Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jia is lying unconscious. Priya is pumping Jia’s heart. Jia doesn’t move. Priya says her pulse is not working. Arjun cups Jia’s face and says nothing can happen to you, you have to wake up for me, for family, he asks Priya to call an ambulance. Jia wakes a little and murmurs Adi? Arjun says I am not Adi, please forgive me… Jia faints again. Priya says I don’t think Jia will live now. Arjun is stunned and keeps pleading Jia to open her eyes.

Jia doesn’t response… Arjun looks at her and recalls his moments with Jia then Adi’s moments with Jhanvi.. he recalls Jhanvi dying in his/Adi’s arms, Nisha killing them.. he is stunned and says Jhanvi? Jhanvi? he recalls his happy moments with Jhanvi.. he shakes her and says Jhanvi, I am your Adi, I remember everything.. he screams Jhanvi… Jia doesn’t move.

Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Arjun is in shock. Doctor hooks Jia with machines in house only. Jia is still unconscious. Arjun says you have to comeback Jhanvi, I won’t let anything to you, I remember everything, I remember all our moments, Jhanvi please comeback. The doctor says we can try to save her one last time. Arjun sadly looks at Jia… The doctor gives shocks to Jia’s heart with a defibrillator and says we are giving her last shock, I hope your prayers work. Arjun prays silently.

The doctor gives her heart shock last time but Jia doesn’t wake up.. Doctor removes machines and says sorry we couldn’t save her. Arjun is stunned and pleads for her to wake up, he says Jhanvi I remember everything, I will learn to sing songs, play guitar, I will do everything. He gives her mouth to mouth breathing and pumps her heart, he says Jhanvi please wake up, he ties Kaki’s sacred thread on her arm and says you will be fine, Jhanvi please open your eyes.. he pumps her heart… Jia wakes up… doctor is shocked too. Arjun is happy to see her open her eyes and says Jhanvi? she says Adi?

Arjun hugs her and says your Adi. Chirag, Baba and Chinni comes there and are confused. Arjun gives a kiss on Jia’s head and says Jhanvi? Chinni says to Arjun that your drama for today is done, Jia needs rest, stay away. Priya says what happened today was a miracle, I think we should shift Jia to room so she can rest. Nurse puts Jia on stature and takes her to her room. Baba is shaking. Chirag says Jia is fine, you come and take rest, he takes Baba with him. Chinni says to Arjun that I took Baba to hospital and you tried to kill Jia? we were giving you property then why did you do this? I thought you are my papa’s shadow but you are not.

Arjun thinks how to tell her that I remember everything, you had to bear so much. Arjun says you grew up so much Chinni. Chinni asks him to stop his drama. Priya comes there and says Arjun saved Jia’s life today, some goons attacked Jia and Arjun saved her on right time that’s why she is alive, he saved your Jia’s life. Arjun says can I meet Jia? Chinni says I know you saved her life today but Jia had to bear so much pain because of you Arjun so it’s better if you leave, leave our lives, she leaves. Arjun grabs Priya and asks where is Nisha? I know Nisha did all this, she says I dont know.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019

Arjun says I know you are involved in Nisha’s plan, what happened in the party was Nisha’s plan too, so tell me where is Nisha otherwise I won’t spare you. Priya says I will tell you.

Arjun comes to Nisha’s hotel room and grabs her. She says you couldn’t live without me? Arjun says if you dare touch Jia again then I won’t spare you, I will clean your mess. Nisha says so much anger to protect Jia? because she is useful now? Arjun strangles her and says if you dare even look at Jia then I won’t spare you, I am not Adi, I will not spare you, you have done enough crimes.

Nisha says why you are bringing Adi in this? what proofs you have against me? Arjun says I will get proofs and give it to police and if I can’t give it to them then I will punish you myself, I couldn’t save Jhanvi in last birth but I won’t let you do anything with Jia now, he leaves. Nisha gasps for air and is stunned. Chinni and Baba are in Jia’s room. Jia wakes up. Priya brings soup for her. Chinni hugs Jia…

Jia winces in pain and says don’t hug me too tightly. Chinni says I am so happy that you are fine, I will call Kaki and tell her about your health, you eat dinner. She leaves. Priya asks her to have food and medicines, I know you don’t trust me but the doctor gave these medicines, Jia nods, Priya leaves.

Baba says to Jia that are you miffed with your Baba that I took Adi’s side? please trust my age’s experience. Jia says I just care for everyone, he is not Adi but Arjun, how to tell you? Baba makes her eat food and says sometimes we have to change perspective to see the truth when there is darkness, we think the sun is hiding but it’s giving light to another side, it’s just away from us. Jia says I know he is Arjun and not Adi.. can we talk about something else? I don’t want to see his face or hear his name. Baba is hurt hearing it, I just want him to leave our family forever. Baba thinks one day you will, believe me, you will see my Adi’s truth soon.

Baba makes her eat silently. Arjun opens the door and silently sees Baba making Jia eat, he smiles and leaves. Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

At night, Priya calls Nisha and says I gave medicines to Jia. Nisha says to Priya that Arjun is a fool that he is asking you to treat Jia, treat Jia in such a way that Jia leaves world soon. Priya says what? didn’t you hear Arjun’s threat? if Arjun knows that someone tried to hurt Jia then he won’t spare us, he is going crazy for Jia, she hears noise and ends the call. Arjun comes to Jia. Priya says Jia is safe. Arjun says thank you for saving Jia. Priya says to Arjun that I was just checking on Jia as a doctor.

Arjun says you have done enough so leave this house right now. Priya is stunned and says what happened? Arjun says I won’t lie, I don’t trust you. Priya says I saved her life. Arjun says I don’t know when Nisha will pull you to her side and nothing is more important than Jia’s life for me. Arjun says thanks to Priya for saving Jia’s life, he says please leave this house today as Jia’s life is most important and you can be on Nisha’s side anytime, he says you are a nice girl but you have chosen the wrong path, you are educated so all the best. Priya says you too, he leaves. Priya is angry.

Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019 Update: Arjun comes to Jia’s room and sees her peacefully sleeping, he smiles seeing her. He sits beside her, she wakes up. Arjun lies beside her and holds her hand, he says you look cute while sleeping. Jia says you saved my life. Arjun says I was a fool to cheat you, I didn’t know we have a relationship of births but I am yours now Jhanvi… Jia says I don’t care if its Adi or Arjun but you are mine. Arjun says I will always be with you.

Jia says as Adi or Arjun, you are mine in every birth… I love you… Arjun says I love you too… it all turns out to be Arjun’s imagination. He sadly closes door seeing Jia sleeping and leaves. Nisha says to Priya that Arjun threw you out of the house too? Priya says I thought I will stay there and keep an eye for Jia but Arjun is thinking too much these days.

Nisha says I have thought two steps ahead of Arjun this time, Priya asks what is it? Nisha says you will know soon what I am going to do.

In the morning, Chinni ties cloth on Jia’s eyes and brings her to lounge. Chirag opens her blindfold and says surprise, he shows her favorite dishes. Chinni says you were feeling low so we mad you something. Arjun silently watches her. Jia asks, who brought these flowers? Chinni says not me… Chirag says not me too.. Jia says then who? she sees Arjun and understands that he brought them, she gets angry and says I don’t take things from strangers, she leaves.

Arjun sadly looks at her. Nisha meets a hacker, hacker says your work will be done but it will need money. Nisha says if you do my work then you will get double the amount. Hacker says if you can give me some advance.. Nisha gives him some money and says you cant find about her? she shows hacker picture of Kaki and says find where she is and trace her number. Hacker starts working.

Arjun comes to Jia and asks if she is fine? she shouts at him to stay away from her. Arjun says please take medicine. Jia looks away. Arjun says Jhanvi used to avoid medicine too. Jia says, you are still pretending to be Adi? Arjun shouts I am not Arjun… I am Adi, I promise I remember everything, I have got to know everything, I see everything clearly, I recall Kaki and Baba’s upbringing, Nisha mixing poison in my life, you coming as an angel in my life, our marriage and then we dying together… Jia says, what do you think that I am a fool? I can’t be fooled every time, I loved your facade but not anymore.

Arjun says please trust me, you know when I saw you for the first time? you were saving a small puppy.. if I am not Adi then how would I know that? you used to take care of my kids and family, I remember everything, you never worried about money, you used to find happiness in small things like pav bhaji and me singing songs.. you remember how we wanted to go to Paris but couldn’t but we did our romance, I am your Adi… I promise, together we will make everything fine. Jia is stunned seeing that he remembers everything. Arjun offers her rose. Mein phir bhi tumko chahunga plays.. they are lost in the eyes of each other. Kindred Hearts 19 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Chinni comes there and says Arjun you started again? when will you stop your drama? you remember everything about Adi? she shows Adi’s diary to Jia and says Arjun read it and kept fooling us that he remembers everything and is Adi, he did all this for the property. Jia says, Adi’s diary? Chinni says he kept using us because of this diary.

Arjun says this is a half-truth, please trust me. Jia shouts to get lost,you can never be Adi, you can’t change, you are Arjun, it’s my mistake that I trusted you, I hate you, get out, she throws him out of the house and slams the door in his face. Hacker starts working for Nisha. Priya says to Nisha that I talked to Chirag and got to know that Jia has thrown Arjun out of the house.

Baba comes to Jia and asks where is Arjun? Jia says I threw him out of the house, Baba says you threw my son out? he is my Adi, he must be on roads, where will he go? Jia says he is not Adi… Baba says no. He pushes her away and leaves. Jia says I can’t believe that baba is not listening to me for that Arjun, I can’t make him listen, Kaki is not here too. Baba searches for Arjun and leaves the house. Chirag comes to Jia and says Baba is not in house, he left. Jia says what? she runs to search for him. Jia says to Chirag and Chinni that we will search for Baba separately. They start showing Baba’s picture to people on the road to search for him.
Baba is searching for Adi and is stopping cars and bike to find Adi.. people curse at him.
Chinni and Chirag are looking for Baba, Chirag calls Chinni and says I didn’t find Baba, Chinni says me too. Jia is looking around for Baba too. They are all searching for Baba.
Baba is walking on the road, he sees one person trying to break stall of gol gappa.. other man throws sour water on him but it falls on Baba…

Baba cries in pain… Jia comes there and washes his eyes, he asks if he is fine? Baba sa.ys Adi… Jia says enough, your childishness has kept us in tension, we were finding you and you are still behind that Arjun? Baba says Adi… Jia shouts enough there is no Adi, come with me. Chirag sees them and says Jia was shouting at Baba before too and now she found him and still shouting at him.

Arjun is sitting and singing ae Zindagi, he recalls his moments with Jia and smiles. He says Kaki would lit Diya so should do it too, he lights Diya. Arjun prays to Lord to keep everyone happy in the house and keep them safe from Nisha.. suddenly mandir dia blows off. Arjun frowns seeing it.

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