Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

The episode starts with Shivam checking the uniform. Preeti and Nimmi come and he hides it. Preeti consoles Nimmi and asks her not to cry. Shivam says its not first time Shanti scolded them. He asks them to act like Shanti and they laugh by imitating Shanti.

Shivam hugs Nimmi. Nimmi asks why is he after that girl, get that girl in our house and make her our Bhabhi, as Shanti dislikes her and did not choose her for Amit. They tease him and leave. Shivam smiles.

Its morning, Shanti talks to pandit and asks when will Rahukaal end. Shivam says he will drop Shanti to Sarla’s home. Raghav leaves for office and Kaushalya is busy in household work.

The pandit says Rahukaal will end soon and leaves.

Pari asks Sarla for 1000rs and Sarla refuses. She says Shanti and Amit are adamant. Pari insists and Sarla gives her money. Sonal says giving money is not a solution. Amit says its enough now, I will show Shanti what I can do.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Shanti comes to Shivam and asks him to get cycle instead this bike. He asks Shanti to hold the basket and she makes him sit on the petrol tank and keeping the basket in between them. He drives by difficulty.
Sahil sees Riya choosing dress and asks is it valentine day today.

Bunty calls Riya and asks is she ready. Riya says no, I don’t have any good dress. Bunty asks her to wear anything, come out soon. Sahil says Riya will look fat anyhow. She says very funny, go.

Anupam makes sandwiches. Sahil says Riya is changing dress since morning. Anupam says its good. Riya comes and Anupam says color is somewhat…. She goes and change again. Sahil teases her. Anupam says she always look good, but today looks bit fat.

Bunty asks her to come fast. Riya takes sandwich and leaves with Riya. Shanti comes to meet Sarla. Amit asks Sarla not to meet her and hide anywhere. Sarla hides. Shanti asks Sarla to see what she got for her and asks Amit. She keeps the basket and asks Amit not to be sad. She gives him 2000rs.

Amit says mum is not at home. Shanti looks in her room. Sarla leaves from home. Ashok comes home and says you here. Shanti says she wants to meet Sarla. He says sit, I will get water, Sarla will come. Sarla goes to neighbor’s house.

Ashok sees Sarla at neighbor’s house. Sarla talks to the girl about the table cloth. Ashok gives water to Shanti.
She says I know Sarla is here and annoyed with me, she is adamant and I m her mum, she will come to me anyhow. She swears that she will not eat or drink till Sarla makes her drink water. Sarla looks on worried. Shanti leaves.
Shivam comes home and Bunty says Shivam looks interested in Riya, as he got red flowers for her.

Shivam brings roses and looks at Riya. Kabhi jo badal barse……….plays…….

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update - StarLife

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Sarla asks Amit to see Shanti’s drama. Amit says its not my mistake. Sarla says Shanti runs this home and Ashok passes some taunts in his doha. Sarla says she worries for her mum and argue with Ashok. Shivam apologizes to Riya and says he was in tension that day and could not talk to her.

He says the peon’s GF has sent this flowers for him and gives the peon. He asks him not to fight with his GF again. Riya gets shocked and he leaves.

Bunty sees Riya sad and asks what happened. She says one rose for her only, he could not give her. Kaushalya plays dhol and Nimmi helps her. Shanti comes and scolds Kaushalya.

Nimmi brings water and Shanti throws it, saying she will drink water by Sarla’s hand. Shanti sits crying and does drama again. Sarla asks Amit not to be adamant. The men call Amit to recover money and Amit says he is coming. He tells Sarla that she should not call Shanti. Bunty says we have to find out. Riya says shall I ask Shivam.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Bunty says when he comes here, you ask him. Shivam comes to take file. Bunty asks Riya to see, he has come. Riya talks to Shivam and asks is he well. He says I m fine, was I admitted in hospital. She says she likes his humor. He says usually his jokes are not good. The man calls him and says they have sent bill along uniform.

Shivam says he did not get, he has thrown the bag after taking the uniform. Riya hears this. Shivam leaves. She signs no to Bunty and goes. Bunty says he did not get the rose in the bag.

Kaushalya calls Sarla and says Shanti is on hunger strike, and asks her to come. Sarla says you should be happy with this. Sonal asks Sarla how is she talking to Mami.

Sarla asks Kaushalya to distribute sweets. Kaushalya says taunt me more, but come now. Sarla says she knows what to do and ends call. Kaushalya cries and Nimmi asks her not to cry, this is Bua and Dadi’s planning. Kaushalya beats her and asks her to leave. Nimmi cries and leaves.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Shanti sees Nimmi crying and starts acting again. Sonal calls Pari and tells her about Shanti. Pari ends the call saying she is busy. The rich guy calls her and asks her to meet. She says she is free, and will come. She gets glad and goes.

Pari compliments him and the rich guy flirts with her. He says he wanted to meet her and gifts her. She thanks him and says she likes taking gifts.

Riya says she is foolish to think giving rose will convince Shivam, she has to do anything by her heart. Bunty asks what does this mean.

Riya says Shivam should also do something. She says lets plan. Bunty says exactly, we will plan step by step. Riya says you plan and I will execute. They write on the white board.

Riya says I don’t like his likes and dislikes, so I have to spend time with him. She says there should be some sign form his side. They should talk and know each other. They write step by step plan to evaluate Shivam’s love and how to make him feel special.

Riya says she will surprise him and then confirm their love story. Riya says how to get love without family. Bunty says yes, family is very imp. Riya writes to impress his family. Bunty says you will get your love.

Kaushalya sees Shanti sleeping and asks her to wake up and have water. Shanti asks Nimmi not to call anyone. Sarla is on the way and applies sand to herself. She starts her drama and lies on the ground to apologize to Shanti.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Shanti says she will not survive now and Sarla gathers the neighbors by her drama.

Kaushalya, Preeti and Nimmi look on. Sarla says she did mistake and comes rolling on the ground to Shanti’s feet. Kaushalya brings water and food plate. Sarla eats first and then feeds Shanti. Amit comes there and gets angry seeing Sarla with Shanti.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Shanti asking Kaushalya to bring another plate of food and taunting her. Nimmi records them and Shanti sees her. She sees the video and scolds her, saying she will decide what Raghav sees. Shanti and Sarla sit eating food. Sarla says she promised her that she will not let Amit marry that girl and swears on her. Amit looks on and comes to them.

Sarla says we will leave now, she will come later. Amit asks Sarla why did she agree to Shanti. She says she can’t say no to Shanti at this time. Amit asks her not to say any story.

Preeti messages Shivam, about Dadi and Sarla. Shivam smiles reading the message and replies them. Riya and Bunty look at him and think who calls him so often. Riya prays Lord to do some magic. Sarla says she promised Shanti, but I did not say her that if you make that girl bahu, I will kick you out of home. They smile.

Sarla says I m Shanti’s daughter. She asks him not to marry any poor girl and find about Riya well. He makes her call Anupam. She calls Anupam and asks his reply. He says I m still thinking, I don’t know Amit. She praises him and says he has good values and is very responsible. He asks what work he does. She asks Amit and says he works in saree emporium, and is at big post. He asks can I see his office once. She says yes, find out well, its about marriage and ends call.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Bunty asks Riya to have chocolate, her love story will start, she planned a surprise. Riya asks is she saying true. The manager comes and says all pairs will be going to field today. Bunty says see, this was it, you spend time with Shivam now and stay focused. Riya sees Shivam and smiles. Shanti talks to Pandit and asks him to get some good proposals for Amit. She asks Preeti why did she come so early. Preeti says its pest control going on in office.

Shanti asks did she get fired. Preeti says no. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she will find a good girl for Amit.

Riya and Shivam come for the field work and he worries as its close to his home. She says population is much in this area and we can fulfill the target. Bunty messages her asking did she find anything. She asks him about his schooling. She asks does she have any female friends, any movie, date or anything. He says we will talk later, first lets go and work.

The pandit shows many proposals and Shanti rejects many girls. Kaushalya shows some pics and her choice. Shanti taunts her and says she can’t even find anyone for Shivam. Nimmi brings the water for him. Shanti says she wants rich girl.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

Nimmi taunts Shanti and says girl should be alone, no parents, so that she gets sympathy. Shanti looks on angrily. Kaushalya says she will go bhajan mandli and come.

The man catches Amit and asks him to pay the money. Anupam comes to meet Amit at his saree emporium. The lady says he does not work here. Amit’s friend comes and says Amit is at great post, he has progressed well in one year and sends Anupam. Amit says he will pay money and asks for some time. The man leaves him.

Anupam comes out and sees Amit. Amit starts showing attitude and goes. Anupam smiles thinking he is dedicated and workaholic.

Shivam and Riya try to sell the detergent soaps and Riya does good marketing. She thanks him for the idea and says they will fulfill sales target. She washes the utensils. Sarla talks to the neighbor girl and takes her help in bringing the big utensils down the shelf. Sarla takes the utensils to get cleaned.

Shivam gets tensed as ladies say they have seen him. Riya asks him and he gets angry on him. He says I m sorry, we don’t know each other, if we know then we will work well, shall we got for coffee after demo. She gets glad and he says he will answer her questions. She says we will finish this work and go.

Many ladies bring their utensils and asks her to wash.

Kaushalya sings bhajan and then talks to the ladies. They ask about Sarla and Kaushalya tells them. Sarla goes to the stall and asks for washing the utensils. She identifies Riya and thinks if Shanti sees her, they will lose name. Shivam sees Sarla and goes away. Riya shows them demo.

Shanti sees Kaushalya lighting diya. Sarla waits for Amit. Shanti calls her and says she refused many proposals, she wants a respectable and rich girl for Amit. Amit comes home and Sarla tells him that Shanti will make him marry a rich girl, as Riya is not good, she is washing utensils of the locality. He smiles and says its good, she will do work at home, you can sit and relax, her dad came to emporium and is satisfied, I will marry just her.
Shivam comes home and messages Nimmi to give his gym bag. Shanti catches Nimmi and takes the bag. She checks it and says there is nothing. She asks her to go.

Nimmi tells Shivam that Dadi stopped her, she will do any drama now. Shanti calls her. Shivam hides his office bag in the gym bag. Raghav comes home and holds Shivam. Shivam gets tensed. Riya asks Bunty to help her and she promises she will focus on Shivam tomorrow.

Bunty asks her to call Shivam now.
Raghav asks Shivam where was he going, and asks him to do any good work. He asks him to become responsible. Riya calls him and Shivam says not imp call. Raghav asks him to take call. Riya says he did not take call, I have to say sorry tomorrow and then go to next step. Riya asks her to find some solution.

Its morning, Shivam gets ready and hides his office bag. Kaushalya comes and asks him not to feel bad of Shanti’s words. She asks him to play well, she blesses him. He takes the bag and leaves. Riya rehearses and says she is thinking to give sign to Shivam and tell him that I like him, if he signs her, then good else how will I know.

Bunty says yes, think something. Riya and Bunty find on net about body language of men in love. Sahil comes and hears them. He says he will help, he is a guy too. Riya says she does not need his help and says she will cut his pocket money. He says fine, I will tell Anupam. She stops him and asks him to kepe his mouth shut, bribing him with rs 100.

Riya says if man is in love, he will talk by meeting your eyes, he will get everything you want. Bunty acts and laughs. Riya says she does all her work alone, will he be able to do anything for me. Shanti asks Shivam where is he going now and tells Raghav to see how Shivam is still going to play. His office ID falls near her feet and he gets tensed.

Family Affairs 24 May 2019 Update – StarLife 

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