Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar Monday 12 July 2021 Zee World Update

Jodha Akbar Monday 12 July 2021 Zee World Update

Jodha Akbar Monday 12 July 2021 Zee World Update

Jodha Akbar 12th July 2021: dilawar says to ruks that i can touch your feet, i cannot touch shsheshah’s wife, ruks smirks. she says you know, many people say that she is good, dilawar says i didnt mmet her but listened that she is soft hearted.

Jodha Akbar Monday 12 July 2021 Zee World Update

Maham comes to jalal and says i got to know a big thing about diawar, maham shows painting of dilawar, he says what, maham says dont you find it familiar.
ruks ask dilawar to go and give this jewelry to jodha she goes. jalal says i dont find anything in it, maham says okay i will ease your problem. she makes beard and mustache on dilawar’s painting and ask now you remember who is he.he remembers jodha meeting same man, maham says he is same man whom jodha meets in night.. he came here behind jodha, i cant believe that he took this way to meet jodha, Jodha Akbar Monday 12th July 2021 Zee World Update

i think there is some affair between them, he came here for her love, in your harem, jalal fumes. he takes portrait. maham says he was under bakshi thank God she is safe, he came to harem, he broke your rules he must be meeting jodha in nights, jalal throws painting and ask where is he? maham tells that he is with ruks now, jalal goes. maham says sorry jodha now only your memories will remain here

Scene 2
dilawar is going to jodha and thinks that good i got chance to meet jodha, i dont think i can find that culprit, all have doubt on me i should leave after meeting jodha, he goes to jodha and says ruks gave this jewelry, he says i wannna talk to you alone, jodha ask moti to go out. jalal comes to ruks and ask about dilawar, she says he was with me but said that he wants to give something to jodha, jalal goes to her room.

suja says to jodha that i am here, i am sujamal, he take off dupatta, jodha is stunned and says being a rajvanshi how you can do this, he says i promised you that i will protect jalal someone is plotting against him so i came here but now all doubt me so i should leave. i am sorry i couldnt recognize that culprit, jalal comes there shouting that betrayer i will cut your head, jodha ask him to go, he leave, jalal comes in and ask jodha what was dilawar doing here, what are you thinking that you will lie to me, i know everything, i know who is he, i will talk to you but 1st i will cut his head, he goes out, jodha thinks how to tell jalal truth. jalal ask soldiers to catch dilawar.

Jodha Akbar Monday 12th July 2021 Zee World Update

Scene 3
dilawar thinks that i should leave, soldiers find him and attacks him, he fights with them and says mughal cannot touch a rajvanshi. he runs from there, soldiers are behind him, jalal says to atgah that he is a rajvanhsi, soldiers infroms him that he went towards kitchen after hurting some soldiers, jalal says how dare he. eh goes there. adham ask maham whats all this, she tells him that dilawar is man and he came to meet jodha, i promised dehli’s throne to you and our big problem was jodha but now she will removed from our way.

Sujamal comes in kitchen, soldiers surround him, he fights with all soldiers and hides in big mug, one bandhi sees him hiding, jalal comes there, bandhi informs him that he is hiding in big mug. jodha prays to kahna to save sujamal from jalal, she says he came here like eunuch just for me, please save him.

ruks is happy that now jodha will leave. hamida ask who was that man, salima says i dont know, hamida hopes that jalal will not be angry on jodha. shrif is with bakshi, he gets to know that he is a man, he thinks that what if he is sujamal, he knows everything about me, he leaves. bakshi thinks that he left listening to the name of jodha.

Zee World: Jodha Akbar Monday 12 July 2021 Update

Scene 4
jalal and force comes there to that mug, jalal says i know you are on that mug, i am saying you come out, he says you still have time come out else hot water will burn your skin.

jalal ask sujamal to come outside of mug, he says okay you will come out on your own, jalal says you still have time otherwise you will burned with this hot water, soldiers starts pouring hot water, somebody screams from inside, jalal says take him out, soldiers take out man and its jalal’s soldier, atgah ask what you are doing here? he says dilawar put me inside and ran away. flashback shows that dilawar had seen bandhi running from kitchen, he says she will tell jalal that i am hiding in mug so he fights with one soldier, tie him up and outs in mug. FB ends. atgah says to jalal that he will not able to go out of palace, maham smirks.

Scene 2
suja comes to jodha, she says run from here else jalal will kill you, he says i am not afraid of killing, i just wanted to meet you and say good bye, promise me that you will not tell jalal that you met me, jodha says but.. suja says you have swear on head, he says dont know when i will see you again, jodha says go, he turns to go but jalal and force are standing at door, jalal says i knew that you will meet her before going, jodha says dont punish him he is not at fault, jalal says put him in jail, soldiers take suja away, jalal fumes at jodha, he comes to her.

jalal says i asked you again and again but you remain silent, i had seen you with this man behind mandir because i had belief on you that you will tell me one day, you kept lying to me, dont you trust me that you didnt tell your heart thing to me, jodha thinks i cant tell you because of promise to suja, jalal says why are you silent, jodha says i was in tension, jalal says i am too in tension, i thought i dont have heart but today my heart is saying to give you one chance, he says tell me truth who is this man? i respected you your religion, your rajvanshi stubbornness everything but what kind of rajvanshi is he that he became eunuch and came in harem just to meet you,

you know there are hundreds of wives in harem but i never looked at them because i didnt feel love but now my heart is aching, this man invited his death because of you, i will kill him infront of you, he says what is the reason that he didnt care about his life and came to you, jalal holds jodha hairs tightly and says why he came here because of your love for him or hatred for me? you allowed other man to come in your room but never allowed your husband, answer me, he throw jodha to wall, jodha says i cant tell, jalal says why are you ashamed?

You didnt feel ashamed having affair and now you cant tell me, do your father know, i never made relation with you but i have right to ask you who is he, when you were marrying me you had this man in your heart? you pushed me because of this man? jalal says i was fool and you are clever, you came here to attack me, you must have remembered this man everyday, you pretended to be good, you drank poison just to win trust, you saved me from that poison because it will kill me in one go but you wanted to kill me slowly, i was a fool to show my heart to you and you just saw it to break it, i thought you have feelings for me but you..

i am shehenshah but i bowed down to your god, you asked that man to this god and i always wished that your prayers get fulfilled, you called other man in your room without shame, i bowed down infront of you but what you did, i never touched you because i respected you but you.. answer me, i will kill that man just answer me, he punches wall and his fist bleeds, jodha is shocked, he pushes jodha, he says i feel you have answer to all this, please answer me, for you god, for you love for your family just answer, do you know this man, yes or no, jodha says yes, he is about to slap her but stops,

he ask did you meet him before marriage, jodha says yes, jalal throws things, he ask from when did you know him, she says from childhood, he ask do you love him, tell me, jodha says yes, jalal shouts with pain and anger, he holds his head and laughs on himself, he says you made me embarrassed, you accepted your affair and made our relation, mughal sultanat, rajvanshi traditions embarrassed, he says i always respected your talent but this talent of taking revenge is great, now i dont wanna see any talent of yours. PRECAP. he shouts go from here, he leaves, jodha cries miserably. Jodha Akbar Monday 12 July 2021 Zee World Update

Scene 3
jalal comes in court, jalal says i will come to point, he shouts what system is this that a outsider man comes in palace, nobody knows about, who is responsible for it, one rajvanshi kept roaming in palace and nobody knew it, i am ashamed that one man came in harem in eunuch disguise and was with my wives, he says to maham answer me, she says every eunuch is checked but even then this happened, i promise you to find about this matter,

jalal says i believe you because you concentrate on your work btu you did mistake this time, maham says yes i did mistake this time i accept and ready for punishment, jalal says its shameful that you did mistake, he says to sharif that man was in your room and you didnt have doubt, he says till tomorrow assign severe punishment for that man that it will set example for others, maham thinks that jalal’s anger is showing that he is broken.

Jodha Akbar Sunday 11 July 2021 Zee World Update

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