Forbidden Love Teasers And Update 20th – 28th May 2019 – StarLife

Forbidden Love Teasers And Update 20th - 28th May 2019 - StarLife

Forbidden Love Teasers And Update 20th – 28th May 2019 – StarLife

Forbidden Love Teasers – Monday 20th May 2019
Episode 228
Khushi calling Arnav ”swami” amuses the whole family. Her enthusiasm for performing her wifely duties irks Arnav. Meanwhile, Akash introduces Bubbly to Payal and Khushi. Later, Khushi disrupts Arnav’s meeting to serve him lunch, but Arnav rejects the food and sends her home.

Episode 229
Khushi waits for Arnav before having dinner, but she eats everything leaving Arnav hungry and starving. He faints by the time she starts cooking for him. Anjali feeds him and reassures Khushi, leaving her feeling guilty. She stays up all night to look after him. Will Arnav appreciate her gesture?

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Forbidden Love Teasers – Tuesday 21st May 2019
Episode 230
Anjali is happy to see Khushi take care of Arnav. She tells him how Khushi stayed up all night, but he keeps lying to her about his health to get even. Khushi believes him and plans to stifle him with kindness. Later, Shyam tries to steal Arnav’s locker key. Episode 231
Shyam plans to steals Arnav’s locker key on the pretext of serving him, but Khushi is furious to see him. However, he manages to take the imprint of the key. Khushi’s lipstick and scented handkerchief leaves Arnav furious. Later, Khushi decides to take Arnav to her place for a few days.

Forbidden Love Teasers And Update 20th – 28th May 2019 – StarLife

Wednesday 22nd May 2019
Episode 232
Arnav agrees to go with Khushi after a lot of persuasion. Garima and Madhumati clean and prepares the house to receive Arnav. Meanwhile, Bubbly gets the soap Shyam used to get the key’s imprint. Will Shyam’s wrongdoing come to light?

Episode 233
Shyam saves himself by getting the soap back from Bubbly. Meanwhile, Arnav is served boiled food on Khushi’s instructions. Arnav struggles to adjust with the old air conditioner breaking down, and Madhumati’s friends interupting his work. Payal tries to befriend Bubbly, but Manorama intervenes.

Forbidden Love Teasers – Thursday 23rd May 2019
Episode 234
Madhumati’s friends bless the couple when introduced to Arnav. However, Arnav hurts the family when he brings a new air conditioner and toiletries in the house. Later, the entire street loses power when he switches on the air conditioner.

Episode 235
The neighbours come to Madhumati when Arnav’s air conditioner knocks out the power. Meanwhile, Arnav and Khushi fight to sleep on their favourite side. Next morning, Khushi challenges Arnav to lift weights in front of the neighbours. Will he win the challenge?

Friday 24th May 2019
Episode 236
Aware that the water will run out, Khushi delays Arnav’s bathing time. She convinces him to take a bath under the street tap. Later, he orders food for everybody, but Madhumati pays for it from her savings. Meanwhile, Shyam purchases the duplicate key, but Akash’s father sees him doing so.

Episode 237
Arnav feels guilty for accusing Khushi. He learns about their poor financial condition, and plans to help them. He loses his temper when Khushi tries to force him to address Garima as mother. Later, they apologise to each other and the family. He admires Khushi eating the chat he buys for her.

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