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Game of Love 21 May 2019 Update On Starlife TV

Game of Love 21 May 2019 Update - StarLife

Game of Love 21 May 2019 Update On Starlife

Anika says no use to go at night, animals will be roaming at night. Follow Our Facebook Page

He says you say strange names, instead animals, fine you mean we have to stay here at night. She says yes, come sit. He says this is the worst day of my life, I had a fight with you in morning, then that don in plane and night in this jungle, you got the wound, there is no food and water.

She says I know you are SSO, you are angry, but every moment is not to control, some times one should enjoy what’s happening, remember Dadi kept the 2 feet rule, how we used to long to talk and meet, now when I m here, we should live this moment, you are doing kudkud. He says we can live this moment.

Game of Love 21 May 2019 Update On Starlife
She says I didn’t say this. He jokes. Ishq hai aansun….plays…. He hugs her and says love is love. She says this is jungle. He asks so what, can’t we love here. She asks did you sleep under the stars ever. He says it looks good in films, none sleeps under the stars, its not cool. She says we had an uncle who used to keep camps, people used to pay to sleep under these stars, you are getting this for free. He smiles and says I just realized you are much middle class.

She says yes, I m enjoying the stars. They sit looking at the stars. He holds her, She asks what are you doing. He says watching stars. She says its up there. He says my stars are in front of my eyes. He hugs her. He says this is really good. She says I told you. He jokes and scares her. She says I m not scared of any animal, I will beat him and make him see stars like us.

Game of Love 21 May 2019 Update On Starlife

A tree branch falls. She hugs him and gets tensed. O jaana…..plays……….. He signs what. She cries. He acts scared and laughs. They hug.

He shows her the stars. They recall their old moments. Rudra says we would have reached home till now. Bhavya says its good we stay here, take rest instead of many breaks. He says I won’t have it, fruits here are poisonous. She says as you wish. She eats the melon. He looks at her. Dil hai ki maanta nahi….plays…..They feed each other. They sit looking at each other. She signs him. His imagination breaks. Jhanvi asks for water.

Someone gets water for her. She drinks. She shouts Tej. He comes and asks what happened. She says there was someone in the room. Shakti and Pinky say there is no one, maybe you had a bad dream.

Jhanvi says no, someone gave me water, see this glass. Pinky says what’s happening here, is there any ghost. Tej says what nonsense. Pinky says someone is keeping an eye on us. Shakti says I think he is same blackmailer who left chits for us. Tej says he can’t do anything as we destroyed the tapes. Abhay plays the tapes. He gets angry and says it was the only proof against Oberois, it will be a problem if this doesn’t run.

Game of Love 20 May 2019 Update

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