Family Affairs

Family Affairs 23 June 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 23 June 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 23 June 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Everyone playing Antakshari in Shanti Sadan. Kaushalya sings Aapki nazron ne samjha……… and Raghav eyes her with love. They smile. Sarla looks for Rani and says where did she go. Amit talks on phone and says he has plans to go abroad. Rani comes to him in the bridal dress and Amit gets shocked. He asks did she go mad, why is she scaring her, why did she get dressed as bride, did she get any groom? She says I got groom in childhood, am I not beautiful, tell me. He says you are beautiful, just go, don’t create a scene. She asks why can’t he marry her, does he not love her? He asks her to stop nonsense and leave. She says tell aunty that you love me, I became bride for you.

She gives him sindoor box and asks him to fill it in her maang. He is shocked and asks her to go, he did not say he loves her, they are just friends. She says she is seeing in his eyes, he loves her. Shanti asks Nimmi to go and see Rani. Sarla says wait, I will go. Rani asks Amit to agree. Amit says leave from here, I m marrying Riya. She says I know you are marrying because of Sarla’s pressure. She asks him not to think much. He says don’t emotionally blackmail me. She cries and repeats again.

He starts melting as he liked her before. She cries a lot. Raghav sings Jhilmon sitaaro ka angaan hoga………… Kaushalya smiles. Nimmi and Preeti sing gungunaare……… and dance. Everyone laugh and clap for them. Raghav says this is not a song, Shanti hears radio all day, does she know this song. Shanti says no. Kaushalya’s brother and Bhabhi sing and dance on Rimjhim………… Kaushalya sings for them. Shanti makes faces. They ask Shivam to sing. Shivam sings mehendi laga ke rakhna…………. Sarla comes to Rani and Amit. She scolds Rani and asks her to get lost,

Family Affairs 23 June 2019 Sunday Update

She is illiterate and just like a maid for them. She kicks Rani out. Everyone hear Sarla and ask what happened. Sarla makes Rani out of the room. Shanti gets shocked seeing Rani. Nimmi asks why is she dressed as a bride. Shivam asks her to be quiet and see. Shanti asks why is she wearing such dress, and why is she crying, what happened.
Kaushalya and Raghav look on. Sarla brings Amit and says Rani loves Amit, she has worn bridal dress and went to him, asking him to fill her maang with sindoor, why will Amit marry her. She scolds her.

Raghav asks Sarla to calm down. He asks Kaushalya to take Rani to the room. Raghav sends everyone to the hall and asks Amit about Rani. He asks Sarla to understand that Rani is a girl and is Amit’s childhood friend, if she has such in her heart, you can explain her with love, if she does anything, who will explain her, we will get into problem. He aks Amit is there anything from his side. Amit says no. He leaves.

Riya and Bunty are managing the arrangements. Bua ji says it looks its my marriage, why is bride working here. Kaushalya pacifies Rani and says Amit is marrying Riya as he loves Riya, he was dying for her. Rani cries and hugs her. Pari comes and scolds her. Kaushalya says she will explain Rani and sends Rani. Preeti and Nimmi pacify Rani. Sarla and Amit argue. Shanti comes and asks them not to argue, if Raghav hears them, she can’t help them.

It’s morning, Riya smiles seeing her home. Bunty comes and teases her. Riya gets sad and talks to her and Anupam. She cries as she will be leaving home today. She says he will get lonely and hugs him crying. Riya says she will get tears if they get so much senti, she is sure Riya won’t change. She asks Riya to come. Sarla asks Sonal to make tea for her. She hears Kaushalya and her bhabhi Renu talking. Renu asks her to come to her Maayka this time, and Sarla does not do any work in her son’s marriage. Shanti calls Sarla. They see Sarla hearing them and get tensed. Sarla hears about the gifts suitcase and gets an idea.

Sarla and Pari make Renu busy and Sarla goes to spoil the gifts. Sarla hides seeing Renu come. Shivam sees Amit seeing his cupboard. He takes the keys and says he did not give him right to check his cupboard. Amit says he is his elder brother and asks him to be in limits. Shivam says you are getting married, so be rightly good, what happened yesterday, don’t let it happen again, who does not respect a woman, no one respects him, don’t let me open my mouth else your mouth will get shut. Sarla hears this and scolds Shivam. She takes Amit.

Bua and Anupam manage the gifts for everyone. Riya comes and asks why all this. Bua says its gifts for them, not dowry. Riya says why should girl’s family gift. Anupam says they will also give, they are nice people, Ashok is a good man. Riya says they could have done FD on her name for her future, than doing all this. She leaves. Bua says Riya is teaching you Anupam, I m glad seeing this. He laughs. Sarla gets Amit for the Chikat rasam, and Raghav asks Shivam to sit too. Family Affairs 23 June 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

They all give gifts to Sarla and Sarla smiles seeing Renu gifting them. The men leave for some work to see arrangements. Sarla shows the torn saree gifted by Renu and starts acting. She does much drama and Kaushalya and Renu get worried. Renu says Kaushalya and I did not do anything, I have bought good saree, how did this happen. Sarla asks did I do this, and cries. Sarla checks Kaushalya’s saree and says this is good one, its not torn, show your saree mum, and checks Shanti’s saree. She shows Shanti’s saree is torn too. Kaushalya gets tensed.

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