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Family Affairs 5 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 5 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Family Affairs 5 June 2019 episode starts with Riya and Bunty praising Kumar and taking the sample parcel delivery details and get to know it. Bunty says the train is one hour late, my aunt is coming. Riya asks Kumar to inform this to Shivam. Sarla talks to pandit and comes to meet Shanti. She says all stars are running bad for them, and she is in big danger. She says she got pandit along and he has told her. She asks pandit to tell Shanti.

The pandit asks Shanti to do puja right now, its big danger and they have to do puja soon. Shanti asks for solution. The pandit says she needs yellow flowers to shower on her, then she will not have any problem on her. Sarla asks Shanti to come to temple with her and sends pandit.

Family Affairs 5 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Nimmi messages the same to Shivam. He thinks its good, he wil get time. Shivam gets the parcel from
the railway startion counter and talks to boss informing that he has taken it. Riya and Bunty come there. Shivam sees Raghav and hides the parcel. Riya says he reached before us, did he get the parcel. Shivam says he came for his friend’s work. Raghav says he is tired. Shivam asks him to get tea. Raghav says I was going to canteen to have tea, come with me. Riya goes to collect the parcel and the man says Shivam has taken it.

Bunty sees the parcel inside and says its there. Riya says this is our parcel. Riya and Bunty see the men taking the parcel and also resting over the parcels. They wait there and go to the men. Shivam comes there and sees the parcel. He does not see Riya and Bunty. Bunty asks for pin and asks her to push the man when she hurts him with pin. The man falls over Shivam, and thanks him. Riya takes the parcel and leaves. Shivam asks where is the parcel and looks for it.
Bunty says we did not take platform ticket and they hide. Shivam sees the parcel and takes it. They see Shivam leaving with the parcel and Bunty throws the banana peel to make him fall. The parcel lands in Raghav’s hand as Shivam falls. Shivam looks at Raghav and gets worried. Raghav asks did he not go till now and gives the parcel to the man. Shivam gets worried and says train is cancelled, the items will go tomorrow, inform your friend.

Riya and Bunty go there and take the parcel again. Sarla takes Shanti with her and asks rickshaw driver to come. Sarla calls Riya and asks her to reach temple fast. Riya says we are close, I will come there and give missed call. Shivam leaves from there. Riya says she has to meet Sarla at temple and will drop Bunty. Riya’s bike does not start and Raghav helps her. Riya thanks him and gives chocolate for his help.

StarLife: Family Affairs 5 June 2019 Update

Pari sees the rich guy coming in a new car and smiles. He says he has surprise for her, and takes her on long drive. The rickshaw driver drives seeing the pits and Sarla thinks he is not doing her work. They reach the temple. Sarla asks Shanti to go. Sarla scolds the driver for not doing the work and argues. She takes her money back from him and says she has to do something for Amit.

Riya drops Bunty and goes to temple. Sarla calls her and asks where is she, and asks her to come soon with yellow flowers. Shanti hears her and asks whom is she calling. Sarla lies that she was calling Pari. She buys puja plate and an oil bottle. She smiles and says I m very clever. Shanti talks to some lady and says Sarla got her for puja for welfare. Sarla says I will tell pandit that you came. Shanti is glad that Sarla is doing so much for her well bring. Sarla puts the oil on the floor. A man cleans the floor.

Sarla smiles and sees the floor still slippery. She wishes Shanti likes Riya. Shanti scolds a bhajan mandli lady for backbiting about her. Sarla sees Riya and smiles. Riya buys yellow flowers. Sarla signs her to come soon. She asks Shanti to come and Shanti slips. Riya holds her and the yellow flowers fall on her. Riya and Shanti fall. Shanti says I have fallen. Sarla says yellow flowers fell on you, now all your problems have gone. Shanti turns and gets shocked seeing Riya.

Shanti scolds Riya. Sarla asks Riya to help Shanti. Riya helps Shanti and takes her. Sarla asks Riya to get any stool, and Riya makes Shanti sit. Riya gets water. Sarla praises Riya and says see pandit said yellow flowers should shower on you, and Riya has done this. Shanti says she fell because of Riya. Sarla says the darshan time is over today. Shanti says we will call pandit at home. Riya offers help and Shanti refuses.

Sarla gets a call and goes away from Shanti. Shanti says she fell and felt ashamed infront of everyone. Amit talks to Sarla and she says Shanti did not agree, but she will do her puja at home, and asks him to come. Amit says he wants yes answer. Sarla says she will manage and make Shanti say yes till evening. Amit ends the call and smiles. He sits playing with friends.

Sarla tells Shanti that Amit is in office. Riya gets rickshaw and asks them to go home. Sarla asks her to get the items with them. Riya helps Shanti and takes her. The guy applies the brake and Pari falls on him. They smile. She says she does not like the roads and asks about his surprise. He says he can even give his life and flirts. Riya comes to Shanti Sadan along the rickshaw and helps Shanti. Shanti asks her to move back. Kaushalya comes and asks what happened. She takes Shanti.

Sarla asks Riya to come. Riya sees Shanti Sadan and steps inside. She looks around. Kaushalya brings the balm. Sarla asks Riya to apologize to Shanti. Shanti says no need to apologize and acts rude to her. Amit comes and smiles seeing Riya. He asks what happened to Shanti, she is best Nani. Shanti says she knows his acting. Riya leaves and Amit gets angry on Shanti. Riya gets Bunty’s call and says everything went wrong. Family Affairs 5 June 2019

Sarla signs Amit to cry and they talk to Shanti. Amit starts crying and goes. Nimmi asks whats this new acting. Kaushalya asks her to keep quiet. Sarla cries and Shanti asks whats the problem. Sarla says Amit likes that girl, he did not see her after you said no, but today he has seen her here, and he got sad. Shanti asks her not to cry. Sarla calls Amit. He says he will not come now. She says she will make Riya her bahu today.

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