Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 17 September 2019 Written Update – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 17 September 2019 Written Update – Zee World Series

The episode starts when Nisha says to Chinni that Jia died, this all happened because of your greed, if you had given me the property from Baba then this wouldn’t have happened, she wouldn’t have died. Chinni and Arjun are in shock. Jia wakes up, goon asks her to wear these clothes, if you try to act smart then you will be given to two Shaikhs, not one, we have already told people that you are dead so you don’t have any choice, get ready soon and then we will put this place on fire so if your people come to find you, they know you are dead. Jia goes to change clothes.

Goons present Jia to a Shaikh, Jia is wearing a tight red gown. Shaikh looks at her with lust and asks her to come closer, Jia hesitates, goon asks her to go. Jia comes near Shaikh and says can I get a cigarette? Shaikh says I like your style, you take the whole packet and I am yours too from now on. Jia smirks at him, he pats beside him, Jia sits beside him and lights a cigarette for him.

Jia starts her seductive dance, Shaikh starts dancing with her on Mashallah, he pulls Jia closer and dances with her, Jia dances around him. Goons are enjoying too. Shaikh swoons around Jia. Jia offers drink to everyone, she makes everyone drink and dance. Jia stealthily pours powder around them, she keeps dancing and pouring explosive powder around them. Jia lights cigarette and blows air.

Kindred Hearts 17 September 2019 Written Update – Zee World Series

Shaikh and goons are busy in dancing. Jia takes wine bottle and glares at them, she sees burning cigarette and throws it on powder, fire breaks out and goons, Shaikh are surrounded by fire in seconds. Jia says you wanted to destroy my character, now you pwople will die in this fire, Shaikh is stunned.

A flashback shows Jia found firecrackers in den where she was tied, she took out explosive powder from firecrackers and kept it in a bag to use later. Flashback ends, Jia says you all will die now. She leaves from there while they are still surrounded by fire. Arjun is sadly sitting in the room.

Nisha asks what should I wear? the last rituals of Jia is happening so fast that I didnt get to buy new dress, Jia’s death is my new birth so I want to look good, you have white kurta for her last rituals? she asks Arjun why he is sad? you are behaving like you had old relation with her, you know where she is so bringing her dead body from there. Arjun says I did a big mistake. Nisha says your mistake was good for me, now I will get all this property and you will go to jail.

Arjun glares at her and grabs her hand, he says I am not Adi, you know what I can do, if I drown then I will pull you down too wifey. Door knocks, Baba comes inside. Arjun asks what happened? Baba says what is happening in this house? Chinni is constantly crying, what is happening? where is Jia? she is fine right? Arjun looks away.

Chinni is crying. Arjun brings Baba there, Nisha comes there. Arjun asks her to not cry. Chinni says yes its time to not cry but to do what I have to, I am going to police station to file report against you both, you both killed Jia right? you will get punished, Arjun you were a friend but you got involved in Nisha’s plan? Kindred Hearts 17 September 2019 Written Update… Baba asks what is happening? Chinni says they both killed Jia.. Baba is stunned and panics, he says this cant happen, Arjun makes him sit down. Chinni asks him to stay away, you took away Jia, I am going to the police, you will tell police how you killed Jia… Jia comes there and says I will tell everything.

All are shocked to see Jia alive and standing there. Chinni sees her wearing a skimpy gown. Arjun is happy to see her, he runs to her and says you are alive? Jia slaps him hard, all are stunned. Jia says what happened? are you scared to see me alive? Arjun says are you fine? Jia says the one who doesnt care about a girl’s respect, that person cant care about his family, I thought you can do small antics for money but you tried to sell me off too? Chinni says what are you saying Jia? Jia says yes.

Arjun says I was coming to save you, goons told me that you died and then I realized.. Jia says you have no heart, I was just a way for you to earn money. A flashback shows Goons telling each other that Arjun asked us to kidnap her for 15 days, how Jia heard it and recalled telling Arjun that she loves him.. how she broke down hearing that Arjun kidnapped her, cheated her, flashback ends.

Arjun says I don’t know why goons lied that you died. Jia says you lied about everything, you made goons kidnap me and they were trying to sell me off to a goon. All are stunned. Arjun says what? Baba says my Adi can never do this. Arjun tries to go to her, she says don’t touch me, you made goons kidnap me to get money then you wanted more money so you tried to sell me off to a Shaikh? I am disgusted to see your face.

Chinni asks, if they did something with her? Jia says no, only I know how I ran away from there, I never felt so helpless and weak, they sold my body to a Shaikh. Arjun says I won’t spare those jerks. Jia says its my fault that I kept trusting you. Jia cries and says thats why I am in this condition. Baba says I am ashamed today, I am sorry Jia.

Arjun says really they took you to sell you off.. he holds Jia’s hand and says please talk. Baba says don’t touch my girl, he slaps Arjun and says don’t touch her, I will get you arrested today. Jia says I am fine Baba, let’s go from there. Jia leaves with Baba. Arjun is ashamed. Chinni leaves too. Nisha smirks at Arjun and leaves. Arjun is angry and miffed. He leaves from there in anger. Ravi is cooking with wooden sticks.

Aaji says you dont know how to use this stove, call Bella, Ravi leaves. Aaji thinks Ravi not stove but your body will burn. Aaji finds explosive powder, she pours it on wooden sticks and stove. Kindred Hearts 17 September 2019. Chirag is taking file, photo falls from it, he leaves without seeing it. Chinni finds those photos, she sees it and says these are Aaji’s photos but in these clothes and dressing?

Vishi says I have to tell everything to Ravi, Aayi says Ravi is making food. Vishi thinks I will tell her about house when she is free. Chinni calls him and asks how is he? he says fine. Chinni says I found Aaji’s funny photo, he says really? she says I will send you. Chinni takes Aaji’s photo’s snapshot and sends it to Vishi.

Vishi is shocked to see Aaji in weird clothing, he is stunned. Jia is sadly sitting in her room and recalls how goons said that Arjun made her get kidnapped, she recalls how she confessed her love to him. Chinni comes there and says I don’t know to cheer you up, she says I am okay.

Chinni says I am so happy that you are back, you are so strong, you fooled all the goons and came back, I am really sorry, you always bring happiness in our lives, you did so much for us, to give us rights, you don’t have relation in this birth with us, Jia says we are a family, it was not your fault, nothing is above family, whatever happened, its all because of Arjun.

Ravi and Bella come to the stove. Aaji asks her to tell how to use stove. Bella tells Ravi. Impostor Aaji says I am hungry, can you bring food? Bella goes to bring food. Ravi starts working on the stove. Vishi sees impostor Aaji’s photo, he sees UP’s address in photo, he says Aaji never went to UP, he recalls Aaji’s weird antics, how Ravi told that they are living with impostor Aaji, he is stunned and runs from there.

Ravi is working on setting stove, she is about to start the fire on the stove. Impostor Aaji records it on her phone, Ravi starts to fire and blast happens but Vishi comes there and pulls her back before Ravi can get injured, all rush to Ravi. Vishi asks Ravi if she is fine? Impostor Aaji starts fake crying. Vishi takes Ravi from there.

Ayyi bandages Ravi’s hand and says to Aaji that I told you to not make her work on that stove, father says thank God nothing major happened. Impostor Aaji says this all happened because of me, I will take care of Ravi.

Vishi glares at her and says Ravi lets go to the doctor, Aaji says I will give her medicine, Vishi says no one asked you, Ravi says I am fine, Vishi says Ravi come with me. He takes her to the doctor. Kindred Hearts 17 September 2019 Written Update. Vishi brings Ravi to isolated place. Ravi says we are not going to doctor?

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