Game of Love

Game of Love 23 June 2019 Update on StarLife

Game of Love 23 June 2019 Update on StarLife

Game of Love 23 June 2019 Update on StarLife

Shivaye says Rudra’s happiness will be incomplete with your blessings. Pinky asks have I ever gone against your wish. Rudra and Bhavya get engaged. Lily throws the pizza. Anika shouts Shivaye. Sometime before, Rudra and Bhavya get the next clue and run. They get the rings box. Rudra says both the rings are kept together, how to know the winner. Shivaye says someone else will answer. He switches on the tv and connects to Dadi on a video call. He asks Dadi to see this. Everyone claps.

Dadi smiles. She says technology is great, it brings people closer. Shivaye says Rudra is asking why were rings kept together. Dadi says because it will bind you together, your love story will be like Shivaye-Anika and Om-Gauri. Jhanvi comes and sees them. Shivaye asks Rudra to exchange rings. Pinky comes and looks on.
khushi kabhi gham….plays…. Pinky sits with Dadi. Shivaye says Rudra’s happiness will be incomplete with your blessings. Pinky asks have I ever gone against your wish. He says then bless Rudy. Pinky cries and nods. Rudra and Bhavya get engaged. Everyone claps. Shivaye cries seeing his family. Anika holds him and cries. Lily looks on. They all have sweets. Lily thinks I will kill Shivaye now. Lafzon ka yeh…plays…. Everyone hugs. Tej sees Pinky and Jhanvi with Dadi, watching the engagement live.

Game of Love 23 June 2019 Update on StarLife

Shivaye hugs Anika and says you are too good, it was a tough day for me, I had to fulfill big responsibility, I would have not been able to do this without you. She says you can fight with the world alone, you don’t need any support. He says no, I need you and your support, you always supported me whether I was right or wrong, I had to leave the house, you trusted me. She says you earned my trust, we all know when its about family, you can even fight with God, there is a relation behind this, its not necessary to know, you will tell us when you feel like, I know you are trying to unite the family and you will do this. He hugs her and thinks engagement happened, I want Rudra’s marriage to happen in Oberoi mansion, entire family will be together, this will happen when I find Kalyani mills secret, expose Shwetlana and prove Tej’s innocence, I m sure all the bitterness in Tej and Jhanvi’s hearts will end, our family will get together. Rudra and Om argue.

Rudra says I m getting married, no one is making me feel special, I m so tired. Lily says finally I know my prey, get ready Shivaye. Om asks Rudra to go and work hard. Rudra says even you do something. Shivaye and Anika come. She says I have told the new maid to serve food, we will have food, so that maid can go home early. Lily comes with a pizza. She throws it at Shivaye. Game of Love 23 June 2019

They all get shocked. Anika shouts. They all laugh seeing the pizza on Shivaye’s shoulder. Anika asks what have you done, does anyone serve pizza like this. Gauri says we didn’t ask you to throw the food at Shivaye. Lily says sorry and goes. They ask Shivaye are you fine. Rudra eats the sauce and says I love Chillu sauce. Shivaye says just shut up all of you. Rudra says maids are strange here, she has hit the food, how rude.

Veer asks how did he get saved. He scolds Lily. She says don’t know how a normal pizza replaced the killer pizza. He asks who has replaced it. She says I don’t know. He asks where did the real pizza go. He sees Shweta eating a pizza. He asks from where did this come. Shweta recalling getting a pizza box. Veer says do you know you have ruined my big plan. She says sorry, I didn’t know. He says I can’t forgive you, you will surely get punished.

It’s morning, Shivaye talks on call. He asks someone to come. Anika gets breakfast. He asks why did you come. She says I have made breakfast for you. He says I m on call. She asks whom are you talking to. He says its a business call, breakfast looks good, just shut the door while going. She goes and shuts the door. She says why did he put phone on hold on seeing me, he had discussed business in front of me, I have to find out. Game of Love 23 June 2019

Tej says Shivaye can distanced me and my sons, enough now, I won’t let Shivaye succeed, I will remove him from Omru’s lives, I will create hatred and distance between them, they won’t like to see his face. He throws a vase. Shwetlana comes. She says you can’t do this without me, we can fight a lot, but fate will make us together, because our path is same and even destination, we both want to ruin Shivaye, join hands with me. She holds his hand. Shivaye says I can’t tell you how much I m missing you. Anika says missing, who.

Omru come. Rudra says who is missing. She says Shivaye. He asks is Shivaye missing. She says Shivaye is missing someone. He says I m here, whom is Shivaye missing. Anika says I m hearing his talk. Om says its not good. Rudra says Shivaye is not missing us. Om asks him to shut up. Anika says let me find out. Shivaye says you come here, I will tell everything, I m really missing you. Tej says I m ready to join hands with my enemy to destroy Shivaye.

Shwetlana thinks poor Shivaye, he left his house and business, he went through so much, Tej wants to destroy him, I had come to destroy Oberois, but they will do this themselves. Shivaye asks what are you doing here. Om says they are hearing your conversation. Shivaye says you are spying on me. Anika asks what, spying, we were just listening to your conversation, Rudra was dying to know. Rudra says no, Anika has… Shivaye says come on, go and prepare. Om asks for what. Rudra says my marriage. Shivaye says we have Lohri today.

  • StarLife Update: Game of Love 23 June 2019

Om says you didn’t find it necessary to tell us. Rudra hugs him and says its okay, it happens after marriafe. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you, get back to work. Anika thinks.Anika says its not about me, its about you, I m afraid for your life. Shwetlana says attack Shivaye’s weakness, I know his weakness very well. Anika says she said I will lose my love. Shivaye says she is dead. She says police didn’t get her dead body yet. Some time before, Veer practices Tai-chi. He says for the first time in life, my plans are failing, plan of scaring Anika and killing Shivaye, I feel so restless by losing, I think Shivaye was destined to survive, but I m the one who wrote my destiny myself, Anika is my love, I will get her at any cost.

Game of Love 23 June 2019 Update on StarLife

Shwetlana says you will need my help for this. He asks what are you doing here.
She says I came to fulfill a sister’s duty and help you. He says I don’t need anyone. She says you didn’t succeed to separate Shivaye and Anika, it means you can’t manage this alone. Shivaye thinks I should invite Veer first for the Lohri function. She says you will need me to separate them, truth is bitter, its better if you accept this soon. Veer asks what’s the plan. Shivaye goes to knock. Shwetlana says attack on Shivaye’s weakness, I know Shivaye’s weakness very well. Shivaye enters and asks what’s all this. Shwetlana hides behind the door.

Veer sees them in the mirror and thinks Shivaye can see her. He says I was practicing Taichi, so everything got scattered, did you have any work. Shivaye asks won’t you ask me to come in. Veer says its nothing like that, everything is scattered, come in. Shivaye says I m joking, I m in hurry, we are celebrating Lohri today, I wanted you to join us. Veer says sure. Shivaye says bring Shweta and Monali too. Veer says I will surely get them. Shivaye leaves. Shwetlana sees Veer and smiles.

Gauri asks the man to fix the lights. She asks another man about sweets. She asks Rudra to tell me if she needs to get anything else. Anika asks what happened Rudra. Rudra asks what happened. Gauri says he didn’t listen. Om asks are you okay. Rudra says its first Lohri that our entire family is not together, Dadi used to be so excited, she celebrates Lohri so grandly, I m missing Dadi’s story a lot today. Om says Dadi used to make tasty til laddoos. Rudra says Lohri is incomplete without Dadi, I m missing her. They see Shivaye and Dadi and smile. Dadi says I told you not to have upset faces on auspicious day. Omru hug her.

Rudra asks how did you come. Dadi says I had to come to tell you the story. Rudra asks Chubby what are you doing here. Chubby says you are getting married, I had to be here, best man. Rudra says I didn’t want worst man. Om teases Khanna for missing Shivaye. Khanna says I missed Shivaye a lot. Shivaye says don’t get senti. Anika hugs Dadi and says we missed you. Dadi says my grandchildren were sad here, I wanted to meet them, Shivaye told me he is missing me, so I came immediately. Anika asks did Shivaye talk to you. Shivaye asks did you think I was missing Khanna. Khanna says you would have missed me a little. Shivaye asks him to go and work.

Bhavya comes. Dadi kisses and blesses her. Dadi wards off evil eye from Bhavya and Rudra. Om says I really feel happiness is here because of Dadi. Shivaye says I wish entire family gets together, it will take some time. Dadi says we should celebrate Lohri such that Goa remembers it, I have brought special clothes and bangles for my three bahus. Rudra asks for til laddoos. Om says its for all of us. Rudra runs with laddoos box. Shivaye and Om run to catch him. Hum saath ek duje ke….plays… They have laddoo and hug Dadi. Anika looks on. Shivaye offers the laddoo to her.

Dadi tries calling someone. Shivaye comes to her. He sees Dadi calling Jhanvi. He asks how is everyone at home. Dadi says those four fools are fine. Shivaye asks is Tej fine, and dad, mom, Jhanvi… Dadi says you worry for everyone so much. He says they are my elders. She says but their doings are like those of kids, I m glad and relieved that my family legacy is in your hands, mansion looks good if there is happiness, they are lonely in the mansion, we are celebrating Lohri today, they have no one to celebrate the festival with.

Dadi says your Dada ji used to say, never let this family apart, all my life got spent to keep it united, and now its all shattered, not just the house, even hearts got divided. She cries. She says I failed to keep the promise I had made to your Dada ji. He hugs her and says you are our strength, hope, you can’t lose hope, I m still alive, I promise you I will make everything fine, I will re-unite this family, happiness will return in Oberoi mansion. She says I completely trust you. He says mark my words, next year, we will celebrate Lohri function in Oberoi mansion like last year. Anika looks on and recalls Shivaye getting shot. Game of Love 23 June 2019 Update on StarLife

Shivaye finds her worried. He goes to her. She hugs him and asks is this function necessary, you remember what happened in last Lohri, you were shot. He asks what’s the connection here. She says you know what all happened with us, we are trying to get involved in Rudra’s happiness, that fear is still within. Anika says its not about me, its about you, I m afraid for your life.

Anika says that woman said I will lose my love. Shivaye says she is dead. She says what if she is alive, police didn’t get her dead body yet, I m scared that if she is dead, I will never get the answers. He says when questions ended, there is no point to know answers, just trust me, till I m alive, no one can hurt us. He consoles her. Shwetlana says till Shivaye is alive, I can harm Oberois, you can’t get Anika, Shivaye is the biggest hurdle in our way, we have to join hands to get rid of him.

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