Gangaa 5 January 2020 Update On Zee World

Gangaa 5 January 2020

Gangaa 5 January 2020 Update – Prabha sends the goons away while she makes her smell more chloroform. Ganga looks for Krishna, Amma cries in disbelief that ghunghat wali mata can betray her. Ganga calls Pulkit to inform him, Pulkit goes to the room and finds a camera in the room and was shocked. Ganga was shocked to hear about the camera, and was sure she would find something in Krishna’s room. She hurries towards home.

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Ganga wonders at home who can keep the cameras. They look around and find other cameras across home as well. They were going to the other room when they find Aabha running with her luggage. They demand where she had been going. They find the red chunri of Pooja in her bag. Pulkit demands where she had been running away. Aabha gets to Pulkit’s feet, he warns her of killing her. Aabha agrees to tell them about the truth, she isn’t a nurse and was sent here by ghunghat wali mata.

Ganga asks where she took her Krishna, Aabha swears she doesn’t know about it, she hasn’t even seen Krishna’s face ever. They demand where she was taking all the luggage, Aaba tells about an address. Ganga leaves for the old house, and sends Aaba to police with Pulkit. She calls Sagar. On the way, Sagar wonders why they couldn’t know about what is happening at their house. Ganga asks him to hurry up, then remembers playing with Krishna. She gets upset, then determined to find Krishna.

They reach the old house, it had been locked. Ganga asks Sagar when would police come, her sixth sense says Krishna is somewhere near. Sagar finds a big stone and breaks the lock. They get inside, calling Krishna but no one replies. Sagar says Aabha must have given them the wrong address. Ganga insists to look around, and calls Krishna.

Ganga looks behind and finds a newly constructed wall, then calls Sagar as she heard something. They go towards the wall, Sagar feels the cement wet. The police reach there, Sagar and the police men break the wall. Ganga can see Krishna lying there. They were shocked to see Krishna tied with a time bomb.

Ganga tries to run inside, but Sagar holds her tight. The inspector calls the bomb disposal squad. Ganga runs towards Krsihna anyway, trying to wake Krishna. Sagar also comes in. The inspector forbids them touch the bomb. Sagar and Ganga were shocked to see only a single minute left.

Sagar cautiously tries to dispose the bomb. He finds a knob of the belt and successfully unbuckles it. Ganga hurries him up as only 30 sec were left. Sagar was finished by last 15 seconds. They run out of the house together in the last few seconds, the bomb had blasted behind them.

Gangaa 5 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Amma ji cried and prayed in the hospital. Madhvi couldn’t get Sagar and Ganga’s call, worried about Krishna’s wellbeing. She accepts her mistake in all the matter. Amma ji agrees it was her mistake as well. The doctor comes out to ask about Sagar, and informs Niranjan’s condition isn’t well and they can’t wait for long.

In the car, Krishna couldn’t speak due to trauma. Ganga tries to calm her down, and assures her that everything is fine now. They would soon go home. The inspector wants to know about the people who brought her here. Sagar tries to inquire Krishna if she would help her parents. She only nods. He asks if she saw their faces. Krishna tries to speak, but her voice doesn’t come out of her throat.

Ganga was worried why Krishna is unable to speak, where her voice has gone. Krishna herself gets tensed and signals Krishna about not being able to speak. Sagar gets a call from hospital, he assures Madhvi to reach hospital and asks the inspector to take them to hospital. Ganga was worried.

Pulkit and Supriya come to hospital. Madhvi watches Ganga and Sagar come with Krishna. Both Amma ji and Madhvi were relieved watching her. Madhvi comes to caress Krishna, and accepts its because of her that Krishna is in trouble. The doctor comes to meet Krishna. Sagar takes the doctor aside and tells him about accident with Krishna due to which she is unable to speak.

The doctor was worried and takes Krishna to examine her. He returns to tell Sagar that she is in a state of trauma, it’s a temporary state after which she will be able to speak. Owing to her condition, they can’t take the risk of transplant now. The doctor promises to keep Niranjan in least pain. Ganga was worried about Niranjan.

The doctor says if there was a doner they were really hopeful, but they are helpless now. Sagar follows Ganga to the other room. Ganga cries about why they are being tested so hard. Krisha hears Amma ji crying in temple, as she can’t see her son die in front of her eyes. She also hears Ganga wondering how can she ask Krishna donate her bone marrow in such a condition. Krishna runs back into the hall.

Krishna runs towards the reception with a paper and pen and brings a note to doctor. The doctor reads it and takes Krishna to the family. Ganga reads Krishna’s letter, then says it aloud “Dear doctor, please take me to operation theatre. She and her family love Bapu, he is really nice. She always prayed for a complete family, but it would be incomplete without Bapu. Everyone is in tension, her mother would lose Bapu if she choose her but she is ready to donate bone marrow. She hopes Bapu is fine”.

Gangaa 5 January 2020 Update ends as Ganga hugs Krishna tight. The doctor assures to begin the transplant after basic tests, and takes Krishna along.Niranjan’s conditioned had worsened. The doctors hurry to begin the transplant. Later he comes to give a good news about successful transplant.

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