Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Nisha cries and says Adi I didn’t want to hit you, I don’t know your condition now, she cleans car’s bonnet and says Adi I didn’t want you to bring my truth out, I didn’t want anyone to know anything, I didn’t want you to save Jhanvi, she calls driver and asks him to take care for cleaning and washing.

Jhanvi is in hospital. Adi is in operation theatre. Kaki and Kaka come there, Nisha comes there too. The doctor says Adi’s condition is not well. Kaka asks Jhanvi if she was kidnapped? Who saved you? How did this happen with Adi? Jhanvi says Adi saved me, he was coming out of godown… The doctor comes there and says Adi’s condition is serious, he has lost blood. Jhanvi’s Maa comes there and takes Jhanvi to corner, Jhanvi eyes Nisha with hatred.

Maa asks Jhanvi what happened? Jhanvi tells her about what happened and says nothing should happen to Adi, she cries and hugs her. Kaki prays for Adi’s life.

Nisha sees all this and thinks what happened from me? What to do? Adi… Nisha comes in mandir at the hospital and says I wanted to end Jhanvi, why did Adi come in between? Jhanvi’s Maa comes there and says stop this drama, you didn’t even spare your husband? Nisha says shut up, your daughter is responsible for all of this.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update

Maa says what kind of woman are you? You aren’t even ashamed, how dare you try to hurt my daughter and send her to those goons? God will not spare you, you will pay for your deeds, I will file a case against you and drag you to court, Nisha says you don’t have any proof against me, don’t try to threaten me, you know what I am capable of.

Maa says Nisha you. Jhanvi comes there and says we will prove things on the right time, right now Adi’s life is most important. Jhanvi says I won’t let anyone hurt Adi’s family and if this Nisha tries to hurt them then I will stand in front of them and will protect them, she glares at Nisha, Nisha says all the best and leaves. Jhanvi prays for Adi.

Nisha thinks that Adi will tell truth about me as soon as he wakes up, I have to do something, I have to save myself.

The doctor comes out of operation theatre and says to family that he is sorry, we tried a lot but if he doesn’t wake up soon then he will sleep to coma, pray for him, he leaves. All cry and can’t control sobs. Kaka says control, I know my Adi, nothing will happen to him. All go in ICU to see Adi.

Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi stands near the door and sees injured and unconscious Adi lying on the bed, she thinks I can’t see you like this, I won’t let anyone hurt Adi or his family, if Nisha tries to then I will protect them, Jhanvi looks away from and cries.

She recalls how Adi saved her and got injured. Jhanvi thinks that I can’t see you like this, I cant. She comes in ICU and imagines herself alone in the room. She imagines sitting on Adi’s bed, she says Adi wake up, she cries and lies on his chest, she pleads him to wake up and says I can’t live without you. She imagines hugging Adi and crying.. Maa puts a hand on her shoulder and brings her out of her imagination, Jhanvi breakdowns, she hugs Maa and cries, she says I love Adi, I love him.

Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Goons that kidnapped Jhanvi are in jail. Nisha comes there. Nisha says, how dare you? how dare you do that with my husband, I will make sure you rot in jail. The policeman says calm down, I will bring water, he leaves. Nisha asks goons to take the blame and I will give you money as much as you need, goon says I will do it but send money to my house till tonight, Nisha says it will be done.

Police come to the hospital and says we have got to know Adi was not an accident but was hit by a car, we have come to get statements of you all. Nisha says I am his wife, we are mentally disturbed, this is not the time to discuss all this, come later. Jhanvi says they won’t leave, I have called them, they should also know who kidnapped me and who hit Adi. Inspector asks, if she knows who did all that? Jhanvi says Nisha. Nisha gets tensed, all look on.

Nisha says be silent Jhanvi, be silent right now, you don’t know anything, inspector she is lying. Inspector says we have to take Adi’s statement too. Nisha says he is not in condition, please leave. Inspector says no, now it’s important to know what happened in real. Adi comes there on the wheel chair, totally injured, he says I will tell.

He says only one person did all this, this all was done by Nisha.. all are stunned, Nisha says Adi you are a misunderstanding, you think I will try to kill you? Adi says that kidnapping, everything was done by Nisha. Nisha says trust me, Adi. Adi says it’s over now.

Nisha says Jhanvi planned all this because she didn’t want to give voice test, Adi says stop it, he pushes her away but falls down from wheelchair, he cries in pain, the doctor takes him away, Jhanvi gets worried for him. Inspector says we will start our investigation and soon we will return with proofs and Mrs. Nisha you can’t leave this city, he leaves. Nisha looks at Kaka but he glares at her. Nisha glares at Jhanvi in return. Kaka sadly looks at Jhanvi.

Kaki is feeding soup to Adi, all are in his room. Adi doesn’t eat. Jhanvi is outside his room and looking at him from the window. Adi says sorry to Jhanvi’s Maa for breaking her trust. Maa says don’t say this, you put your life in danger to save my daughter. The doctor comes there and says he is outside of danger, his wounds are external, he could have gone to coma but he got saved, you all will take to care for him, all nod, the doctor leaves. Kaka is in tears.

Kaki says I will bring food from home for Adi. Nisha says Kaki you go home, I will take care of Adi, you go to Chinni and Binni, I will stay here. Kaki says no, I don’t want a bad shadow on my son so you will not stay here. Kaka says Raj will stay with Adi, everyone else will go home. He leaves. Nisha reluctantly leaves too. Jhanvi, Maa and Survi are in hospital. Maa asked if she doesn’t want to meet Adi? Jhanvi nods and goes.

Jhanvi runs to Adi’s room. Raj is in his room. Jhanvi enters his room, Adi looks at her and says come inside Jhanvi. She comes near, Adi says you were making screams in ICU then you left? I am fine now. Raj says Jhanvi didn’t get the chance to meet you earlier. Adi says no, Jhanvi came to meet me. Jhanvi thinks that Adi felt my presence when he was unconscious, she recalls hugging Adi and crying and telling him she can’t live without him. Jhanvi says maybe I came, thanks for listening to met. The nurse comes and gives medicines to Raj, he goes to bring it.

Adi says to Jhanvi that you shouldn’t have cried that much, you were crying a lot when you came to meet me alone, I know what happened was a very bad time but don’t worry now, everything is finished, you are safe. Jhanvi says till you are not fine, how can I be safe? what was the need to come in front of that car? what if anything happened to you? Adi thinks that so much bad happened with her and still thinking about me, only you can do this Jhanvi. He says if you were in my place, wouldn’t you do the same? Jhanvi looks on. Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update

Adi says call plumber for tap leaking, you are crying so much, your tap is a leak, I don’t know if these are happy tears or not? Jhanvi says you rest, I will leave. Adi says please take care, you are very important to me and remember I am with you, she nods. Adi goes to sleep. Jhanvi turns to leave but Adi calls out her name, she turns and sees him saying her name in sleep, Jhanvi gets emotional and leaves.

Nisha comes to Kaka and says the inspector called me and told me that it was Jhanvi’s personal matter. Those goons who kidnapped her, one of that goon was interested in Jhanvi, Jhanvi was interested in buts she left him so he took revenge from her and Adi got involved in all that, Jhanvi is not that innocent, Jhanvi should get punished for the pain she has given us, I will make sure this matter doesn’t end like this. Kaka looks on hearing all this, Nisha asks why he is not saying anything? he shakes his head and leaves.

Kaki says to Nisha that pray what you said was true, if you did try to kidnap Jhanvi, tried to kill or rape her then you can’t even think what will happen with you, glares at her and leaves. Nisha looks on.

Kaka is in the garden. Kaka recalls flashback how he met Nisha’s goons at the jail, he gave them more money thank Nisha, he said to goons that tell me the whole truth and if you are behind all that then I will give that money to police to make your lives hell, goons got scared, flashback ends. Jhanvi comes to Kaka. Jhanvi says sorry to disturb you, I wanted to see if you are all fine, I brought Baba’s medicine. Kaka says you can meet him, Jhanvi says no I wanted to talk to you.

Jhanvi says to Kaka that you can everything in front of you, Nisha doesn’t think twice before hurting anyone so please take care of yourself and your family. Kaka says I will take care and from now on, no one will hurt my family, he says what happened with you today.. are you fine? she nods. Kaka says you have handled so many problems with such strength, I pray that God gives you more strength, he leaves. Jhanvi thinks that I will stay as a shield in front of Adi’s problems. Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi gets Raj’s call, he says Adi ate food, you gave good tip to mix pepper in his food and he would eat. Adi takes the call and says you know how to make things work, Jhanvi says you are showing your bossy attitude, Adi asks if she is fine? she says yes, take care of yourself, Adi says I will come to your Maa to apologize. Jhanvi says okay, I will take care of your family, Chinni and Binni miss you, even Jimmy too, remember you are strong… Adi says your radio started again, I am ill, Jhanvi says sorry, Adi says take care of yourself, you are so important to me, he ends the call. Jhanvi smiles.

In the morning, Adi’s family members sit in pooja with priests. Nisha comes there and thinks that seems like some pooja is going on, I should pretend to be a good daughter in law. Nisha comes to Neha and asks why so many priests have come? Neha says I don’t know. Nisha says I will take things for pooja. She brings pooja things and offers it to Kaka, he glares at her.

Jhanvi comes there with her family and asks Kaki why she called them urgently? Is everything fine? Kaki shakes her head. Raj brings Adi on wheelchair there. Kaka says my son has come, start pooja. Priests start pooja, Nisha looks on. The priest asks Raj to bring a photo of the person who is dead for them.

Raj sees photo hidden with cloth on it. Raj and Nisha bring it there. the cloth on photo catches fire from the day, Nisha blows off the fire and takes off the cloth from the photo. She is shocked to see that it’s her smiling photo, all are stunned. Nisha gets confused, she looks at Kaka in shock, Kaka stands up, he takes water pot and pours it above his head, all look on. Kaka says from today, Nisha is dead for me and my family, I am doing her Sharad(death mourning).

Nisha says, what is all this time? I am alive, stop this, I didn’t do anything. Nisha asks Kaki to say something to Kaka, I am like your daughter, is this happening because of Jhanvi? if she went for voice test then truth would have come out, I didn’t want to hit Adi… Kaka shouts shut up.. enough, now you will listen and I will speak, I brought you in this house like my daughter, I always took your side and was fair but I never thought you would bring my son to death bed for this money and power? you didn’t leave any chance to bring this family on roads, Its good that Jhanvi came in our lives otherwise this family would have been destroyed and on road because of you Nisha.

Kaka folds his hand in front of Jhanvi and says forgive me, you kept telling me the truth but I took Nisha’s side and insulted you at every chance, you were stranger but still tried to protect my family, I never listened to you, forgive me if you can, Jhanvi says no sir. Kaka says to Kaki that you kept trying to tell me the truth but I was blinded by this Nisha’s lie, forgive me if you can, Kaki shakes her head. Kaka comes to Baba and folds his hands, he says I am your criminal, Nisha hurt you, took advantage of your illness, but I couldn’t protect you, she hurt you so much, forgive me if you can.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update

Baba says this Nisha is a snake in our house, we gave her so much love as a daughter in law but she has put a void in our son. Kaka comes to Adi, he says how to apologize to you, Adi? I couldn’t be your father, Adi says don’t say that, Kaka says you bear all the pains she gave to you but when you lost and tried to take my help, I didn’t believe you, I trust this Nisha who tried to kill you yesterday, I took my son as wrong, I raised doubts on your character, on your values and upbringing, I couldn’t become your father, I lost a father but today.. I will set everything right, I will finish all the misunderstandings.

Kaka comes to Nisha. Kaka says today I know this Nisha’s truth, in last 8 years you kept trying to break Adi to separate him from family and when he didn’t listen, you tried to hurt my family, when Jhanvi tried to help you, you kidnapped her and attempted rape on her using goons? how can you stoop that low? I have seen respected women in life but you are so selfish, your respect, your worth, your power is most important to you, you are stain on womanhood, Adi won’t throw you out of his life but today I will throw this Nisha out of this house, away from this family that she won’t ever return.

Kaka says to Nisha that I never thought even dreams that there can be a woman like you, you are a shame on women’s name, I want to remove your name from every aspect of my son’s life, I throw you out Adi’s life, get lost from my house right now. Nisha grabs a burning stick, she points it at Kaka and says shut up, Neha tries to stop her but Nisha throws her away, Adi shouts Nisha… Nisha says I don’t care about anyone, this is my house, Adi is mine, I didn’t want to kill Adi yesterday, you want to mourn my death?
Do you want to finish me? today, right now, I will kill you all, Kaka glares at her.

Jhanvi tries to snatch burning stick from her, Nisha says leave. Jhanvi says I won’t let you destroy this family, Jhanvi throws Nisha away, Nisha falls near Adi’s wheelchair. Nisha says Adi say something, you know I do everything for you and Chinni-Binni, tell them, Adi? Adi? Adi glares at her. Kaka grabs Nisha’s hand and says you won’t come in this house ever again. Kindred Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kaka starts dragging her on the floor, Nisha trashes her feet and shouts Adi to stop them, Adi doesn’t look at her and let Kaka keep dragging her out of the house, Nisha says this is my house, I won’t go anywhere. Kaka throws her out of the house, Nisha sees all family members glaring at her with hatred, Nisha yells for Adi, she asks him to say something but Adi keeps looking away. Kaka closes the door of the house on her face. Nisha bangs door and cries. She gets tensed and looks on.

Nisha starts walking away from Adi’s house, she recalls Kaka’s words that she is dead for them. She recalls how Kaka dragged her and threw her out of the house. Kaka comes to the family after closing door, he sadly looks at Adi and leaves. Adi is in pain and looks down.

Nisha stands outside the house. She looks at the closed door and house with regret. She leaves from there. Kaki says to Adi that we don’t know what will happen in the future, but what you had to bear for 8 years, that had to end.

Maa and Survi go to call a taxi. Adi and Jhanvi are alone in the lounge, Jhanvi says you are thinking about Chinni and Binni right? Adi says when kids will ask where is their mother, what will I say? they are very young, what will I tell them? parents are everything for kids and if one is not present then… Jhanvi says I understand, I went through it myself. Adi says I am very tensed. More Update Later…

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