Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

Jodha Akbar 29th July 2021: jodha comes in her room tensed, moti ask what happened, what jalal said about chand begum, jodha says did you ever listened that king is illiterate, hew doesn’t know how to read and write, moti says no,

jodha says there is one, its Mughal king jalal and look how he manages sulatnat, its very appreciable, moti says and you used to write letters to him all these days, jodha says it means he used to make read my letters by others, jodha recalls how she thanked jalal earlier in letter, she recalls how jalal misunderstood it and came to her room and how she pushed him, jodha says now I understand why jalal was saying that nught that I invited him and I pushed him, jodha says this must have happened that somebody read letter in wrong manner so that we will fight and that happened, moti

Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

ask who can do this, jodha says who else than maham, she also played in suja’s matter, moti says I don’t understand what problem she has with you, jodha says I don’t care about maham, she got what she dig, she is nto now in jalal’s eye so I don’t care, I am thinking about chand begum why she asked jalal’s help.

Scene 2
javeda calls resham and says I know you are maham’s special dasi but you don’t know how to do makeup so I will do it, she calls zakira and says I know you know about Benazir’s beauty but it went wrong in my case but now you will do resham’s make over, do it good and do as I say, resham says no need but javeda insists, zakira does her make up on javeda’s guidance, resham looks horrible after make over and even than javeda says you are looking stuuning, reham thinks that I have to bear this as she is maham’s DIL.

  • Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

Shehnaz says there are 4 gates to enter in palace and 2 to get of out of here, she thinks there must be secret doors too. Maham’s eyes falls on Shenaz, Shenaz too notices Maham simultaneously.. She freezes… Mahamm expresses her suspicion about Shenaz’s intentions and about her sanity … Shenaz manages to worm her way out of Maham’s doubts.

Scene 3
jodha is with ruks, ruks says I will not drink this syrup its very bitter, jodha says its change and ask her to drink, ruks says you are saying truth or lying to make me drink, jodha says you are stubborn like Rahim, ruks drinks and says its more bitter that that, you lied, jodha says no I didn’t lie, its more bitter that before one so its different, its important for you so drink it, ruks says okay, jodha is in thoughts, ruks says you are lost in thoughts, if jalal has called you so you can go, jodha says no my mind is somewhere else, can ask something, ruks agrees,

jodha says do you know chand begum, ruks says no but salima told me that she was wife of humayun and she introduced concept of special wives that’s why jalal has 3 special wives and most special will be who will become marium zamani, and I am that lucky one, well you are also very special to jalal, ruks start pretending to have head ache, jodha says I will make remedy, she leaves, ruks looks at her syrup and smirks.

SCene 4
Hamida and other women are discussing chand begum, Maham has been invited .. Hamida informs Maham about Chand Begum’s letter , reminds her that Maham was once a loyal servant of Chand begum herself, Maham is shocked to know that her prisoner has managed to send a message to the Mughals.. Maham covers her shock, states quietly , calmly that had Chand wanted to contact them there would not have been any reason for subterfuge .. Hamida seems to be thinking the same thing but her rational mind points out that maybe Chand feels threatened by a member here .. Maham shoots it down, says there is no need for Chand to hide herself in Mughal kingdom.. Maham takes the leave of the Begums… Her face turning satanic as soon as her back gets turned. Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

jalal is lying in jodha’s lap, they are laughing, jalal says yes khan baba appointed a strict teacher for me and you know what happened with him, I took him to jungle and he ran away from agra being afraid from me, jodha says you were naughty, jodha says maybe you are literate but you know about many things, jalal says thank god he gave me good memory, jodha says you have many talents, jalal says less than you. jodha says you are very big king don’t you think you have to become educated, jalal says are you taking out problems in me?

jodha says I didn’t mean that, jalal laughs and says you become serious very fast, jalals says its true I want to learn things, if teacher is like you than its better who will not run even If I become naughty, jodha says you always tease me, jodha says how will you locate chand begum, she didn’t write anything in letter, jalal gets up and says but I have to find her, jodha says she lost many years back and why she contacted you now, is it that someone from palace is related to her. jalal says maybe.

Scene 5
jalal calls artist and todar, atgah. jalal ask all soldiers to go out, jalal says I want to know about chand begum, I want to know how she disappeared, atgah says yes this is mystery, jalal says its dangerous too so I want you people to help artist in making her painting they agree. todar and atgah tell artist about chand begum’s feature. maham comes to her secret place and ask soldiers who helped chand begum in sending letter to jalal, she shouts on women that you need jalal’s help, I am helping is that less, she slaps women. next time if you say anything than I will bury you here. artist make painting, jalal looks at it.

secret women in maham place is none other than chand begum, maham grabs her by hairs and says remember your life was here and will be here only, you will not go out from here chand begum, you will rot here and will die here there is no place to go out from here, she says I don’t understand who is your well wisher that is telling jalal about you, I will find him but you have to tell me about secret which is in your heart, nobody will come to help you, nobody knows about this place, if you don’t tell me about treasure and its place then I will kill you.

maham is with chand begum, maham says don’t know who is your well wisher who sent letter to jalal, i will find but now i have to deal with you, i want to know passage of treasure, you have to tell me, nobody can reach you here, you are dead for world and if you don’t tell me than i will kill you. maham says if you don’t care about me then care about your child, maham shows her child to her, chand snatches child from maham, her state of mind seems not stable, maham says i promised you that i will not hurt your child but you have tell me about treasure, maham snatches child from her and says i know your life is in your child but for me treasure is important, so tell me. flashback scene shows chand begum and cribbing that all want that treasure which king left for my daughter, all want that letter in which it is written that my daughter will get dehli’s throne.

Maham comes there in colored dress, she ask chand begum how are you, chand says king is out to fight with enemies but here want that treasure which he left for my daughter, she ask do you have idea how to save it, maham smirks and say why don’t you leave your tension, i am your special bandhi, share your load with me, chand says i told you earlier that i will not share about treasure, chand says that treasure is of my daughter nigar, maham says try to understand that you are not eligible for treasure that’s why all jealous as you got everything dehli, treasure everything, no you cant get it easily tell me where it is ,

chand says don’t forget your limits that you are just a bandhi. maham takes out dagger and shows it to chand begum,chand says don’t make me afraid, i will tell this to king, maham says you will tell about me, i will see whom you will tell and who will punish me. fb ends. maham says to chand that remember what i did with gauhur begum, fb scene shows that chand begum running to gauhur and says that she will kill me, she will kill my daughter, gauhur ask who, maham comes there gauhar says look chand is tensed maham you be with her, chand says no she is the one who tried to kill me, gauhur shouts that how you did that, maham shouts that i don’t need your advise, don’t forget that you were also a bandhi and humayun saw you and liked you so you became queen but remember i maham,

i am asking you to stay away from my matter, maham comes to chand and says i am asking last time about treasure, gauhur tries to intervene but maham kills her and says i said that don’t come in my way, she ask chand now who will help you, chand pleads for her and her daughter’s life, maham says your daughter is reason for everything i will kill her, she is about to attack her daughter but some noise comes from outside, dasi informs that some people have attacked that tent, they all come out, chand runs from there. Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

Scene 2
jodha is sitting infront of dressing table, jalal comes and looks at her smiling, jodha is making her hairs, she sees him standing and says i thought you are king but you are thief why you came sneakingly? jalal comes to her, jodha ask why you came at this time, jalal says do i need permission to come, jodha says no, jalal says so i can sleep here, jalal sits on bed, jodha comes to him, jalal says there is space on bed, you can sleep here beside me, jodha says you are twisted as well selfish, jalal says what i did, did i hold your hand, he holds her hand, did i came closer, he comes close to her, jalal says did i hug you, he is about to hug her but jodha goes away,

jalal sees swing for new born baby and ask about, jodha says i brought it so that our child coming will sleep in it, jalal says i like your this thing, like you say that child as yours, my heart get peace when you say it. after knowing that he is ruks kid you care for him like your child, jodha says if not my kid then he your child and i am also his choti ammi and your blood is in him, jalal says okay i will play with this swing when he comes, jalal moves swing but jodha stops him and says its bad omen, jalal says sorry and ask how you know,

jodha says maasa and dadi use to tell me when bhabhi use to be pregnant, jalal says people will gift my child but i will wait that his choti ammi will gift him this, i will keep this swing till my death.. jodha stops him and says no our life has now started i don’t wanna even think about end, jalal says i promise we will together always, they hug.

Scene 3
maham says i was lucky that i found you again, fb scene shows maham going somewhere when she found chand begum, she says chand begum is alive, she goes to her, chand is with her small daughter, maham calls her, chand says see my daughter is laughing, she has gone mad, chand says i will not give you my child, maham says i will not snatch your child, i will give food and shelter to your child, i am very close to king, chand says do you live in palace, i used to also live in palace, will you take me there, maham says why not, come with me, she takes her from there, fb ends, maham says you lost a lot because of me and you will lose your child if you don’t tel me about treasure.

Zee World: Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Update

Scene 4
some lady is cooking, shehnaz comes there and calls her ammi, women hugs her and says i misses you a lot, where were you, shehnaz says i am fine and fire of revenge keep me safe, women says i know your capacity but i am afraid that if somebody know about your secret, shehenaz says i am very protective and plan is executing rightly, i am with jodha begum who is most close to jalal, i pretended to mad because mughals don’t hurt mad, i was in mathura and met jodha there, fb scene shows jodha praying and saying that i will not go agra, fb ends,

shehenaz says i came to know that jodha is key to jalal. i became friend with her and we went to agra, i met jalal there who is my biggest enemy, i thought to kill him but i need a opportunity, i will punish them all who are with jalal when this incident happened with me, women says be careful, shehnaz says don’t be tensed for me, i will take my revenge on jalal, i am out for it and till then even angels can take my life, i will kill jalal and will get the throne.

ruks is puffing hookah, hoshiyar is making for her, she ask him to do fast, hoshiyar says is it important to drink hookah, I mean it is harmful for you and your child, ruks says if you came back to me that doesn’t mean I cant throw you out, I will throw you out of palace, make another hookah for me, he leaves. jalal comes there, ruks stops drinking, jalal smells it and says to ruks that you know that hookah is prohibited to you than why you were drinking it? its harmful for you and your child, ruks says I.. jalal says I accept yur everything but i will not tolerate that you compromise on our child, hoshiyar comes and says ruks 2nd hookah is ready, jalal shouts that you are serving her and you don’t know that hookah is poison for her, i i get to know that ruks drank hookah than i will punish you instead of ruks so take all hokahs from here now. ruks says I am sorry jalal but I am habituated to it, jalal says I accept your habit but you have to take care of child, take it as my order or request but you will not drink hookah for Mughal heir, Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

ruks says I promise I will not touch hookah from now on, jalal says good, I cant even scold you as you are pregnant, I lost my child earlier so I cant take risk, ruks says okay but now you have o listen to me, you always come with jodha here, never come alone, I want to talk to you, I want to spend time with you, jalal says okay I am sitting here, talk now, they sit, ruks is happy and holds jalal’s hand, they spend time together.

Scene 2
jodha comes to ruks in morning, she removes curtain, ruks is sleeping and gets disturbed, jodha says its not time to rest but to take medicine, ruks says you don’t leave me even in sleep, jodha says I will not leave you till you have kid in your hands, she ask her to get up, ruks says you egt peace to disturb me, she gets ip, jodha says I will get peace when you drink this syrup. ruks says I cant drink it, I will vomit, look at his smell, even dead person will getup drinking it, I will not rink it, hamida and jalal comes there, jalal ask what is happening here, jodha says I am asking her to drink syrup but she is running and this happens daily here, hamida says you are acting like Rahim, he runs too when asked to drink milk, now drink it.

ruks says okay I will drink if you all are saying, ruks drinks and shouts what you have mixed in it, jalal says many plant’s roots, ruks says he is making fun of me, hamida gifts ruks a sacred thread from ajmer, ruks thanks her, jalal says she also called special doctor. she is very competent, she can tell every problem regarding pregnancy, ruks says whats the need to make her check. jalal says why not, hamida has called her, maybe her remedy will be less bitter than jodha, he leaves, ruks thinks I can let this happen. I have to do something to make my plan intact.

Scene 3
maham is cribbing about chand begum and is not opening mouth about map, ruks comes there and sees map in her hand, she ask about it, maham says javeda made it she is just mad, ruks says I am in problem, hamida has called doctor, she will check me and will tell everything to jalal, my plan will flop and jalal will get to know about my plan, I don’t know anything, you always have ideas tell me what should I do, maham says money has power, it can buy anyone so buy that doctor too, ruks says no I cant risk of that, what if she tell other, maham says what you will do now, ruks leaves from there, maham says I hope you don’t get punishment like me.

Scene 4
ruks is putting ubtan(beauty cream), hoshiyar says doctor has come and you have put ubtan, ruks shouts to not forget your limit I know what I am doing, go from there. jalal hamida and jodha comes there with doctor, doctor says I will check ruks, they go in room, she checks ruks and says I will tell you about your child, she checks her for a while, ruks ask how is my child, doctor says I will tell infront of jalal, she comes out and says something to jalal which is muted, ruks comes there,

jalal says I got to everything that our child is healthy, ruks have sigh of relief and says jalal you made me afraid, hamida says child have to be fine as jodha is taking care of ruks, jalal tells doctor that I have my own homely doctor in case of emergency pointing to jodha, hamida smiles, they leaves, ruks stops jalal and kisses his hand, she thanks him for everything. jalal says I will spend time with you after finishing my work.

Scene 5
adham is in practicing area, he gets his sword and says it has calmness and sharpness both like this slatant, atgah and todar comes there, adham offer then to have sword practice with him, atgah says I am busy now, adham says I am just asking for few minutes, todar tells atgah to show adham your power, atgah goes and have fight with him, jalal comes and ask what is happening here, todar tells him about their practice, adham attacks atgah and atgah loses his sword,

Jalal comes there and appreciates atgah, jalal says I havnt practiced for many so whats says should we practice, adham says I will be happy, they start fighting, fight gets little serious, adham keeps attacking jalal but jalal fights and throws adham on ground, he breaks his sword in two pieces with his attack, adham is angry and looks at his broken sword, jalal gives his hand to adham and makes him get up from ground, jalal says you are still the best soldier of mugahal but don’t forget that anger can make yourself inured, adham says some soldiers cant fight without anger and hatred in heart, jalal says those are not soldiers but criminals. Jodha Akbar Thursday 29 July 2021 Zee World Update

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