Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 - Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 – Zee World Series

Nisha points a gun at Arjun’s head and says you are finished. Priya is tied to chair and tries to scream. Nisha asks how will you die with bullet or bomb? Arjun says we let me explain. Nisha says you want another drama? I had doubt on you but I got to know about your antics 4 days back, you made me believe with Priya that you were Adi in last birth. Flashback shows how Arjun made them he is Adi.

Nisha says your second plot was to make me believe me that you have got Adi’s memory and I killed you in last birth, your third plot was to make me believe that I am getting you treated and its working and you forgot your memory and thought Jia killed you in last birth, your fourth plot was to fool Nisha and Jia both, sometimes on her side and sometimes on mine, your fifth plot was to cheat me and marry me because you thought if you are my husband then you will get half right when I get property.

Arjun says I.. Nisha shoots in the air, Arjun is stunned. Nisha says you know I can aim nicely too, you are not my Adi and you don’t have any memory, you are Arjun and you just cheated me, what if Jia, Baba, and Kaki knows it? Baba will die knowing your reality and then how are you going to get that property? what Kaki will feel when she knows that you kidnapped her lovely Jia. Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 – Zee World Series

I brought you from a cheap place to my palace but you don’t deserve to go to back to that cheap place but if you want to be saved from all that then you have to open that house’s doors for me again and have to bring Jia back from wherever she is, think if you want to die from a bullet or.. choice is yours. Baba is crying and says where is Jia?

Doctor checks him and says his BP is low, he can’t be in stress. Chinni says we will take care of him, doctor nods and leaves. Baba says where is Jia… Chinni asks the servant to take baba to his room, Baba leaves.  Kaki says to Chinni that so much time passed, we should complain to the police. Chinni says I am sure Jia will come back as we have thrown Nisha out of the house and she will bring her back.

Kaki says but Nisha has kidnapped her only. Chinni recalls how she heard Nisha saying that kidnapping is the best option. Arjun comes home, he sits in Kaki’s feet and says people get peace and heaven in mother’s feet and I will get it with you. Arjun says to Chinni that I am proud to be your friend. Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 – Zee World Series

Chinni says, why you are saying all this? Arjun says I will leave after meeting Baba, Kaki says what happened? Arjun says I am leaving the house. Kaki says what are you saying? think about Baba, he will get more ill. Chinni says you called me a friend, friends share everything, what are you hiding? Arjun looks down sadly and opens the door of the house, he brings Nisha in house back.

Chinni and Kaki are stunned. Chinni says this woman in this house.. Arjun says I know you dont like her but she is my wife and if she homeless then I should be ashamed, she should get punished when she is wrong. Kaki says what you mean? Arjun says I also thought Nisha kidnapped Jia but she didn’t do it.

Chinni says you got trapped in her words again? If she didn’t kidnap Jia then who did it? you? Arjun is stunned. Chinni says she is the only enemy of Jia. Nisha says I am saying truth, I didn’t kidnap Jia. Arjun says the place which cant keep my wife, I can’t live there, take care of Baba…. I am on the crossroad, I have to be with my family and my wife too but today I will fulfill my duty as a husband, we will leave..

Chinni says if you chose duty then you wouldn’t take this step, you do what you want.. Arjun and Nisha looks on. Arjun holds Nisha’s hand turns to leave. Arjun thinks that this is going wrong, if she doesnt stop us and we try to return then it would look like we are coming back for property. Arjun and Nisha starts leaving but Kaki says stop.. Chinni says Kaki.. Kaki says to Arjun that I cant lose you, think about Baba once. Arjun says your order is important but I will be able to live here when my wife lives here. Kaki says fine, Nisha kept Jia in house so I am paying her debt back today.

Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 – Zee World Series

Arjun touches her feet, he asks Nisha to go to her room, he goes to meet Baba. Kaki leaves. Chinni turns away from Nisha. Nisha smirks at her and leaves. Chinni thinks Kaki took decision emotionally but Nisha kidnapped Jia, dont know how Jia is.

Nisha comes to her room and says its good to be back. Nisha calls Sangeeta,, from Dil dhoondta hai and says you plan is working, Arjun brought me back home, Sangeeta says our plan is not working, Nisha says I will talk later, she ends call. Arjun comes and says Baba is not fine, Nisha says dont do drama infront of me, Arjun says I brought you back home, please leave Priya. Nisha says I want property too.

Arjun says but that was not the deal, Nisha says if you dont listen to me then I will tell everyone that you kidnapped Jia. Call your goons and ask them to leave Jia.. Arjun calls his goons, he says to goon that leave Jia, I will give you money, Arjun puts phone on speaker. Goon says Jia died, Arjun is stunned. Goon says Jia started fire in room, she died of suffocation. Arjun is stunned. He recalls his memories with Jia, how she confessed her love for him, how Jia cared for him. Goons have Jia with them, Jia is unconscious. Vishi is sadly sitting in his room, he says Ravi had to bear a lot, I will leave with her from this house now,only one man can help me.

Nisha laughs and says to Arjun that I am so happy, I can start new life with Jia dying, she laughs. Arjun says shut up, she died and you are celebrating? Nisha says how dare you? she died because of you, you kidnapped her, your goons made her die, she died because of your careless. Chinni comes there and says what?

Arjun and Nisha are shocked to see her. Chinni says carelessness of goons? Jia died? where is my Jia? who Jia? who goons? she asks Nisha where is Jia? Nisha says your Jia died. Chinni is stunned. Ravi comes to mandir and says Aaji is in so much pain, what wrong has she done? please bring her back. Aaji arrives at Mandir. Ravi has back to her and doesn’t see her. Aaji approaches her in tears… Aaji tries to talk to her but sees impostor Aaji pointing gun at Ravi from far. Aaji cries silently and leaves before Ravi can see her. Ravi feels someone and looks around, she thinks why I felt someone my own was here?

Inspector sees photo of fakeAaji and says I should show it Vishi. Real Aaji walks down on street, she sits down at a place. Inspector comes to Vishi and says we got a case, he gives him picture and gets a call, he leaves. Vishi is about to see the picture but gets Chirag’s call and says I am coming, he puts a picture in bag and leaves.

Aaji digs the mud on side of street and brings out papers, she says I am sorry, I am very helpless, I am sorry. Aaji starts leaving with papers. Ravi comes out of mandir and sees her, Aaji sadly looks at her and sees impostor still pointing the gun at her. Ravi asks Aaji where she is going? Aaji doesn’t answer her and tries to leave.

Ravi’s flower falls down near Aaji’s feet, Ravi gets down, Aaji puts hand on her head to bless her and cries. Impostor sees it and calls Sangeeta.

Kindred Hearts 16 September 2019 – Zee World Series

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