Family Affairs

Family Affairs 3 July 2019 Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 3 July 2019 Update On StarLife

Family Affairs 3 July 2019 Update On StarLife

Sarla sending Shivam to keep water kalash at home’s mandap. She asks him to leave. Nimmi and Preeti see Shivam, and stop him. Shivam says I will keep water in mandap. Sonal says we will send someone else. Preeti says she got his clothes and asks him to change. Shivam agrees and they assure that Sarla won’t scold him. He goes to washroom to change and hear Rani’s voice. He opens the door and asks Rani what is she doing here. Rani says Sarla has locked me, as I have applied Amit’s mehendi on my hand.

He asks why is she getting insult done, if Amit does not value her love, why to go after him, you have self-respect. Rani says you did not fall in love, so you will not understand this. She cries and thanks to him for opening the door. He says who should explain her now. The inspector gets a call to raid in Khubsurat hotel. Pari and Vyom are having a date there. Vyom serves wine to Pari.

The inspector comes to them and asks what’s happening here. Vyom says nothing, I came with my GF. The inspector scolds him and says its raid here. Vyom says we belong to a good family, I got her to surprise her with my proposal. The inspector asks them to come. Pari says no, it will be a big problem. She gets tensed. She asks Vyom to run. Everyone dance.

StarLife: Family Affairs 3 July 2019 Update

Sarla is worried and thinks who got Rani outside. Rani’s aunt comes there and talks to Rani. Sarla stops Anupam and asks him to see food arrangements. She goes to Rani and scolds Rani and her aunt. Rani’s aunt argues with Sarla. Rani shows her mehendi and says she will never marry if she does not marry Amit.

Pari gets Sarla’s call. She runs from there with Vyom and they leave in the car. She cries. He says I m sorry Pari, I did not know that hotel is such. She worries and he asks her not to take tension. She asks him to drop at marriage hall. He consoles her. Shivam comes after changing clothes. Nimmi asks him to dance. He smiles seeing the family dancing and joins them. Sarla gets worried thinking how did Shivam come so soon. Sarla tells Amit that Shivam has come, and asks him to remove sehra, else people will know Shivam is not the groom. Pari comes and is tensed seeing Sarla angry.

Bunty smiles seeing Shivam. She goes to inform Riya, and says Shivam is dancing so well. Riya comes there in ghunghat to dance along. Sarla sends Shivam again. Amit dances with her. Shivam comes back and Riya’s ghunghat moves off her face. He gets shocked seeing Riya, and Anupam hugging Ashok. Shivam gets teary eyed and moves back. Shivam leaves and Sarla gets relieved. Shivam sees Riya’s name board and cries. Sarla says she has to make Shivam leave from here.

Raghav says they will leave now and asks Anupam not to worry about anything. Ashok says yes, Raghav is right. Anupam asks them to see once. Shivam breaks the name board. Sarla asks Rani whom is she finding. Rani says I m looking for my aunt and asks her to forgive her. She cries and says I love Amit a lot, and swears. Sarla says fine, if you really love Amit, then tie this kerchief to hand, and smile hiding your pain. Rani asks how can I do this. Sarla says like it happens in movie.
She asks Rani not to cry, she will get Shivam married to her, he is like Amit. Rani cries and says no need, I won’t tell anything to anyone. Sarla sends her. Shivam wears helmet and leaves from the venue. Sarla thinks there is something fishy, and goes after Shivam. Nimmi looks for Shivam. Kaushalya asks Nimmi about Shivam. Nimmi says don’t know where he went.
Nimmi calls Shivam and he does not take the call. Shanti and Bua argue to decide who has won the dance challenge. Kaushalya asks them to leave the decision on the one who are marrying. Shanti says the groom will decide. Amit hears them and gets tensed. Sarla is following Shivam. Shivam recalls Riya’s love. His bike slips and he gets hurt falling down on the road.

Shivam goes to the temple and looks at Lord idol. Sarla is worried and reaches there. Bunty talks to Riya and teases her. Shanti asks Sonal to call Amit fast. She thinks about Sarla. Rani ties kerchief to hand and her aunt scolds her. Pari taunts the aunt and scares her to think about Rani’s doings. Rani cries.

Family Affairs 3 July 2019 Update On StarLife
Amit hides in washroom. Nimmi sees him and asks him why did he shut the door, Shanti is calling him. He says my stomach is bad, I will come, tell Shanti to say the decision herself, and send mummy. She laughs and goes. Pari talks to Vyom. Sarla calls Pari and says she knows Shivam is not there, he has come to know the truth, now show your true color. Pari asks what. Sarla asks her to steal Riya’s phone, they will return it later. Pari says she will steal but not return it. Sarla says fine, do what I say. Pari says you are first mummy to ask me to steal. Sarla says I know everything. Pari smiles.

Bua gets Riya and asks Shanti to call her grandson. Shanti asks her to have patience. Bua laughs on Shanti saying she will lose. Nimmi says Amit is in the bathroom. Shanti asks her to call her. Nimmi says his stomach is bad. Bua ji jokes. Bua asks Riya who has won in today’s dance. Riya looks at them. More Updates Coming Later…

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