Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Tonight’s episode starts with Adi comes in Gazebo and sees Jhanvi there. Adi says to Jhanvi that what she did with Raj, I am silent after that because of kids only.. he looks at Jhanvi deep in thoughts and asks what she is thinking? Jhanvi says the solution of your problem so we can stop Nisha from doing what she is doing and your kids remain happy too, Adi looks on.


Nisha makes noise and calls everyone in lounge, she asks family where will they live now? I don’t care, did you do the packing? Adi comes there and says yes packing is done. Adi brings packed bags and says I have put your things, mine and kids things as well, we will go with kids, Nisha says what rubbish? Adi shows her file and says remember you had put allegation that Jhanvi is having an affair with me to divert family’s attention.

Adi says I made you sign papers which said that everything is in Kaka’s name, you thought I didn’t transfer but I transferred property, wealth and house to Kaka so they will remain here and we will leave. Adi recalls how Jhanvi gave him this idea, Nisha says we won’t go, I knew you would something to protect my family, its a war now, you people did grave mistake by not listening to me, she leaves, everyone looks on.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019

Adi is in the garden, he recalls how Jhanvi said that she would leave this country. Jhanvi comes there, Adi says so you would leave this city? Jhanvi says I am not going anywhere, I am not leaving this house, this family, kids and I am not leaving you.

All are sleeping at night, they hear some noise. All family members come in the lounge. Adi comes there too. Nisha is dancing seductively in the party at Adi’s house at night, people are drinking and smoking. Adi’s family looks at her dancing with her friends and have made their house like disco, she dances on Nashe Se Chadh Gayi, the family is mortified. Adi comes to her, she dances around him.

Nisha asks Adi to dance, we haven’t danced in so much time, she dances around him, Adi grabs her hands and moves her back. Adi comes to DJ and takes off music wire, Adi asks guests to leave else he will call the police, you people know its illegal to play loud music at night, get lost, one guest asks Nisha if she called them to get insulted.

Nisha says to Adi that you can’t insult my friends, if they leave then I will leave and then Chinni and Binni will be more ill and I won’t come back even if you do anything, understand? ignore everything and let me be, play music now. Nisha sees family there and says to Kaka and Kaki that this party is for you too.

She takes wine glasses and comes to them, she asks Kaka to come and have party with them, Kaka turns to leave but she holds his hand, Kaka jerks her away, Nisha says don’t be angry, I want to make your life colorful too, I know you won’t dance with Kaki around and you must be bored with Kaki’s face but my friends are generous, we will have a party with you. Kaka says you have such low thinking, Nisha says don’t react so soon, you still have to see many faces of mine.

Nisha says to Kaki that you didn’t welcome me nicely that’s why I had to throw this party, I wanted to celebrate coming home again, lets party now, Kaka glares at her, Nisha says fine, I know how to enjoy alone, there should be Shagun in every corner of the house.

Nisha sprinkles wine on Kaka, Kaki and Baba, Raj tries to stop her, Adi shouts Nisha! Kaka says Adi it’s useless, she never cared for our values but we also got to know how much she cares for her kids, we won’t spoil our sleep for a woman like her, he leaves with family. Nisha says, how many nights you can save? I plan to spoil your days too, she drinks wine and smirk. Adi is dejected to see all this.

In the morning, Nisha is sleeping on her bed. Priests come there and sprinkle pure water around her room. Nisha wakes up and asks how they can come in my room like this? what is all this? priests don’t listen to her. Nisha requests them to leave, they leave. Nisha lies on the bed to sleep.

Adi’s family starts pooja, they play bhajan. kaki asks Adi where is Jhanvi? we have done all this preparation for Jhanvi, Adi goes to call Jhanvi. Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Jhanvi checks Maa’s fever and puts a wet cloth on her forehead, Maa has a high fever. Adi calls her and asks when will she come? Jhanvi says Maa has viral, Survi is not home too so I can’t come, I can’t leave her alone, Adi says okay take care of her. Jhanvi ends the call.

Adi comes to Kaki and says Jhanvi’s mother is ill so she can’t come, Kaki says okay she should be with her mother, I will pray for her mother’s wellness. Family plays bhajan and does aarti. Nisha tries to sleep but gets irritated with the aarti noise. Nisha comes there and asks if they can stop the noise? I want to sleep, Kaki asks Neha to take kids, Neha takes kids away. Kaki says to Nisha that you tried to destroyed purity of this house last night so we have arranged cleansing pooja, Nisha says you did all this? Kaki says yes.

Kaki says to Nisha that God sends angel against every evil, there is so much difference between you and Jhanvi, you always disrespected and she always protected our honor, for our heart’s peace, she gave us this solution, Nisha says who is Jhanvi to take the decision of my house?

Adi says this Kaka and Kaki’s house and they can do anything, Nisha says my sleep was disturbed, Adi says you didnt think about their sleep last night, they can do pooja in their house, you should be ashamed of what you did last night, if you try to irritate others again then think you will have to live with us too, Baba smiles and thinks that with Jhanvi’s support, Adi is getting is confidence and will fight against Nisha.

Nisha says to Adi that I am your wife, don’t behave like this with me, Nisha says to Adi that this is our house and for God’s sake, throw these oldies outhouse, we will live here peacefully, Adi says this is not our house, we will leave this house not them, our bags are still packed, should I bring it? Nisha glares at him and leaves.

  • Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Kaki says to Adi that call Jhanvi and thank her, this pooja was important after what happened last night, Adi says I will call her, we don’t have to lose hope, we are doing right thing, we shouldn’t get affected by Nisha’s doing, we will be happy together, Baba thinks that Adi is talking Jhanvi’s language even when she is not here, Adi is so involved in her but he doesn’t realize it. Adi says to family that we are together, they nod.

Adi calls Jhanvi and asks how is he Maa? Jhanvi says she is ill, Adi says if you need any help then tell me, I am with you, your idea of bhajan worked and Nisha understood that we are not going to remain silent, Jhanvi says you are doing right, support your family, Adi says your words at soothing and give me strength, take care of Maa, Jhanvi says okay bye, she ends call.

At night, someone comes in house and handovers kerosene can to Nisha and also some box. Nisa hides and sees Adi going to the kitchen. Nisha stealthily start taking can to her room but Adi is nearby so she hides. Adi drinks water, he leaves. Nisha takes the box and can to her room.

Kaka and Kaki are sleeping in their room, Nisha comes there. She silently takes house keys from under Kaki’s pillow, she opens their cupboard, puts the box in there, she turns to leave but strikes with something, it makes noise, Kaka wakes up and sees Nisha, she shouts Nisha? Nisha runs away from there. Kaki and Kaka come to Adi and says Nisha was in our room when I tried to stop her, she run away, she is in your room I think, don’t know what she is up to now, Adi and they go to Adi’s room. Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Family comes outside Adi’s room, Adi sees door locked, Nisha is inside with kerosene can. Adi asks Nisha to open door, he bangs it but Nisha doesnt open, she pours kerosene on her saree pallu. Adi knocks on door and asks her to open it, kids come there and asks her to open it.

Nisha applies kerosene on her body too. Adi smells kerosene and shouts Nisha to open it. Kids start crying. All family members are outside, Adi asks her to open door, he says its kerosene’s smell, what is she upto? Inside room, Nisha gets message from someone, she smirks, Nisha thinks now doorbell will ring. Doorbell rings, Raj goes to check it. Adi is trying to break Nisha’s door, Nisha counts to ten then lights matchstick to burn herself alive. Nisha says now they will break door and come inside.

Nisha puts matchstick on her saree, fire burns out, Adi breaks the door and comes inside. Raj opens door and police comes inside with Nisha’s mother. Nisha shouts save me, dont kill me. Kaka and Adi doze off the fire, Nisha says to inspector that they want to kill me, Adi says what? Nisha says they bother me about dowry and they wanted to kill me tonight, all are stunned. Inspector asks, if this is true? Adi says she is lying. Inspector asks, if she has proof that they took dowry from her? Nisha says yes, they took 20lacs from my father yesterday only, please save me, all are stunned.

Adi brings inspector to Kaka’s room and says nothing like that happened, she is lying. Inspector says just give me cupboard’s key. Kaki brings it and opens the cupboard. Kaki says see there is nothing. Inspector finds box there which Nisha put earlier, inspector asks to bring it out, Kaki does and opens it and finds 20lacs inside. Nisha’s mother says this is money that Nisha’s father gave to them, they were not satisfied with this much money and wanted to kill her. Inspector calls banker and asks if he can tell who brought money of this number? he tells number on notes, banker says some Anil took it.

Nisha says Anil is my father, he took this money and gave to Kaka, they wanted 50lacs but my father couldnt give it, they want me to stay away from my kids too. Police says we have to arrest you Mr. Jindal, Kaka says Nisha is lying, inspector says you already are alleged for domestic violence, what kind of people are you to ask for dowry? Adi says she is lying, police says all proofs are against him, Baba asks Nisha why she is doing this with his family?

Inspector says even Baba was alleged to raise hand on Nisha, so many cases on one family, I didn’t expect all this from you. Inspector arrests Kaka and Kaki. Kaki looks at Nisha with hatred. Adi tries to stop them but the inspector doesn’t listen. Kindred Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Kaka and Kaki sit in a police jeep, Baba is pained seeing this. Nisha says to Baba if he wants to go with them? I can put some creative allegation on you too, Baba glares at her. Adi is broken seeing Kaka and Kaki leaving with police. Adi says to Raj lets go to the police station, Baba says I will come with you. They leave. Nisha says sorry Jindals, I already told you people who hate each other cant life together.

Nisha comes in the house, she says I had to burn my saree for these idiots, they threw me out, they insulted me many times, I told them to not try to fight me, now they have to bear the price of living with me. Nisha pours kerosene on photos of Adi’s family and burns them. Nisha says now this family will never live together, Jindal’s reign has ended, Nisha will rule now. More Update Coming Soon…




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