Game of Love

Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Game of Love 31 May 2019 episode starts with Dinky saying that Anika is pregnant. Omru hug. Everyone tells Shivaye that he is going to become a father. Shivaye and Anika ask what. Some time before, Anika watches CCC’s show. CCC says it doesn’t mean wives get fat after marriage, you can look hot if you follow Chito diet.

Shivaye asks for his phone. Anika throws cushion. He says its cushion, not mobile. She says its good, this won’t break. He asks do you watch all this. She says yes, you should also watch this, CCC says good things, I thought I got fat, I don’t get time to do Zumba, I will follow the diet. He says no use, you should run or do swimming. She says no, real thing is this Chito diet.

He smiles. She asks what. He says you can’t do this, you get mad if you don’t eat food for a day. She says I will do this diet prove you wrong, you think hungry Anika is equal to…. He says awake animal. She says I will do this diet, just go office and send me tamarind, CCC said having tamarind in morning… what happens… He says it cuts down fat.

StarLife: Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update

She says I m just asking for tamarind. Dinky hears them and says Anika is saying about having tamarind early morning, is there any good news, I will tell everyone. Om likes Aloo puri and asks did Anika make it, amazing. Gauri says I made the breakfast for you all. Om smiles. Rudra says its bit oily, I will have toast. He stops when Bhavya takes same thing. He says I will have an apple.

Dadi asks did you guys fight again, Bhavya don’t feel bad of his words, we pampered him by calling him young. Rudra says then don’t call me young, I wish there was someone younger than me. Dinky comes and says your wish can get true, there is a good news. Anika comes. Rudra says Dinky is giving a good news. Dinky says good news has come, Anika don’t you think someone younger than Rudra should come. Anika says yes, Rudra gets scolded always, he should become responsible.

Gauri shows Aloo puri. Anika stops by recalling Shivaye’s words. She says I don’t want. Bhavya asks are you fine. Gauri shows the plate. Anika refuses.

She says I m feeling michmichi. Dinky says yes, some times person wants to have strange things. Anika faints. They worry. Dinky says relax, its normal to faint in this state, she is pregnant. They all get glad. Dinky asks how do you know. Dinky says Anika wanted to have tamarind, then vomit feeling and now fainting, its all pregnancy symptoms. Omru hug that they have become uncle.

Shivaye is on the way. Dadi calls and says congrats. He asks why. Omru sing congratulations, you gave us happiness. Shivaye asks what. Pinky says such news is not given on call, come home fast. Om says you guys are becoming Dadi and Pardadi and we are becoming Chacha. Shivaye comes home. He sees the kinners dancing on dhol. He asks Pinky what’s happening. Pinky says big happiness have come home, now leave this anger. The kinner asks for 1 lakh. He asks for what. Pinky pays them and sends. Tej and Shakti hug him and congratulate. Shakti says we were waiting for this day.

Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Shivaye asks what. Omru take him to room. Shivaye asks what happened. Omru say its going to happen. Shivaye asks what happened to Anika. They all smile. Dinky says he is saying as he doesn’t know. Shivaye asks what happened. Omru say its going to happen. Shivaye asks did anyone call doctor. Dadi says doctor will also say the same, that you are going to become father. Shivaye and Anika ask what.

Gauri says I m thinking will it be a girl or boy. Om says whatever, Rudra won’t keep name. Rudra says I have decided, name will be Ansh, An for Anika and Sh for Shivaye. Pinky thanks Anika and says Shivaye made me mum, you made me Dadi. She cries and says thanks for giving a heir to this house, you can never forgive me, but forget it if possible, I promise I won’t become your Saas, I will become your mum and show, thanks. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Shivaye says this is just not possible. Rudra says we Oberois make impossible possible. Shivaye says its not possible. Gauri asks why can’t this happen. Bhavya says Anika is in stress as Shivaye and Anika didn’t plan this. Gauri says children are given by Lord, think its Lord’s gift. Shivaye asks how did Lord come in between? Rudra says Dadi says when its not by human’s wish, its my Lord’s wish.

Shivaye says no, it can’t happen by Lord’s wish too till that happens what’s necessary for this. Om asks what do you mean to say. Shivaye asks don’t you guys really understand, shall I explain in detail. Rudra asks him to explain. Shivaye says Anika and I are married, we love each other, but our relation is not like husband and wife, we have not just moved to the next level. Omru get shocked. Gauri and Bhavya look at Anika. Gauri asks didn’t anything happen between you and Shivaye. Om asks nothing?

  • Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Shivaye says nothing. Rudra asks then why did you not open the door for me that day. Om says sorry, this is your personal space, but we really want to know, what do you and Anika do. Anika says we talk. Gauri asks what. Om asks talks. Shivaye says yes, we just talk, since marriage, problems kept coming, we didn’t get time to spend, when we got time, we had talks. Rudra says we got a talkative brother, you share life, not a bench in classroom. Om says matter went ahead, how will you tell this to family. Anika says everyone has much hopes, how shall I tell them this is a lie.

Dadi asks servant to get desi ghee and gum crystals, she has to make laddoo for Anika. She asks Pinky what are you doing. Pinky says I m making celebrities list, Shivaye’s baby will need friends to play. Dadi says I m happy you accepted Anika. Dinky says think what will happen when the baby comes. Pinky says I m excited, when will I become hot Dadi. Tej says we should call a press conference to make this news official. Shakti says yes, we should lessen Shivaye’s workload, so that he spends most of the time with Anika.

Tej says right, I will instruct office staff not to disturb Shivaye for small things. Gauri says they look so happy, how to tell them truth. Rudra says I will try, Dadi are you not too excited. Dadi says its good news. Om says yes, but doctor didn’t confirm till now. Dinky says doctor doesn’t know more than us.

Dadi says women know everything before. Rudra says maybe you felt wrong, you said you felt dad is decent. Tej says Rudy. Rudra says sorry. Pinky says we have to keep Anika happy. Om says yes, but we should not celebrate before it happens, we shouldn’t tell anyone. Dadi says I will celebrate and dance. Shivaye and Anika look on.

  • StarLife: Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update

Shivaye says this happened because of CCC, this confusion would have not happened if you didn’t ask for tamarind, I will shut down this show. Anika says its not CCC’s mistake. He says its your mistake, now bear this. She says I didn’t know Dinky will get wrong meaning, I m worried, how will we tell them, Pinky didn’t accept me as bahu, I saw love in her eyes for me, how shall I say this is not true. He says don’t cry, everything will be fine.

She asks how. He says I will tell them the truth. She says we have to tell them entire truth. Dadi says now you both have to give good news. Pinky says yes, now stop playing video games in Rudra’s room, shift to your room now. Shivaye and Anika come. Pinky asks Anika to have sweets and blesses her. Anika cries and hugs her. Pinky and Dadi ask what happened. Dinky says mood swings happen in such state.

Shakti says no, I think Pinky called her bahu with love, so she got emotional. Shivaye says no, its not tears of happiness or mood swings, she is crying as she is feeling guilty. Tej asks why. Shivaye says we want to tell you all something. Anika says the news by which you all got so happy, its not true, I m not pregnant. They get shocked.

Anika says tell me where to go. Shivaye says we have to take our relation to next level. She asks what happened to you. He says tonight is the night. She says I have work and goes. Gauri asks what plan. Om says we have to get Shivaye and Anika closer. Rudra says I made the plan, I have to just order. Shivaye says there is a surprise for you. They all scream seeing the tiger. Some time before, Anika says I m not pregnant, I fainted because I didn’t eat anything because of dieting, I wanted to have tamarind, it was also part of dieting. Dinky asks are you sure, maybe you don’t know you are pregnant. Anika says I know this because….

Shivaye says its a personal thing, since you all are emotional, so… Anika and I love each other, we are husband and wife, but that we didn’t make such husband and wife relation. Dinky says your marriage happened long time ago, Anika do you have any weakness. Shivaye says I don’t know if any couple has a problem, why finger is pointed at a woman first, Anika is perfect. Pinky says fine, but why such distance.

Shivaye says marriage is not just by physical relation, its a story of heart to heart, what’s the work of body, the union of souls is called love. Rudra says great, Shivaye left you behind Om. Shivaye says you know under what circumstances we got married, when she stepped towards me, her self esteem stopped her, if I stepped towards her, the chains of name, blood and family stopped my feet, we took much time to fall in love, when we fell in love, fate separated us, when we met again,

I realized Anika was alone all life, I decided to become her friend before becoming her husband, I had to become her life partner in true sense, I m trying this, the birds which has stayed in cage for long time, they take time to learn flying, I hope I have answered your questions. Anika cries. O jaana…..plays…. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and takes her. Dinky says Pinky, they didn’t come close till now, don’t know for how many years do we have to wait. Rudra asks Om are you thinking the same. Om says yes. Rudra says we have to do something.

Om asks what. Rudra says something that gets their married life on track. Shivaye and Anika apologize to each other.

He says it was not your mistake, why are you saying same. She says you are also saying sorry, it was not your mistake. She hugs him and thanks. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…. He says thanks, why are you thanking me. She says for always supporting me, for accepting me, for completing everything. He says my life was incomplete before meeting you. She says we both are like, audio cassette.

He asks what. She says you are side A, I m side B, thanks. He says it means you feel secure with me. She says yes. He says it means you are ready. She says yes, ready, tell me where to go. He says we have to take our relation to next level. She asks what. He says we should have taken this ahead long time before, so tonight is the night. She makes excuse and runs. He says its time, I have to make the perfect plan.

Gauri asks what plan. Om says we have to bring Shivaye and Anika closer. Rudra says Shivaye worries a lot for me. Om asks how did you come in between. Bhavya says its not always about you Rudra. Rudra says just in your case, Om tell the plan. Om says we have to bring them closer, Shivaye has much pressures, business and family. Gauri says yes, he does a lot for everyone, he united us. Bhavya says if he didn’t support the commissioner’s plan, I would have not met you all.

Om says I would have not stepped out of my past. Rudra says who would have pampered me. Om says its done, concentrate on plan, we have to give them space, we have to make sure they don’t concentrate on our problems. Gauri asks how do you know, oh, you also had a friend. Om says I was saying, we should give them space. Rudra says leave it, I will make a plan. Bhavya argues. Rudra says I was known as love guru in college, I made the plan, I just have to order it, the royal romance kit. They ask what. Shivaye orders a royal package on call.

Rudra says this has things of love, which sets the mood of every dude, scented candles, chocolates, nightwear. Om pats him…. Rura says many other things, I will order this on Shivaye’s name. Bhavya says no need, we should send them away, so that they get time.

Rudra says going away is not a solution, its just your style, your plan is useless. They argue. Om says please, can we concentrate on plan. Rudra doesn’t see the screen and orders. Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Shivaye says flowers should be exotic, yes tonight. He ends call. Anika comes to room and sees the room decorated nicely, and a dress kept for her. Shivaye comes and asks how did you like your dress. Anika asks what’s this. He asks don’t you know or you want to hear it from me, you said you feel secure with me, what does that mean. She turns shy. He says you are blushing.

He gets a call from Khanna. He asks did it come, send to room, its big, fine we will come outside. He asks Anika to come, there is surprise. She sees the gift and says such a huge gift. He says its my emotions, if you see this by my eyes, you will know you are like it for me, maybe packing is big, whatever its precious, exactly like you. She says it will be surely good, I want to see what I mean for you.

They see the gift moving. She says how can it move. He says we will see it, before I open this, I want to say, for me this is so you. He moves the red cloth and gets shocked seeing the tiger in cage. She screams and shouts for help. Rudra says see my kit started working. Om says why are they shouting help. Rudra says they are saying come baby. Anika asks is this your surprise, do I look like a tigress.

Shivaye says I ordered royal flowers. Anika says don’t lie, how did this come. She shouts. Omru, Gauri and Bhavya come and ask what happened. Rudra jokes on Om’s sher. They get shocked seeing the tiger. Gauri says Goddess couldn’t come and send the ride. Om gets her back. They all start running.

Abhay asks why are you helping me. Shwetlana says I m helping myself, don’t think I m interested in you, I also want to take revenge from Oberois, its your benefit to shake hands with me. The man asks how can you be so irresponsible, you can fall in trouble by ordering such endangered species. Shivaye says you are right, but we didn’t order the tiger, I ordered for royal flowers.

The man asks how did royal bengal tiger come here. Shivaye says I have no clue. Om says wait a min, royal… Rudra… . Rudra asks what did I do. Khanna gets the flowers. Shivaye says I ordered this for Anika. The man says website said Rudra has placed the order. Rudra says no, I ordered…. He recalls. He checks and says I was ordering royal romance kit and royal bengal tiger by mistake.

Game of Love 31 May 2019 Update On StarLife

Shivaye says we would have landed in jail by mistake. Om says see, its dangerous, despite this, you ordered. Rudra says its Bhavya’s mistake. Shivaye says its your mistake. The man says I hope you won’t repeat it. Shivaye says never. The men leave. Omru apologize. Shivaye says I planned something else and something else happened. Bhavya says sorry, your moment spoiled because of Rudra. Anika says its fine. Gauri likes the flowers. Anika thinks Shivaye did a lot to make me feel special, its my turn now.

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