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Kindred Hearts 12 November 2019 Zee World Update

Kindred Hearts 12 November 2019 Zee World Update

Kindred Hearts 12 November 2019 Zee World – Akash says Baba I have fixed everything in US. You will be picked there. Ambika says take care. Akash says call me if you need anything am. Ambika says you are wise boy because she is in your life.

Bini hugs her aand says I will miss you ma. Arjun says I have to go out of city. Akash says I will handle everything. Arjun leaves. Jia hugs him and says I will really miss you. Storm rages on. Arjun leaves.

Bini gets a text send address and know your future. She enters the address and the app turns into grave. Bini says what rubbish. Nisha is in hospital. She says I am coming arjun and Jia. You two can’t live together.

Arjun is on his way. A old man stops his car. Another man sits in his car. He points gun at Arjun. Jia says Akash I am really worried for Arjun. He isn’t picking phone. Akash says there must be network problem. Jia sleeps.

Arjun is roped in an old building. Someone throws water on him. Its Nisha. She says I am back. Arjun is dazed. Jia wakes up and says what did I see in dream. She calls in his hotel. Bini and Akash come. Biin says Arjun is missing. He isn’t picking his phone. Nisha says can’t believe?

  • Kindred Hearts 12 November 2019 Zee World Update

Touch me and know. We meet one way or other. Now that I have found you I will take care of you. Just you and me. Arjun says I thought you will change but you never can. Nisha says i don’t give up. Arjun says you will go to jail again. She says I left them behind. I don’t want you or money, I only want revenge. Everyone close to you will go away. It will start with Jia. Jia calls in hotel and asks about Arjun. He says Arjun didn’t reach here. Jia and Bini go to police station. Akash goes to highway.

Jia says to inspector where is your inspector? We have been waiting for so long. Inspector comes. He says I am inspector Krishna Shikhawat. Jia says Arjun didn’t pick his phone he is missing. Constable says you have to wait for 24 hours. Krishna says we can start our search till then. Jia says thanks.

Akash asks people about Arjun. Jia calls and tells him that police is looking.
Akash asks people but no one has seen him. Akaaash asks tire puncture guy to fix his tyre. Akash asks him if he has seen Arjun. He says yes he came here for his tyre. He went that way. Akash comes there. He sees glass on the ground. He says it looks like a car. Nisha sees him. Kindred Hearts 12 November 2019

Arjun sees Akash. He says I am here. Nisha shuts the window. She puts hand on Arjun’s mouth, Akash looks here and there. Nisha says stay quite. I asked you not to take a word. I knew they would come here. Akash goes ahead. Nisha says do you wanna see what is jia is doing home? SHe turns on tv. Bini says Jia please eat smoething. Jia says I don’t wanna eat. I can’t find Arjun. Nisha says see this will be last night of your life. I will really miss you.

The thug comes and says you asked to kidnap him and not kill. NIsha says I just said to scare him. I wanna keep him alive. He leaves. Nisha says to someone on call when akash comes home tell him that arjun met an accident. The hoodie comes to Arjun. He hits Arjun with a rod. JIa is worried for Arjun.

Something burns in her room. Bini says are you okay? Jia says I wana go and find arjun. Bini says please relax Akash is looking for him. AKash looks everywhere. Jia and Bini come out too. Jia runs to look for him. They come in front of a car. The thugs tie fainted arjun near the lake.

Jia says to Akash did you find arjun? He says no. Jia says I wanna find him. She sits in the car. The thugs throw Arjun in the lake. Jia is crying. Akash brings her home.
Jia says police can’t do anything. Akahs says they are looking for him. Inspector comes and says I had been calling you.

Some people saw Arjun’s car on highway. Jia says he never informed us a out the new route. Inspector says we will look for more detail. Akash says let me get his bank statement.

Jia comes to temple and prays for Arjun. Jia sees Nisha. She says what are you doing here How did you get out of the jail. Nisha doesn’t answer. A man holds her hand. He is wearing bomb. He says we will all die together. Jia says what are you doing. Let me go. Nisha screams Jia.. She hits the guy and pretends that she is saving JIa. They both run. NIsha faints. JJIa tajes her to ambulance. Nisha takes off her fake bruises in the ambulance. She says now Jia will save me.

Jia says Nisha saved my life. Bini says you wont go anywhere. Doctors can take care of her you don’t have to worry about her. I hate her. She is very dangerous. Kindred Hearts 12 November 2019 Zee World Update

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