Game of Love

Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Anika asks where is our Devrani. Abhay says she is on the way. Shwetlana comes, donning a ghunghat. He says meet my wife, Mrs. Shwetlana Abhay Singh Oberoi. They all get shocked. Some time before, Tej shouts seeing Abhay and asks how dare you come here again. Shivaye says I have got him here.

Tej asks did you go mad, do you know what you have done. Dadi says Billu did this on my saying. Tej and Shakti ask why. Dadi says I didn’t wish my grandsons to repeat my sons’ mistake, I didn’t finish Tej, my house shattered before, I won’t let this happen here, Abhay is part of the family, he will stay here. Pinky asks what are you saying. Dadi says its his right. Pinky says if you keep scorpion home, he will sting one day. Omru apologize to Abhay. Shivaye says we can’t return the years you lost, but we promise you will never miss family, we welcome you in your house. Abhay asks can I get Obro hug. He hugs them. Dadi smiles.

StarLife: Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update

Dadi asks Tej and Shakti to welcome Abhay in this family. Anika says I remember Abhay got mehendi for us and Abhay managed the family when Shivaye was missing. Gauri says I didn’t know I have one more Devar. Shivaye says Devrani too. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…. Everyone asks who is she, why did he not get her along. Abhay says she is not here, she will come tomorrow. Dadi asks Anika and Gauri to start preparations to welcome their Devrani.

Rudra stops Abhay and gifts something. Abhay asks what’s the need. Rudra says I want you to look dashing in the family pic. Abhay says thanks Rudy boy. Rudra asks Abhay to call him Rudra.

Anika asks Bhavya about garlands. Bhavya says Gauri is making it. Om asks Gauri can I help. She asks will you help me in this. He says yes, I can do this if I can help you make Mata chunri. She asks him to start. He holds her hand. Saathiya……plays…. They have an eyelock. Rudra and Bhavya come there and talk. They check Om and Gauri, who sit like statues.

Rudra says I have an idea. Bhavya says no, he will get hurt. Rudra pinches Om’s hand with the needle. Rudra and Bhavya remove the chairs and see they are still sitting. She says how did they do this. He says any magic, I have another idea. He keeps a fake snake. Om and Gauri get shocked and fall down. Bhavya says its fake snake. Rudra jokes. Gauri gets shy and runs. Rudra goes. Bhavya asks Om to go. Om asks is anyone not calling you. Rudra calls her. She goes. Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Anika collides with Shivaye. Shivaye stops Anika and talks romantic. Abhay comes and says sorry, I broke your moment, you both are just perfect, made for each other, I wish me and my wife learn something from you and become a bit like you. They smile. Abhay thinks Shivaye you did a big mistake to get me here, see what I do with this family. Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Everyone gathers in the living room. Anika asks where is our Devrani. Abhay says she is on the way. Shwetlana comes, donning a ghunghat. Rudra asks dhol men to play dhol on time. They all look at her. Pinky says your wife is very shy. Abhay says yes. The men play dhol. Abhay asks them to close eyes for a min. They all close eyes.

Shwetlana lifts her ghunghat and smiles. Abhay asks them to open eyes now. He says meet my wife, Mrs. Shwetlana Abhay Singh Oberoi. They all get shocked. Tej recalls Shwetlana. Jhanvi and others also think of her. Shwetlana asks the men to play dhol. Abhay holds her and gets in. Abhay says she is Dadi and they…. Shwetlana says I know Dadi and her sons, grandsons too. She goes to Tej.

Tej says Shwetlana…. She says I have a very old relation with him, I missed you a lot, sorry I can’t you ‘tum’ now, you are almost Sasur ji for me. She goes to hug him and says sorry, forgot, what to do, I have old habit, I will get habitual to touch feet. She says you will feel bad if I call you Teje uncle, can I call you Abhay’s Bade Papa. She gets the bangles from Dadi and thanks her.

She says see these bangles got fit, like its made for me, my dream to become Oberoi bahu got true, third time lucky, the work which Tej and Om couldn’t do, Abhay did it.

She goes to Gauri and says you used to make fun of me, see I came as your Devrani, you should be happy, I didn’t come as your sautan. Anika holds Gauri. Shwetlana asks Gauri won’t she bless her. She jokes on their love. Om shouts enough, stop your drama, before I throw you out, just leave. She says you shouldn’t talk to Bhabhi like this, Jeth ji. He says just shut up and get out.

She says Shivaye see, you invited us here, how are we treated in front of you, I forgot to touch Jeth ji’s feet. Shivaye stops her. He holds her hand and takes her out. Abhay and everyone looks on.
Shivaye and Anika argue. He says no one ignored me, I want to talk to you. She says you can’t shut me up, what will you do. He kisses her.

Sometime before, Shwetlana asks where are you taking me, listen. Shivaye asks how dare you come here, you can fool Abhay, not us, get out, else I will call police. She says I want police to come here, your family will go jail, not me. Om asks how dare she comes here. Anika says don’t worry, Shivaye won’t let her stay here. Tej says when we feel we got rid of her, she comes back again. Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update On StarLife TV

Dadi says as you sow, so shall you reap, its a result of deeds. Shwetlana says its time to reap what you have sown 25 years age, the tape which Abhay was talking about, it has the evidence, it will prove Oberois ignited fire in the mill.
He says stop it, Abhay said he doesn’t have any tape. She says exactly, I have that tape, would you like to see. She shows the video.

He sees Tej igniting a matchstick. He says I don’t believe this, Tej can’t do this, this tape is doctored, Tej is just lighting the matchstick, its not seen that he is igniting fire in the mill, you can’t blackmail us by this video, court will not regard it any evidence, its only the half truth. She scares him of the media, Tej will go jail, stocks will fall, Dadi won’t be able to bear this shock and then your family will shatter.

He says tell me your price. She says you are smart.
Anika asks Dadi not to worry, Shivaye will make everything fine, he would have sent Shwetlana away by now. Shivaye gets Shwetlana. They all get shocked. Pinky says she is back again. Shivaye goes to Omru. He says Shwetlana will stay here in this house. Tej asks did you go mad.

Shakti asks what are you saying. Jhanvi says you know her. Shivaye signs Om. Om says if Shivaye decided this, there will be a reason, I accept this. Anika says I don’t accept this. She asks Shivaye why did he Shwetlana here. Shivaye asks her not to get into this. She says I can’t see Dadi, Om and Gauri in a problem, I know Shwetlana has blackmailed you, tell me the reason. He asks her to stop it. Shwetlana jokes on her.

Anika scolds her. Shwetlana says if you talk about me, I will speak up. Anika says if you ruin my house peace, see what I do. Shwetlana says you are ruining the peace. Shivaye says okay just stop it. Anika says you can see whats happening. He shouts I said go to your room. Anika and everyone leave. Shwetlana says strange, everyone left me alone, its okay, is anyone there, get my luggage in, Shwetlana is back.

She comes to the room singing mere haathon mein…. Abhay asks how did you talk to them, why did you not tell me that you know them. She says just relax. He says you used me to come here, you have a personal agenda. She says I told you, I want the same thing, revenge from Oberois. Shivaye asks Anika to listen, she maybe upset but…. He throws the box and asks her to listen, no one ignores him.

She throws the boxes too and says no one shouts on Anika, without any reason when I m not at any fault, you get that. He says it got even now, can we talk now. They argue. She asks the reason. He says I can’t say. She says it means you don’t trust me. He says its not like that. She says we took a vow that we will face all problems together.
Abhay says if my plan gets spoiled, I will not tolerate.

Shwetlana says so much anger in this young age, have water. He throws the glass and shouts on her. She holds his neck and pushes her. She says I don’t like anyone talking in loud tone, remember I have the tape, do as I say. He says I didn’t see a clever woman like you. She says you won’t see any, I m the best.

Shivaye says I can have my own reasons, trust me, I will tell on right time. Anika says I want you to trust me, when any problem comes, you go to fight the war alone, will you say anything. He says no, will you get quiet now. She says you can’t shut me up, I will keep talking till you tell me the matter, what will you do, you are threatening me. Game of Love 3 June 2019 Update

He twists her hand and holds her. He kisses her. He says now listen to me, you are right, Shwetlana is blackmailing me, I can’t tell you the matter, I m trying to sort this out, I need some time, I know Om will have a problem, but its for the family, when I know the truth, I will tell you first. She quietly leaves.

He says I know Anika is feeling bad, even I can’t tolerate Shwetlana, but I have to do this to save Tej.
Anika smiles thinking of the moment. She says Shivaye is …. who makes a person quiet like this. Rudra says fine, I agree Shivaye has a motive to tolerate Shwetlana, but I can’t tolerate her.

Om says even we all can’t tolerate her, I know you are very upset, don’t worry, your brothers will manage everything. He goes. Rudra says you both always protect me, this time its my turn.

Shwetlana says I have to make big announcement, I have kept a press conference, everything should be perfect. She asks the servants to make Oberoi mansion look like a palace. She goes to kitchen and says so you are here, I was finding you. Gauri says I m not a servant, I m bahu of this house.

Shwetlana says I got you here as servant, remember you used to obey my orders Chulbul. She taunts and says I kept a press conference, I chose an international cuisine, make sure that’s made for dinner. Anika comes and asks her to leave. Shwetlana refuses. Anika gets red chilli powder and shows Shwetlana. She then adds it in dish. Bhavya threats with knife. Gauri shows the tadka. Shwetlana leaves. They laugh. She says I have to teach them a lesson. She gets a pichkari and throws water at the dish kept on stove. Smoke spreads. Gauri stops Anika.

Anika says its nothing. Shivaye comes and shouts Anika. She gets her back. They all scold Shwetlana. Shwetlana says Anika started it. He asks her to stay well, if anything happens to family, he will not leave her. Shwetlana says relax, its my mu dikhai in front of media, I told them continental food should be prepared, they got after me. Anika says if we three get determined, we can throw you out of the city.

Anika says what will I do if she talks to me like this in front of media. Gauri jokes. They laugh. Anika says I will see how you face the media, you won’t be able to show them your face. Shwetlana says don’t challenge me. They argue. Anika asks her to leave.

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