Family Affairs

Family Affairs 3 June 2019 On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 3 June 2019 On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 3 June 2019 On StarLife TV

Shanti asking Kaushalya to control Nimmi. Raghav comes home. He says he is happy that they got the ring, he has seen the pic. He goes to rest and asks for tea. Sarla asks Sonal not to bore Riya and gives lemon water to them. Raghav apologizes to Kaushalya and she defends Shivam. She asks how can he doubt on her son, he is her blood, did you trust him.

She cries and says you got the proof of his innocent, he has my upbringing, how did you doubt on him, why will he steal. He says I will talk to him, like you say. She wipes her tears. Pari comes home and says she got very tired today.

Riya says she does good massage, she does so for her dad after he comes from work. Pari thinks to check is she saying true. Riya says did I say anything wrong. Sarla asks Amit to come fast as Riya is still here. Riya does head massage to Pari. Amit comes and sees this. The neighbor girl also looks on. Amit asks Sarla why is she making Riya do, she is her to be bahu. She says she is doing it herself. He says let me talk to her. She takes him. Amit smiles seeing Riya.

Family Affairs 3 June 2019 On StarLife TV

Sarla sends Sonal and Pari from there. Riya says I will leave now. Sarla says no, and asks Riya to take measurement of Amit’s shirt, she will come. Preeti says water connection can get cut, they are strict people. Nimmi worries. The neighbor girl comes and takes the measurement. Riya notes down. Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to come and meet the girl, she will fix the proposal. Sarla worries and thinks to know if Riya loves her son.

She sends Amit and asks him to see the room light bulb. Amit goes. Sarla asks Riya about her coming to her home, and she knows its because she likes her son. Riya nods. Sarla says don’t get shy, see how I fix this proposal now. She asks her to say something. Riya says her son does not talk to her. Sarla laughs and says don’t worry, I will manage, he will talk to you.

Sarla says this is my mum’s pic, it got old, so I gave to change frame, she will decide for your marriage. Riya gets shocked seeing Shanti’s pic. Sarla asks what happened, I know you met him, did you get scared, tell me what is the matter. Riya tells her everything. Sarla says Shanti will forgive you and asks her not to worry. Shivam comes home and Kaushalya asks why did he come late. He says I had some work.

She serves him food and says the ring is found is the daal. She says Raghav felt bad, he will come to say sorry, forgive him. Shivam asks for many things will he say sorry, its not needed. He leaves. She says he said he will hug you and say sorry. Shanti looks on.

Shanti starts scolding Shivam asking him to join railway job and retire Raghav. He gets angry and leaves. Riya tells Bunty that once Shivam’s Nani agrees, she will tell dad about him. Its morning, Nimmi and Kaushalya ask Preeti to wake up and go to pay water bill fast. Preeti says she forgot and rushes. Raghav gets ready for office and takes Shanti’s blessings.

Shanti asks him to come for some time to meet the girl’s family. He says he will try and leaves. Shanti wishes Amit’s proposal gets fixed today. Sarla tells Amit that its tough, Riya has told me what happened between her and mum. Amit says she told the truth, make the guests leave, else I will talk to them. She asks is he threatening her. He says no, he is explaining her, she is more smart than Nani.

StarLife: Family Affairs 3 June 2019

Shanti sees the water not coming in tap and asks Kaushalya to check. They get worried. Shanti asks did she not pay the bill. Kaushalya says its paid. Shanti says guests are coming. Preeti messages that its big line here for the bill payment. The men come to cut the water connection and tells Shanti that they did not pay the bill. Shanti asks Kaushalya and Nimmi to get the payment receipt and throw on their face.

Bunty and Riya have a talk seeing Shivam. Bunty asks her to create a problem in his life and then solve it to impress it. Riya asks whats this plan. Bunty explains her. Kaushalya panics and asks Shanti to wait. Riya smiles seeing Shivam. Bunty stops her and asks her not to be after him. Nimmi calls Preeti and tells that water connection is getting cut. Nimmi asks them to stop and Preeti says she is coming soon.  Shanti asks what’s happening, and scolds them.

Bunty tells Riya that Shivam is not understanding her signs, men are dumb and she should improvise. Riya asks now what. Bunty writes that your and mine’s every work is incomplete and they get Kumar. Bunty asks him not to do Shivam’s work. Kumar says he is good man, I can’t refuse him.

Riya requests him. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and punishes Nimmi by applying mehendi to her. She says she will get water from the lane end, when Raghav comes and sees me, tell him that you applied mehendi. She leaves. Nimmi runs to stop her. She says its her mistake, she will fill water. Shanti says she is shocked to hear she is accepting her mistake. Shivam asks Kumar to help and Kumar does not come. Riya and Bunty smile. Family Affairs 3 June 2019

Shivam goes to Kumar and says he has do Xerox of papers. Kumar says he has to do Xerox of boss’ papers. Riya comes and offers help to Shivam. Kumar understands and leaves. She says she will do Xerox. He asks her to on the machine. She says sorry. She stares at him and copies start coming 222 instead of 2. He tells her that he needs 2 copies and she switches off the machine. He thanks her and leaves. Bunty says romance and all. Riya says she was confused about machine.

Amit says he is coming, but he will not marry. Sarla asks him not to use his mind and tongue there. He asks what will we say that just we came. She says we will say others are busy. Riya tells Bunty that it was flop idea. Bunty teases her. Riya says she has to do something big now.

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