Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update Krishna takes after the priests, totally hopeful, that Lord Krishna shall make her unite with her Uncle Junglee. but then notices that the money is being given to beggars. the priest, however, doesn’t give her note and carries ahead. Krishna is hopeful that she shall definitely meet her uncle today. but Ganga stops her, having finally found her. Krishna refuses to go home and talks about her motive.

Ganga asks her to think about something else, as he has gone, and she shall not be able to meet him. she is adamant however that she shall meet. when Ganga insists, that they should go, Krishna refuses. Kashish tries to lure her with sweets, but she refuses that too. Ganga gets angry and asks her not to be adamant. she asks kashish to get sweets, while they go towards the cycle stand. kashish goes to buy sweets, while Krishna leaves with Ganga reluctantly. Pulkit and supriya arrive there too, and take the same sweet from the same shop.

he asks her to go along, as sagar and his mother are near the car. she complies. kashish meanwhile counts the change and finds that the shopkeeper gave her more money in return. she returns back to give the extra money, and finds pulkit there too. they both confront each other tensedly. pulkit asks whats she doing here. she says that she isnt following him, but has come with ganga and krishna.

he is shocked to know that ganga is here and informs that sagar is here too. they are aghast at the possibility of them both confronting each other. Kashish meanwhile asks pulkit as to how long that they have to keep their relationship a secret from the world. he says that he is a married person, but she says that he himself said, they are a couple to the world, but he doesnt love her anymore.

Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update – Zee World Series

she says that she knows that supriya is a nice woman, but what about her, and if they shall always meet secretively like this, as if they have done a crime, instead of love, and is tensed wondering what she must be going through and tensed about thinking about their future. he leaves saying that supriya is waiting for him. she says that she knows his family is waiting for him, and he is tensed and rushes immediately, but what about her, and how she is always in his wait, maybe for life, then why doesnt he ever show his concern towards her.

Meanwhile, sagar is lost in thoughts of ganga, when they used to be here earlier, when she used to stay at the widow ashram. Madhvi notices sagar standing tensed, and asks whats the matter and asks him to come along. he says that he cant and turns in the opposite direction, and starts walking, still lost in ganga’s thoughts, when she was a widow. she rushes after him, and asks whats the matter. he says that he cant stay in Benaras, as every inch of this city is full of memroies, that hurt.

She says that its difficult for her too, to stay as a guest, in the house, which was theirs. she says that he has complied, only because ammaji asked him to, and now anyhow they have to stay there. he complies saying that they shall go, but shall not stay for long, as its a punishment for her to stay under the same roof, as zoya’s. he says that he wants to go away from ganga and her memories. Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update – Zee World Series

sagar tells madhavi, that he wanted to be away from everything that reminds her of ganga, and he landed up at a place, where everything reminds him of her. she says that they shall go, after complying to ammaji’s request once, and once they have talked to supriya and pulkit, who have distanced themselves weirdly. sagar complies. he leaves inside.

Supriya comes and then madhavi asks why didnt she go with pulkit. she says that he didnt ask her. madhavi asks whats the matter as they dont seem to be getting along well. she denies at first, but then hears tensedly, when madhavi says that she can see through things.

Later, as they make their way through the bustling crowds of devotees, from one end, ganga and krishna make their way from the other, until they finally confront each other, while sagar eyes krishna and ganga overwhelmingly, as both are reminded of their past romantic moments together.

finally krishna breaks the silence, calling him Junglee Uncle. ganga deduces that this means sagar saved krishna in the jungle. krishna talks with reassurance about their meeting, and how he left when she tried to make her meet him. ganga taunts that this is his old habit, as he always goes like this, and it isnt anything new. she asks her to come home. but krishna refuses saying that she wants to talk to him first and asks her why is she behaving like this. he says that this is her old habit, as she first sends people away and then taunts as to why they went. krishna asks if they both are fighting.

he says that only she fights. she starts taunting that he only fights. they both get into a verbal duel, while krishna is boggled, and asks if they know each other from childhood, and asks if they are friends since childhood. she says that they used to be friends. he says that they used to be, but now, they are so distanced, that the memories have turned hazy. he thinks that still those memories are warm and sweet in his heart. she thinks that not only him, she too has lived this pain, for years. they both eye each other tensedly.

Krishna eyes them boggled, and invites him home. ganga refuses saying that sagar is busy and wont be able to come. krishna continues to talk, but ganga asks her to come along. krishna says that she shall ask only one last question. she asks if they are childhood friends, then seeing her, he must have been reminded of ganga, as everyone says, that she looks exactly like her mother did when she was a child. she asks him why didnt he recognise her there only in the jungle, that she is her mother’s daughter. he says that he couldnt recognise her mother till now. both ganga and sagar are tensed.

ganga asks her to come along and takes her away. but krishna frees herself from her grasp and rushes to him, and clutches him tightly, while he is taken aback. ganga is shocked. krishna asks where is the note, as lord krishna made them meet. he denies having it. krishna asks if he knows what this means, and he denies. she says that this means they shall meet again. sagar eyes her and then ganga tensely.

Madhavi stands with supriya, getting impatient, that sagar hasnt returned back yet. he comes in a rush and hurry and is about to get in the car, when madhavi stops him asking whats the matter and where ws he. he says that nothing has happened, but she continues to badger him on. he doesnt relent and hurriedly sits in the car. then madhvi finds pulkit coming out too, and asks supriya to go and ask where was he. she complies and asks him, holding his hand, while he shoves her hand away, asking when did she start waiting for him. she is tensed. madhvi watches all this and then leaves with them all.

As maharaj lights up the houses, zoya is tensed that they didnt return back yet. she is shocked to find the driver waiting for her, while he asks her to plea for him with her father. she says that he tried kill sagar without informing her, and still thinks that she shall help him. he says that h is madly in love with her, and was trying to help her, and she is mad at him only.

she asks him to stop following her, and helping her, and get lost. they find ammaji coming towards them, and they pretend to be employer and servant, and then zoya wards him off. he hurriedly leaves. ammaji asks her to stop the pretense, and then anxiously waits for sagar to return back. as pulkit gets them in, ammaji hurriedly goes to the door and stops them there, while they are amused. she gets the maharaj to get thr thali, who is himself overwhelmed to see them all. ammaji does the artti, and says that she shall herself do so. niru steps out of the room, and gets tensed seeing them all. Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update

she gives them a hearty welcome, and blessing them galore, she gets them in. zoya comes and says that she is very happy to see them back and how she had emphatically always known that they would return back. ammaji ask her to back off. sagar asks her not to be so insistent with zoya, as niru has found the daughter, and doesnt need him and his mother. niru gets tensed. he reprimands sagar that its absolutely true and that now he doesnt need people who have to be rude to his sweet spoken daughter. the tension amounts up. niru and zoya leave. ammaji hollers to him but in vain. she starts reprimanding zoya and cursing her, that till she is here, there shall not be any peace.

Meanwhile, ganga paces around nervously, and then tensedly sits trying to put her to sleep, while remembering her meeting with sagar, while krishna asks whats bothering her. ganga refuses and distracts her. krishna is adamant that she is lying. ganga asks why should she think about him. she says that since the time they have met him, she has been thinking only of him. she gets tensed. Krishna however is excited. she asks ganga to tell her the story of both of them and their childhood friendship. ganga gets unnerved. krishna is insistent. ganga vents out her anger at her, and asks her to sleep. Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Krishna fumes and says that she shall ask him, if she doesnt wish to tell her. she too resignedly sleeps off, going on the other side. ganga is visibly tensed, as she thinks that there is a story, which doesnt give happiness at all, and she knows that she wouldnt like to hear such a sad story.

The next morning, krishna comes and hugs kashish. ganga asks her to go to the room and change and freshen up. she complies. ganga talks to kashish about her obsession with uncle and then comment as to how fast she became amiable and friendly to sagar. ganga agrees but says that she has forgotten him, and the chapter is closed. kashish asks if she has been able to.

The next morning, ammaji goes about the house, with her daily chores, when sagar holds out his hand for her, while she is overwhelmed as tears well up her eyes, remembering his childhood. she gives him the prashad, while he eyes smilingly, as she makes her hold out the right hand. she caresses him, and says that she was tortured to see him once in so many years. she asks if he would stay now with her. he says that now she shall always be with him. she asks if he wouldnt talk about going to London now. he denies, and says that he shall take supriya and pulkit too, as they are alone, staying from their family, and she cant refuse. madhavi comes and hears tensedly. niru is tensed too.

sagar asks ammaji to come along with him to London, and emotionally blackmails her, that he shall die if he doesnt. she is she asks about niru, and sagar eyes him tensedly, saying that his family is here only, as he has zoya here. she is apalled at the fix she is placed in. she asks him to speak well, but he is adamant.

she asks him to listen to him once. readily complies. she asks him to come and take a good look around the house, in every inch and corner and if he still thinks that she should come with him, then he should give everything to zoya, whatever he thinks doesnt belong or is connected to him all. he eyes her tensedly, and complies. niru leaves from there. she agrees to packing, if he complies.

She wipes her tears as she places the puja thali, beside the tulsi plant. taking him by the hand, she asks him to go to the entrie house, and forget every attachment and emotional connection, and then free them, and himself too of all relations. he is taken back to his childhood memories, one by one. she tries to emotionally manipulate him, saying that he can let go of all the childhood stories, sheused to tell him, and also about all other emotional attachments, making it difficult for sagar to remain strong on his stance, at every step that he takes outside the house. zoya thinks that he should be good riddance soon.

Ammaji continues to provoke him. The screen freezes on his nostalgic face. Gangaa 2 December 2019 Update

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