Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

The episode starts when Suzzi acts like she got sprain. Arjun recalls flashback how Jia told Arjun that Binni is here with Jhumki to take revenge. Arjun says we should tell the police. Jia says no, we don’t have proof Jhumki is using Binni, they want to take revenge for Nisha’s death, she is instigating Binni, we have to find out how Binni knows Jhumki and where was she all these years, flashback ends.

Kaki asks Binni to take medicine, Binni thinks if I take medicine then I will have to leave. Binni says I will not take this cheap medicine, I will leave. Arjun thinks that I am father in acting and she cant win. Jia says you can stay here till your foot becomes fine. Kaki asks her to take rest. Binni says okay I will stay, all leave. Binni dances around.

Arjun says to Jia that I will search for Binni’s history, take care of yourself, he kisses her forehead and leaves. Jia spies on Binni. Binni calls Jhumki and says I am staying here, all are here and Arjun left. I will leave and make no one doubt me. Jia hears it and thinks what they are upto?

  • Kindred Hearts 05 October 2019 Update

Binni starts leaving the house, Jia spies on her and sees her going out of house. Jia says; where she is going? I should tell Arjun, she calls Arjun but he doesn’t pick up.

binni comes to someplace. Jia hides in her car and comes to that place. Jia comes out of car and sees Binni gone, Jia says why did she come to this weird place? One woman comes to Jia and begs for money, Jia says I dont have it. Woman blows some powder on her and Jia faints. Jhumki and Binni come there and smirks. Jhumki gives money to a beggar for work. Binni recalls flashback that she saw Jia hiding in her car and told Jhumki about it so they planned to faint her.

Arjun sees Jia’s message that she has one to the old road with Binni, they are up to some plan, Arjun tries to call Jia but she doesn’t pick up. Arjun comes to a place which Jia texted him, he sees Jia fainted and kidnapped in a room, he tries to wake her up but Jhumki comes there and puts gas in the room, Arjun faints too. Jhumki locks them in room.

Kaki asks Chirag where are Jia and Arjun? Chirag says Arjun messaged me that they are going to watch the movie so dont worry. Jia wakes up in the den. She sees Arjun and herself tied, she tries to wake up Arjun but he doesn’t. Jia finds a glass, she tries to cut ropes tied on her hands, she cuts her hand too in the process but cuts ropes and frees herself. She comes to Arjun and opens his ties, she tries to wake him and asks how he is?

Arjun wakes up and asks how she came here? Jia says I was spying on Binni. Jhumki said they won’t spare Kaki, let’s go. Arjun breaks door, they run from there. Kaki plays music in her house. Chirag is sitting in his room. Jhumki comes to kitchen and leaks gas there.

Arjun and Jia come outside the home but the door is locked. Arjun calls Chirag but he asleep and doesn’t take call. Kaki sees diya blown off and is about to light it. Arjun is knocking on the door but music is playing in house and Kaki doesnt hear it. Arjun smells gas through kitchen window and says Jhumki did something. Arjun brings scissors and breaks door at little. He sees Kaki about to light matchstick, he runs in the house and throws water on a matchstick. Kaki asks what happened?

Arjun says gas was leaking, she goes to close it. Kaki says thank God I didn’t start matchstick. Kaki wakes up Chirag. Kaki says how did gas leak? They hear some screams. Kindred Hearts 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Arjun and others hear a scream, they all come out to see Jhumki trapped in bear trap, Arjun says I left it here to trap them. Jhumki says Binni that dont let them see my face, Binni says dont worry. Binni says to family that leave Jhumki otherwise.. she takes knife and says I will kill myself, Arjun says you tried to hurt our family so if you want to hurt yourself then do. Kaki says Binni what are you doing? this Jhumki is not good.

Arjun says our Binni is involved with her, they came here to hurt us. Binni says leave Jhumki.. she drags Jia to herself and puts knife on her neck, she asks Arjun to leave Jhumki otherwise she will kill Jia. Arjun says Jia did so much for you, she left her marriage, fought with me for you and you are doing this with her for this Jhumki? Arjun tries to call police but Binni asks him to leave Jhumki.

Binni says you people kidnapped me, took my passport, cancelled my photoshoot but most importantly you people killed my mom, Chirag says Nisha was not good, she tried to kill all of us. Binni says no these people try to trap, they trapped me when I was little too, they took me away from my mom, I was lost but Jhumki raised me up for this day, spare Jhumki.

Arjun says okay dont hurt Jia, he opens Jhumki’s bear trap. Chirag plays Nisha’s clip in which Nisha says that I killed Jhanvi and Adi for property and I can kill whole family for it, I dont care about anyone, I killed chinni and Baba for property and I will not spare anyone for it. Binni is shocked to hear it, Jia says see this is truth.

Jhumki attacks Arjun and tries to run from there, she takes knife and asks them to move away, Binni says you filled poison in my mind for years, I wont spare you, she is about to attack Jhumki but Jhumki pushes her and runs form there. Binni is about to fall on the open bear trap which has sharp edges but Jia pushes Binni away and falls on bear trap, sharp teeth edges get stuck in Jia’s stomach, Arjun shouts Jia and runs to her, Binni is stunned.

Police come there to get Jhumki. Jhumki runs from there and thinks they made Binni against me, I wont spare them. Arjun lifts Jia and brings her in house, Jia is injured, Arjun says you are hurt, he cries and asks Chirag to call doctor, Jia says Binni..

Arjun says dont even talk about Binni, Jia smiles, Arjun says I am dying and you are smiling, your blood is bleeding, Jia is in pain but says please sing for me till the doctor comes, Arjun sadly sings tum ho toh sab hasil, Jia closes her eyes.. Arjun panics and asks her to open eyes. The doctor comes there with equipment and nurse, she starts treating Jia’s wounds. Kaki and others are tensed.

Jia is in her bed, doctor gives medicines to Arjun and leaves. Jia is awake, Arjun holds her hand. Kaki says this all happened because of me, I wanted binni to come here and stay here, Jia says I know what it means to lose family, I would have brought Binni here anyway. Arjun says you are family, you are my life. Jia smiles. She sees Binni on door, Binni comes inside and sits beside Jia, she cries and says I am sorry, please forgive me, please, she cries.

Binni says I was crazy to not know what is right and wrong, I didn’t know Jhumki would do this, Jia and all got in danger because of me, I am so sorry. Arjun says stop this drama, Jia is in this condition because of you so dont do this drama here, leave from here. Binni says just forgive me and I will leave. Jia says you always were with Jhumki and you started believing that lie is truth but you repent your mistakes.

Jia says Arjun you wanted Binni to come to us and become fine, she is coming so why you are sending her away? this all happened so she comes on the right path. Arjun says how can I trust her after all that. Jia says look at her, she repents it, forgive her.

Chirag says Jia if you and Arjun didnt come on time, we could have died, she just hates us even now. binni says no, I am changed really, you tried to be my brother but I always kept you away from me, I said so much to you, please ask Arjun to forgive me. Chirag says forgive her Arjun, cant see her sad face. Binni says I didnt know mom hurt you all so much, I blamed you all for mom’s death and that Jhumki lied to me. Kaki says I understand. Binni says I lived in a mental asylum for years, no one came to meet me, I was alone and hurt.

Kaki says we tried to search for you but Nisha didn’t tell us which hospital you are in, she threw us out of the city. Binni says I know but I didn’t know all of this before, I just thought you all forgot me, didn’t even try to search for me that’s why I started hating you all, only mom used to come to meet me, she even said that you people didn’t let her meet me, mom raised me all these years but then she stopped coming too, that’s when I left asylum and went to the US to become model, then I came back here for a project, I met Jhumki then and she told me that you people killed mom, I hated you all so much, I don’t want any revenge, I just want forgiveness.

Jia says I don’t understand one thing, what is Jhumki and Nisha’s connection? how do they know each other? why Jhumki sent you here to take Nisha’s death revenge? Binni says I don’t know, I met Jhumki when I came to India, she knew my mom so I trusted her blindly and did everything she said.

Arjun says you said Jhumki raised you up. Binni says no, she asked me to say all that, she sits in Kaki’s feet and says please forgive me. Jia says I forgive you, Kaki says to me too. Chirag says she deserves a second chance, forgive her. Binni sits in Arjun’s feet and says I am sorry, please forgive me. Arjun is reluctant but forgives her.

Kindred Hearts 05 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

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