Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 18 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 18 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series The chit falls from Arjun’s hand. Ambika picks it and reads it. She is dazed. She says, you gave her this? You are fooling me? What is wrong with you do you have any shame? what has she given you? She threw this on your face, right? Rano says I took him there. Ambika says are you crazy he is your husband? Arjun says its not Rano’s mistake. You were right Jia isn’t ready to understand.

Jia tells Kaki ma everything. She says I am really worried. Bini is drunk. Akash says you can’t drive. She says leave me. He snatches the keys from her. She says get lost I don’t need your care. She shoves him and says I hate you. Bini drives and leaves. Arjun burns his letter.

Bini drives her car like crazy. Arjun comes in front of her car. He falls down. Bini says you thought i would crush you? You liar. You don’t trust me. You can never love me. He says I wanted to tell you everything. She says shut up and leaves. He stops her and says I can’t leave you here like this. He locks her at the back of the car. She says Akash open.. He says you left me no option. Bini faints.

Kindred Hearts 18 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Jia says I am tired. Adi doesn’t love me. Kaki ma says you have to be strong. Arjun says I am sorry ma it wasn’t Rano’s mistake. Ambika says you both hide each other’s mistakes. You both are made for each other. She gives arjun sindur and says fill her hair aand complete this incomplete marriage. Rano says but.. Ambika says don’t stop me.

She syas promise Arjun that you will never leave her. Arjun takes the Sindur. He is about to fill Rano’s hairline. Jia comes and says stop. Everyone is dazed. Jia comes in. She says I wont go from here. ambika says you can’t stay here for a second. You have no right on Arjun. Jia says you can’t tell who has right on Arjun. he loves me.

Kindred Hearts 18 October 2019 Update

Ambika syas are you here to say that? Jia says i should be given a chance that i deserve a chance. Rano says yes she does. Ambika says you keep quite. She says this is our house and you have to go out of here. My decision is final. You have no place in Arjun’s life. She takes her hand and shoves her out of gate. Jia says how can you give my love to him? You don’t deserve to be called a mother. You prefer you decision over his love. Ambika stops.

Jia says how can you take my right from me? Are you scared how you will face your God? Ambika stops. She leaves her hand. Ambika goes to temple. She says for a mother all her kids are equal. She says now you will prove what I want. I give ypu and Rano to prove yourself. whoever wins in this time will be my son’s wife. And then I will get her married to Arjun with all rituals. jia says I accept this. Ambika says for next 30 days she will live here as a guest.

Arjun says to Jia how your heart changed you were going to London? Rano is standing behind. Jia hugs him and says I was really hurt. I felt bad and then I realized it wasn’t your mistake. You were forced to do it. You did everything to make me agree. Now you will help me right? Arjun says see rano that’s how big her heart it. Jia says forget what happened. Help me and tell me everything ma likes. He says relax I will tell you. Rano leaves in anger.

Akash calls Bini and says please talk to me. She syas I want you out of my life. I was so stupid that i loved him. I wont let him play with my emotions anymore. He calls again. Bini says whats your problem?

Rano says to Ambika why did you let Jia stay here? She says I am doing all this for you so Arjun starts loving you. We have to prove him that you are the best. She will get out of his life forever. Don’t give up I am already with you. Ran says they are so happy together. Just left her in Ajrun’s room. Ambika says what is wrong with you. she goes to Arjun’s room. Kindred Hearts 18 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Police asks Akash to open his car. They stop another car and Akash runs from there. Bini is in the trunk. He comes ot her place and takes her out. Bini slept inside. Akash caresses her face. She wakes up and screams. She says what did you.. Where am I? He syas you are at your place. I dind’t kidnap you i brought you home safely.

She says they way you behaved with me I will take revenge for it. Arjun comes to his room and dances. He says Jia is here, I love you Jia. Rano comes in. She says i am glad she is here but ask her to be easy in front of mai. I will wish that she wins. Jia comes in and says you will help me win right?

Akash says bini please meet me once. SHe says I wont. He says its a request. He says please just once meet me. She says okay but just once.

Arjun says jia I don’t want anyone to come between us ever again. He rests his head in her lap. Ambika comes in. Arjun is dazed. Ambika grabs jia’s head and says do you have any shame? She shoves her out.

Bini says where to meet? Akash hears noise and cuts the call. Bini gets more angry.. Ambika drags Jia by her hair. She shoves her in the hall. Ambika says do you have any shame? Jia says shame is in your eyes. You can’t judge someone from their clothes. If someone is wearing a sari that doesn’t mean they are precious. Jia says she pointed a finger at our relationship.

Kindred Hearts 18 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Why didn’t she say a word to you? I am wrong but your son is right? Dont’ you trust him either? if a guy and girl are in one room that doesn’t mean pne thing only. You thinking is limited. Amnbika says shut up. Ambika says you don’t deserve to be in this house for a second. She says arjun wont you says a word? She is insulting your mom. Ambika says to jia get out. Arjun says you can’t ask her to leave because you gave her a chance. Ambika says for your mother you couldn’t say a word and now you are defending her?

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