Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Today’s episode starts with Riya saying its short circuit at home and dad is not taking my call. He says he will drop her home. They leave and come home. Riya asks her dad whats all this. She scolds her brother Sahil. Shivam smiles seeing her scold Sahil and Anupam.

Anupam asks what about this now. Shivam says can I see it once. Anupam asks who is he? Riya says he is my colleague Shivam, and introduces her dad and cousin brother Sahil. Shivam checks the fuse and she holds the candle. The power comes and she smiles. Anupam thanks Shivam. Shivam leaves. Nimmi makes Preeti ready in her designs and makes her model.

Shivam comes to them and laughs seeing the horrible design. Preeti says Nimmi is not letting me see mirror. Shivam asks her not to see. Nimmi says this is modern look, she saw on tv. He says no one will wear this in Moghalsarai. Preeti looks in mirror and screams. Shanti comes and sees Preeti. Shanti sees Nimmi’s designs and throws them. Nimmi cries and argues.

Today’s Episode – Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update

Bunty asks Riya when will she tell Shivam that she loves him and wants to go on date with him. Riya says how, it will look cheap, he should give some hint that he likes me. Bunty says do something that he gives any sign. Riya thinks she will make kachoris for him, she can do anything for her love. Its morning, manager talks to everyone. He says he likes Shivam’s confidence and welcomes Riya as she is their star saleswoman.

Riya says she got kachoris for everyone, she made it herself. The manager praises her. Prashant takes many kachoris. Shivam comes to have kachoris and sees the box empty. He goes. Riya says why this happens with me and shows Bunty to see Prashant devil. Bunty goes to Prashant and takes kachoris from him. She serves to Shivam. Shivam refuses to take it and says no thanks.

The manager asks everyone to choose their sale buddies and give yellow flower. Riya thinks to show her interest in Shivam. Prashant chooses Riya and gives her the flower. Riya gets angered. The manager gets a call and goes. Shivam sees her angry. Riya tells Bunty to control Prashant. Bunty says I will show him. Riya says you see what I do now. She signs Prashant that she wants to talk with him and winks Bunty. Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update

Prashant goes after Riya. Riya asks Prashant does he have insurance policy. He says no, why. She says my brother will break your bones when he knows you gave me red rose. He says but rose was yellow. She says yes, but who will tell him, get your insurance done, and shows a muscle man pic saying this is her brother. He gets tensed. She says take care. The manager comes back. Prashant tells him that he wants to choose Pinky as his sale buddy. Riya and Bunty start acting and make Shivam hear them. Riya says she is sad that she does not have any partner, no one likes me here.
Shivam says he will choose Riya. She smiles. Music plays…………he says he chose her as she can become good sales partner. Shanti is doing light arrangements at home. She asks the girls to domore better flower decorations as its Sarla’s birthday. Nimmi and Preeti think to celebrate Kaushalya’s birthday in grand way too. Shanti sees them checking their pocket money banks. They say they got 2500rs savings.

Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update On StarLife

Nimmi says she will celebrate well and give good gift to mum and dad. Shanti sits hearing radio. Riya and Bunty talk and laugh. Riya says one day Shivam will give her red rose. Shanti calls Sarla and asks where is she. Sarla says she is in temple and will come to her soon. Shanti says she is glad seeing her upbringing and taunts Kaushalya. She asks Sarla to come fast. Sarla says I will come.

Amit takes Sarla to meet Riya’s dad. He says he will sit here and asks her to go and talk. Shanti sees Raghav coming home. She tells Nimmi and Preeti to use their savings and get gift for Sarla. She tells Raghav that they have got money to get gift. Raghav says they got mature now. Preeti and Nimmi get worried. Shanti says I know Kaushalya has told them to buy gift. Raghav gets a call and goes.

Shanti scolds them for not buying gift for Bua, if they can keep money for their mum’s gift. Sarla comes to meet Anupam and greets him. She says she is Sarla Agarwal, she spoke to him about her son’s proposal on phone. Anupam asks her to come and goes to kitchen. She says its good, bahu will earn and her dad will cook. She says Amit and Riya met in the marriage and they like each other.

Anupam says Riya did not attend any marriage. She calls Amit and asks him to send Riya’s pic. Amit says fine, sending. She asks Anupam does he cook always. He says no, just when Riya goes office. She goes Riya and Amit’s pic of the marriage function. He says Riya did not tell me, does she like Amit. She says my son is a diamond. He says he will talk to Riya and she asks for Riya’s pic. He gives a pic. She says fine and leaves.

Sarla tells Amit that she spoke well. He asks her not to tell anything to Nani. They leave. Pari meets the rich guy in the five star hotel. Sarla calls her and she says she is busy. The guy gifts her costly earrings and she likes it. He compliments her beauty and she asks him to promise he will never leave her. He promises and says she is very sweet. She gets glad. Shanti gets a good saree for Sarla and asks Raghav shall we do a shagun on her birthday.

StarLife: Family Affairs 26 May 2019 Sunday Update

Shanti asks the girls did they get the gift and tells Shivam to get anything too. They give some gift for Sarla. Shanti finds it cheap and taunts Kaushalya. The girls support Kaushalya and Nimmi taunts Shanti back. Ashok wishes Sarla happy birthday and gifts her an anklet. She says she does not like all this and asks him to get any costly thing. She says mum will gift me gold today and leaves with children.

Ashok sees the anklet left on table and gets sad. He takes it with him. Anupam asks Riya did she go in any marriage. Riya says no. Anupam asks again. She says Bunty’s relative’s marriage. He asks did she meet any guy. She says no, why is he asking. He says the guy’s mum came to talk about marriage. Sahil teases her. She calls Bunty and says she got idea to turn yellow rose in red rose. Family Affairs 26 May 2019

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