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Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Nisha talking to Adi but he is busy in messaging, she asks what he is doing? Adi says doing office work. Nisha asks Kaki if she got shogun from family? Kaki gets tensed and says we will do everything here, Nisha says you are like Adi’s mother so please do all rituals for me, please.

Kaki says Nisha I actually.. Nisha says, you want to know what I like? don’t worry about anything, I will go and get ready for an evening function, she leaves. Jhanvi comes there. Kaki says to her that how can I give her Sanjhara in Teej ritual? she doesn’t deserve all this and you are giving your happiness to her?

Jhanvi says your blessings are with me so don’t worry, just gives it to her, Kaki says fine, my blessings are with you,she leaves. Adi messages Jhanvi that if she doesn’t smile instantly then he will come there and kiss her in front of everyone. Jhanvi looks at him and smiles, he messages her to tell him her favorite dish, she messages fruit custard, he smiles and leaves. Jhanvi is tensed.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update

Baba and Raj are cooking in kitchen, Adi comes there and says how to make custard? Kaka asks, whose favorite dish are you making? Adi says Jhanvi likes custard so making that, Kaka says what about Nisha’s favorite? you may be making it for Jhanvi but Nisha will have right on it first, you will break Nisha’s fast today, I don’t understand how Jhanvi will bear all this, I don’t know how much she is stressed, you should send her to her home for somedays, Raj says but its her first teej. Kaka says think when she sees Adi and Nisha together, she must hurt so much, she is doing so much for us so shouldn’t we do something? we should send her away from here.

Adi says I know she is hurt but she will breakdown if I ask her to leave, this is her house and she will live here, Nisha is with me because of Jhanvi, if me and Jhanvi are together then we will handle everything, Nisha might be my legal wife but Jhanvi is my soulmate, we will handle everything together. Baba says to be with her in happiness and sadness both, make her pain lessen, Adi says I will try my best, Raj says then start making the custard.

Kaki gives gifts to Neha and blesses her for teej saying her baby will bring joy in house and Raj and her relation should be stronger. Nisha comes there and hugs Neha, she says soon Neha’s baby will bring happiness here. Kaki gives sanjhara(gifts) to Nisha too, Nisha touches her feet. Nisha says won’t you bless me that my and Adi’s relation keep getting stronger.

  • Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi feels sad seeing it, Adi comes there and holds her hand. Jhanvi sadly sees Kaki blessing Nisha. Jhanvi looks at Adi and recalls getting married to him. Kaki says my Adi’s couple remain intact and they should become more stronger, she looks at Jhanvi saying it, Jhanvi smiles knowing that Kaki indirectly blessed Jhanvi. Jhanvi gets her mother’s call and leaves.

Jhanvi comes in garden. She gets elated seeing Survi and Maa there. She hugs them, Jhanvi shows him mehndi and bangles, Maa says you are going through tough times, Jhanvi says we will pass it if Adi remains with me. Survi says she is looking so beautiful. Maa blesses her and gifts her, Jhanvi says I am sorry, I cant even call you inside on first teej, Maa says you are doing this for someone else’s happiness keeping your happiness behind, I pray that you get more and more happiness.

Maa says Sanjhara blesses you to keep your pair with Adi stronger. Survi says we should leave before Nisha sees us. Maa blesses her and they leave.

Jhanvi comes in house. Nisha comes to her and says who gave you sanjhara? were you hiding? Jhanvi says I wasnt hiding, I have some relatives, they sent it, she leaves. Nisha says to Kaki that I dont understand, husband doesnt live with her and her relatives didnt come and just sent it? Kaki says you know who is really with you in time of need only, I trust Jhanvi completely, she asks Nisha to go and get ready, Nisha looks on.

All women of Adi’s house are leaving to do teej pooja in mandir. Nisha says why are we going far? Kaki says more women come there and its bigger pooja there. Nisha says to family that I have some work so I will meet you all there directly, Jhanvi says if I should come with you? Nisha says no no, I will come there, you all leave, she leaves. Kaki says what work does she have that she didnt even take Jhanvi with her? Jhanvi says she is not totally fine thats why I suggested to go with her, Kaki says I dont think she is doing something right, Jhanvi says you shouldn’t doubt her, she is not doing anything, Kaki says I hope you are right about Nisha this time. Jhanvi says lets leave.

Today; Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019

Adi brings soup for Baba. Phone rings, Adi sees that its Nisha’s phone ringing. Baba says its Nisha’s doctor calling, why would he be calling her? Adi thinks that it means the doctor is involved in Nisha’s plan, Adi says to Baba that I knew Nisha is doing drama, why would doctor call her if she is not doing drama? Baba says it means she is playing with our emotions. Adi says I knew this woman can never become good, I have to catch her red-handed, Jhanvi feels so bad for her and doing so much for her, I have to catch her drama and for that we will play along with her drama and catch her in her own web. Baba says be careful.

Adi writes a note that Nisha if you want your problems to not increase then meet him behind the cinema in the evening. Adi says I know Nisha and that shadow has a connection and she will go to meet him and I will catch her red handed.

In mandir, Adi’s family arrive there sans Nisha. Kaki says to Jhanvi that Shiv and Parvati tied together so this teej day is important for all wives, I want you to take their blessing to be with Adi always. Jhanvi says I want to do something else too, she says me and Adi are together because of Parvati Maa so I want to make her idol with my hands,

Kaki says roots of relations should be strong always, Jhanvi says I never made idol before so what if I dont make it right? Kaki says your intentions are pure, just remember Adi’s face and then you will make perfect idol.

Jhanvi sits down and makes idol from mud, women praise her and says its no nice. Nisha comes there, kaki says where did you go? Nisha says I went to control time today, wives keep fast for husbands and ask for gifts so I have decided to ask for Adi’s time as I have first right on his time so I went to buy watch for him for our upcoming nice time, she shows watch she bought for Adi, Jhanvi says its nice, Nisha says Adi is doing so much for me today so I will give it to him when he breaks my fast, Jhanvi feels bad. One woman says there should be enjoyment and dance on teej. Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update

All women play music and start dancing. Nisha is dancing and enjoying. Jhanvi is dancing too, Manwa lage re plays. Jhanvi imagines Adi there and imagines him kissing her forehead but turns out he is not there, Nisha comes and dances with her. Nisha is enjoying when she imagines Adi there, she dances around him, he pulls her closer and waltz around with her… but it all turns out to be her dream, she blushes and dances. Kaki says you all enjoy swing now.

Nisha makes Jhanvi sit on swing and moves it back and forth, she gets dizzy and remembers some flashbacks but cant see clear image, Jhanvi ask her to move slowly, Nisha moves her swing faster in dizzy state, Jhanvi says what are you doing? Jhanvi is about to fall but Kaki stops Nisha and says what are you doing? what if anything happened to Jhanvi. Nisha feels her head spin and says sorry, Kaki says its time for the pooja, all leave. Nisha stops Jhanvi and says why I felt that I know you from before? did we meet before the hospital? Jhanvi gets tensed, Neha comes there and says its time for pooja, Jhanvi leaves without answering Nisha, Nisha looks on.

Teej pooja starts in mandir, all women are praying. Nisha says to Kaki that can I light diya first? Kaki nods. Nisha says Neha will it worry you if I light diya first? Neha says its okay, Nisha tries to light diya but matchstick keep blowing off, Kaki says leave it, you are not habituated to it, all are waiting, Jhanvi you light it, Nisha says but.. Kaki says it doesnt matter, its about heart, you want Jhanvi to get whom she loves so let her light diya first. Nisha nods and moves away.

Jhanvi lights diya first and ask other women to light their diyas using her diya, all women do it. They all do pooja, Jhanvi sees Nisha’s saree catching fire, Jhanvi screams and blows off fire from her saree, all get scared, Kaki says thank God everything is fine. They leave.

Women come in house. Raj says queens are here. Adi says we have cooked food, lets go. Adi sees Nisha leaving, he recalls writing letter anonymously to her that meet behind cinema and putting it in her room.

Nisha comes to her room and is getting ready, she doesnt see Adi’s letter on table and leaves room. Adi sees her going, he says to Baba that I am sure she read it and is going to meet that shadow, I will catch and end her drama today, Baba says be careful, Adi nods and leaves. Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Adi sees Nisha leaving in the car, Adi follows her car. Adi gets stuck in traffic and loses Nisha’s car sight. He says oh God where did she go?

Nisha comes to some isolated place, there is a swing there. Some shadow comes there, Nisha says who is it? she closes her eyes and asks who is it? its Adi, Adi comes to her and says my shadow. Nisha says it is you? Adi says were you expecting someone else?

Nisha says I am just surprised, Adi says you have given me enough surprises, what are you doing here? were you meeting someone? Nisha says why would I meet someone? Adi says I am joking, I just came to meet you, we didn’t get time in the house together, Nisha says don’t ask me questions, how did you come here?

Adi says like you stealthily came here.. I mean I thought we will get private time here, Nisha says don’t joke and tell me the truth. Adi says okay, let me tell you the truth, I came here to catch you red handed, she says what? Adi laughs and says just joking, I meant to say I wanted to make you sit on the swing and let you ride it, Nisha says at this time of night?

Adi says there is no time for romance, Nisha says I will get dizzy on swing, Adi says there will many things to make dizzy, lets go home then if you don’t want to sit on swing, Nisha says no its okay, I will sit on swing and I know you will take care of me if I get dizzy, Adi gives her a fake smile as she sits on swing. Kindred Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Nisha says I didn’t know my first Teej would be so special. Adi moves behind and keeps pushing swing, he says I will make it more special now. he starts pushing swing harshly, Nisha gets scared and says move slowly, I am scared. Adi says why are you doing this drama? At least be scared of God, Nisha says what are you saying?

Adi says I know you remember everything, you came here to meet that shadow? I know you remember everything, Nisha cries and says I don’t know what you are saying. Adi says I came here to make you confess the truth, he harshly pushes swing and says tell me you are lying, Nisha says why would I lie? I am your wife, Adi says bullshit, you have destroyed my life, I know the doctor was contacting you, confess that this is all your drama.

Nisha says Adi please I am dizzy.. Adi says you have made my life hell.. confess your drama.. he pushes swing too harshly and Nisha goes flying from it, she screams, Adi is stunned.

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