushalya massages her feet and asks Nimmi to bring food for Dadi. Shanti says she will not eat if she brings it. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive her, and asks her not to tell Raghav. Shanti scolds her. Kaushalya says she will not eat food if Shanti does not eat.

Nimmi says she does not feel Shanti has eaten sleeping tablets. Kaushalya asks her to stop this. Nimmi looks for the tablet and gets a capsule. Sarla scolds Pari and says why did she not say she lost the job.

Family Affairs 22 May 2019 Update On StarLife TV: Pari says she will join job in 1-2 days, she had problem with customer. She asks did Shanti really eat medicines. Sarla says Shanti did all this for me. Pari says its our Mama’s house, why is Namita/Nimmi doing this. Sarla’s husband comes home and sings Doha. He taunts Sarla and she argues. She says she goes there for her children. He says Raghav met me and worries for me, and told me to do any work. She says he does not like your canteen work and takes money from him. He leaves for canteen.

Kaushalya asks Shanti to open the door. Shanti comes wearing a new saree. Kaushalya asks where is she going. Shanti gets angry. Kaushalya makes her have food and requests her again not to tell Raghav. Shanti asks her to tell him himself and leaves. Nimmi says Shanti has made her stuck. Riya, Bunty sit for the orientation class she reserves the seat for Shivam. She does not let anyone sit. Our Facebook Page

A guy insists and she gives her seat and waits for Shivam. The manager gets angry and says the one who did not come is a loser. Shivam comes and says sorry Sir. The man asks whats his name. He says Shivam Srivastav. Riya sends Bunty to the back seat and vacates her seat so that Shivam sits beside her. The manager talks to them and explains them about sales, this is their product. Family Affairs 22 May 2019 Update

Riya smiles seeing Shivam. Nimmi goes to Shanti’s room and checks for the medicines. She says it means Dadi has taken these tablets and finds on net about the usage. She says it means its sleeping tablets, why did it not effect. She says this bottle is of tablets, where is capsules bottle. She checks again and finds vitamin capsules bottle. She gets the sleeping tablets hidden in a cover. She understands what Shanti did and smiles.

StarLife: Family Affairs 23 May 2019

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