Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

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There on call, Prabha calls Yash an idiot as if the phone is off, they will trace them all at once. She instructs Yash about her next plan and warns him about any other mistake. The inspector follows Sagar and Ganga into the cottage but no one was there. Ganga questions the inspector as he was sure about the location.

There, Krishna was again in the van with Yash. Yash warns Krishna about doing as bad to her, as he did to her mother. Ganga insists on Sagar to find Krishna, Yash is really crazy and can do anything to Krishna.Prabha watches a television news about Krishna’s kidnap, the police had been looking for Yash. Prabha was shocked as to where they got to recognize Yash. She thinks about some way to stop the police, and makes a call.

Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

In the hospital, Pulkit speaks to Sagar that they couldn’t find Krishna. Amma ji was worried, and fells faint. The doctor passes by and informs they are trying their best. Amma ji feels dizzy at once with chest pain. Prabha smiles watching her in the uniform of a nurse and goes to help her. She instructs them to hurry her towards a room.

Sagar and Ganga inquire from people about Krishna. Ganga confirms Sagar if they would be able to find Krishna.There, Yash and mate brings Krishna to another hiding. Yash smirks at her, frightening her.

In the hospital room, Prabha leaves to call the doctor. Another nurse comes in. Pulkit asks another nurse about any medicine. He removes the cover of tray and finds a note in it. He reads, their daughter is under their arrest; to save her they should name their house after she else’s they will kill their daughter.

Prabha removes the mask over her face, and thinks that Chattervedi family would no more attempt to go to police anymore. Pulkit comes out to look around for any clue.

Ganga tells Sagar that Yash is really dangerous, she plans about keeping the papers under the lamp without informing the police as well. The inspector informs them that they have ordered a curfew in the city. He asks what their brother said to them, Ganga makes up that he was telling about Niru. Prabha warns Yash not to go for property papers, as the whole Banaras has seen his face. Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

At night, Ganga comes with the property papers. There was a note reading, there is a white car nearby, and it would take her to her daughter. She recognizes a van nearby. She places the papers there and goes to get in the car. Jagga watches this all. Jagga comes to grab the file of papers and hurries into the van. They reach the spot, Sagar comes out of the back of their van.Inside the hiding, Yash cheers that this is the property he and his mom struggled so much.

He makes photos of the papers sure that Prabha would be happy about it. He now turns to Krishna who was trembling. He says he doesn’t need Krishna anymore, and it’s time to bid farewell to everyone. Krishna watches the gun pointed towards her.

Krishna watches Yash out of fear, Yash makes a call to Amma so that she also hears this bullet shot. The van stops at a point, Ganga questions the driver why he stopped the car as there is nothing around. Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

The driver replies this is what he was instructed to. He receives a call about the location and drives away. Yash calls Prabha and says it’s Krishna on his gun point; and turns the speaker on. Sagar comes from behind to hit Yash with a rod at the back of head. Jaga and Yash wrestle back, Prabha calls Yash if he is there.

Krishna watches them wrestle and struggles with her ropes as Yash beats Sagar with the rod. Yash was hit on head when he spots the gun lying nearby on the floor. Sagar spots him moving towards the gun and holds his leg from behind. Yash grabs the gun at once, Sagar runs to take Yash’s gun. Both confront each other.

Ganga runs inside them, Prabha hears this on phone call. Both pull triggers, Ganga cries but suddenly the trigger was pulled. There was blood shed, Ganga screams for Sagar, as he was hit by the bullet. Sagar asks her to go to Krishna. She unwraps Krishna’s hands.

Sagar watches Yash being shot in the chest. The inspector reach the spot. They affirms Sagar that in their report they will state Yash was killed in police encounter.

Prabha hears this in shock, and calls it rubbish in disbelief. She hysterically tries to speak to Yash, and screams his name on the call. She was determined to kill Ganga and Sagar now, as they have mistakenly killed her Prince. No one would live, if not her Prince.

In the hospital, Madhvi hugs Krishna. Amma ji also smiles in the bed, looking towards her. Sagar comes to her bandaged. Amma ji calls Krishna near to her. They help her sit down, Amma ji hugs Krishna assuring she is perfectly fine. They wish Niru gets fine now.

The doctor arrives there to inform them they couldn’t save Niranjan. The family was left in shock. Madhvi runs towards the room, crying but Ganga holds her back. Sagar comes to console the crying Madhvi. The family sat mourning, while Niranjan’s body was carried outside. During the coronation ceremony, Prabha stood behind the tree watching the family cry.

It was evening, Prabha collected all her guns and arms in a bag. There was a knock at the door. She points the gun towards the door, and asks who it is. Aaba calls from outside. Aabha hurries into the room, and says she flee from police custody and ask about Yash. Prabha replies Yash died. Gangaa Saturday 16th January 2021 Zee World Update

Aaba demands about her mother’s whereabouts, so that she can leave with her. Prabha says her mother died, they only hid this to get their work done. Aaba cries that she used her, selfishly.

At Chattervedi house, Pandit advices the family to go to some other place for Niru’s peace Pooja. Sagar suggests about Mirzapur, they have an old family living there; and Niru was born there.

Zara’s Nikah 16th January 2021

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