Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update

Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update

The episode starts with Adi saying to Nisha, I will be able to do what I even have thought so you stop your rubbish, he leaves. Nisha glares at him and calls somebody to make some plan.

Jhanvi finds rose and talks to herself, she says I shouldn’t stutter, I should simply tell him. Jhanvi bumps with Adi and says I wished to say something, he says yes, Jhanvi says I.. actually… I.. Adi says I even have some work, we are going to speak later, he leaves. Jhanvi says I’m a fool, I couldn’t even say it. Survi is running to prevent Jhanvi however Jhanvi leaves.

Jhanvi says to herself that I have to think of something unique to tell my message to Adi. She finds kids painting on charts, Jhanvi takes charts and starts writing her messages on them, she writes “I love you” message, “Happy Holi” message. Survi comes to stop her but Jhanvi stops Adi and goes to him. Survi stops her and says I want to talk about Adi, you don’t know.. Jhanvi says he doesn’t know that I love him, I will tell him.

Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update

Survi says Adi is married and he has two kids.. dhol starts playing and Jhanvi is unable to hear Survi, Jhanvi says I am unable to hear you, I will talk later. Jhhanvi starts leaving. Survi says what should I do about her? One guest gives Laddo to Jhanvi.

Nisha meets some goons in Holi party, she says follow me. Goons follow her, Nisha gives them money, goon says we will do your work, she says good and leaves.

Survi stops Jhanvi once more and says I’m trying to inform you something vital, I need to tell you something, calm down, Adi is married and he has 2 children, dont panic. Jhanvi starts laughing on her, she is dizzy and says i ate these laddos and they area unit so smart, why you’re looking 2 Survi? Jhanvi is intoxicated due to bhaang mixed laddos she ate. Jhanvi eats more laddos, she says where is Adi? Survi tries to stop her however Jhanvi starts dancing on Balam Pichkari, Adi smiles seeing her enjoying. Adi’s family is enjoying her dance too and smiles. Survi tries to control but Jhanvi keeps dancing. Jhanvi holds her charts, she runs to find Adi
Nisha points at her goons towards Neha.

Goon starts following Neha with their red color that they have brought in the party. Jhanvi is painting ‘I love you; on the chart, Nisha strikes with her but doesn’t see chart and leaves. Jhanvi smiles at her chart.

Nisha comes to Adi and says I am asking you gently that take divorce thing back and your family won’t be harmed but you are not listening to me today.
Survi says to Jhanvi that you have to listen to my talk now, you keep running away. Jhanvi sees goons throwing chemical mixed colors on Neha and Neha crying in pain and trying to protect herself, she is shocked.

Nisha says to Adi that you know the red color brought here has chemical in it and I don’t think it would be good for Neha and her baby, Adi looks at her stunned and disgusted. Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update

Nisha says to Adi that chemical is mixed in red color here, I think it won’t be good for Neha and her baby, Adi is shocked and goes to search for Neha but Nisha says I can stop it from happening if you take divorce thing back, Adi goes to search Neha.

Jhanvi sees goons throwing chemical mixed red color on Neha. She runs to Neha and says stop it. She stands in front of Neha and protects her, goons start throwing color on Jhanvi but Jhanvi keeps shielding Neha.

Adi comes there and punches goons, goons leave. Adi gives water to Neha and thanks Jhanvi, he takes Neha. Adi brings Neha to Raj and says you know she has allergies, take care of her, Raj takes Neha away. Adi comes to Jhanvi and thanks to her, he says what you did today, I will be always grateful for that.

Jhanvi shows placard to Adi which has “I want to say something” written on it, he says what? Jhanvi shows him ‘happy Holi’ placard, he says happy Holi to you too. Jhanvi is about to show him ‘I love you’ placard. Kaki asks Adi to come for a photo session. Jhanvi is about to turn another placard to her ‘I love you’ message but Nisha comes there and grabs Adi’s arm, she says hi my darling dear husband, kaki is calling you for the family photo, Jhanvi is shocked to see Nisha holding his arm and calling him husband.

  • Today: Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update

Nisha says to Adi that Chinni and Binni have gone to my parents home but their parents can take pictures with family right? she smiles at Adi and says shall we leave? Jhanvi is shocked to hear all that. Nisha asks Jhanvi if I can take my husband, please? She pulls Adi away from Jhanvi. Jhanvi is heartbroken seeing Adi standing with Nisha and taking pictures with his family. Placards and rose fall from Jhanvi’s hand in shock.

Someone throws the whole bucket of water on Jhanvi, people start playing with water, throwing on Jhanvi too. Jhanvi sees Nisha putting her head on Adi’s shoulder. She closes her eyes and starts leaving, Jab toote koi sapna… Jag Sona Sona laage plays. Survi sees Jhanvi’s state and gets worried.

Jhanvi comes home in her broken state, Maa sees her state and gets worried, Maa tries to talk to her but Jhanvi goes in her room and locks the door. Jhanvi starts silently weeping, she looks at Ganpati which Adi gifted her. Jhanvi comes in the washroom and recalls Nisha calling Adi as her husband, she washes her face to get out of the haze. Survi comes home and tells everything to Maa, Maa is shocked. In the washroom, Jhanvi slaps herself and shouts how could I do this? how? she cries and says how can I think about someone married? how? she breakdown in tears. Jhanvi opens the shower’s tap and gets drenched.

Adi brings Nisha in the room and shouts how could you hurt Neha? she is pregnant, she has asthma problem and you mixed chemicals in her colors? you can stoop this low for money? you are a woman and mother too then how can you do this with another girl? how can you be so negative? I don’t know how I lived this many years with you, you are evil, I can’t stay with you now, I am going to tell your truth to family now, Nisha says don’t do this melodrama.

Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update

She applies red color on her hands and says see these are same colors that were used on Neha, your wife can be hot, killer looking, gorgeous but she is not killer in real life, I didn’t do everything, I was just scaring you, Adi says I don’t trust you one bit, Nisha says I can’t give you a sample of colors that are on Neha and you can send it to lab to see if they are not natural, our problem is that you don’t understand me, I didn’t do anything today but if you keep pushing about divorce thing then I won’t stay quiet, you think you will divorce me and I will smile at you and will be grateful that wow I was waiting for when you are going to divorce me and now I will leave you alone right? that’s not going to happen, you might not understand but you are my world, Adi pushes her away, she falls on the sofa.

Adi says you stay in your world, he packs his bag and says I am going to court tomorrow to file a divorce, you start counting days before you leave this house, he leaves from the room. Nisha says Adi you are not doing right, I keep telling you to not make me angry, to not irritate me, to listen to me but you don’t, I did everything in limit today but tomorrow limits will be crossed, she looks with crazy looks in her eyes.

In the morning, Jhanvi sadly comes out of her room. Maa and Survi look at her tensed. Jhanvi comes in the kitchen, she tries to compose herself and says to Maa that you didn’t make breakfast? no problem, I will cook it, I should make says, its good for health, I will buy fruits too, she starts making a salad. Maa says enough Jhanvi, I am your mother, I can understand your pain, don’t keep it in yourself, say it. Jhanvi breakdowns, she hugs her mother and cries, she says how can I love someone who is already married? Maa says you didn’t do it deliberately, you didn’t even know it, Adi always talked about work and you didn’t get a chance to know about his personal life.

Jhanvi says he never told me about himself and I couldn’t understand that Nisha is his… I met him so many times, i even went to his house but I couldn’t think what Nisha could be to him but now I know, I know that I did the big mistake, now I am going to rectify it.

Adi meets Sameer and says I did mistake by giving so many chances to Nisha, just finalize this divorce soon. Adi gets Raj’s call, Raj says you and Nisha were so strong together then how this suddenly happened? Adi says I am doing everything after thinking, Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update. Raj says I know you are hiding something but I know you can’t do anything wrong, you must have thought everything, I just want to say that I am with you in everything, Adi says it means a lot you said it right now, he thanks him and ends call. Adi gets Nisha’s call but he cuts it.

Nisha calls Sameer, Sameer takes her call, Nisha says to Sameer that i know Adi is with you so don’t like it wont work with me, just tell him to take my call if he doesn’t want more drama in his life, she ends call.
Jhanvi comes to Maa and says i have decided to resign from office. Maa says dont take haste decision, you have worked hard in that office, Jhanvi says but i have done the bigger mistake, i will work hard in any office but i have decided to leave this job. Maa says i am with you, whatever you decide i will be with you, i trust that you wont do anything wrong, Survi says i am with you too, i know you will do the right thing, Jhanvi thanks them and leaves.

Sameer says to Adi that Nisha has something serious to say, take her call. Nisha calls Adi again. Adi takes her call this time, Nisha says hi handsome husband, i have to threaten you to take my call? i have a surprise for you. Nisha opens video call and shows him Baba locked in car, she makes him hear baba’s voice. Baba is shouting to help him, baba says please free me from here, please let me go Nisha, i will die here.

Adi is shocked to see baba scared, begging and crying, Adi shouts baba are you fine? Nisha says to Adi that what did you decide my darling husband?

Adi sees on video call that Nisha has locked baba in car, baba is crying and pleading Nisha to let him come out, he will die. Nisha asks Adi what he thinks now? Adi says have you gone mad? he is ill, Nisha says what do i do? you want to divorce because of your family? if you do it then you will lose your family. Adi says is is sick, i will take divorce back, i will not divorce just tell me where baba is.

Nisha says i am jealous of your relationship with baba, you care for him so much, i want to be clear this time so i will keep baby in the car for two hours so you won’t talk about divorce ever in life again. Adi says dont you dare, where is he? Nisha says lets play a game, remember you used to take me to the restaurant in the start of our wedding? you will find baba near there, she ends the call.

Adi takes divorce papers from Sameer and tears them, Sameer says she is just playing mind games with you, dont listen to her, Adi says i don’t care, he drives away to find baba.

Jhanvi says to God that you thought i am weak and won’t be able to handle this? give me the strength to do what i am about to do today, thank you bringing me out of my dream world. Jhanvi gets call from some client, she says you want to furnish your office? no no, my project is ending so i am free to take other projects, send me your address, i will come there, she ends call and thanks God silently for another project.

Adi is driving, Nisha calls him again. Nisha says Adi you have to find baba fast, his breathing is getting erratic and i have to go somewhere so come fast, she ends call. traffic police stops Adi, Adi says please let me go, my baba is ill, he is in hospital. Jhanvi is driving her scooty on same road too. Policeman lets Adi leave. Adi drives away and says i wont let anything to baba. Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019

Nisha calls her mother and says when i made Adi see his baba locked in car, he was so shocked, Adi is so cute, he acts he is heroine of hindi movies. he didnt take a minute to take divorce thing back. Baba is knocking door for car and pleading Nisha to open it, car’s door suddenly opens with baba jerking it and breaking its lock. Nisha has back to baba, baba stealthily runs away from there.

Nisha ends call and turns to see baba gone, Nisha says no no, why baba keep making mess for me? Adi wont believe me now, where did baba go? she goes to search for him.

Baba comes on road and sits in a bus. Adi is searching for baba on same road. Baba starts walking on road and says Adi save me. Jhanvi is searching for client’s building nearby too. Baba is near Jhanvi but they dont see each other. Adi is showing baba’s picture to people and asking for baba. Baba stands in middle of road and panics.
Adi sees baba standing there and gets happy to finally find him. Baba is standing in middle of the road, a truck is approaching him and is about to hit hi. Adi is running to save him. Jhanvi spots baba and is running to move him aside too.

Adi sees truck just about to hit him and freezes in his place. Just as truck is about to hit him, Adi looks away not able to see the scene. Adi looks towards road in horror again but sees Jhanvi having baba aside of road and had pulled him in time before truck could hit him. Adi runs to baba and says thank God. Adi makes baba sit and says i am sorry, i shouldnt have left you alone, he gives him water. Kindred Hearts 20 June 2019 Update.

Adi looks at Jhanvi and thanks her, he says you saved his life again, i cant thank you enough. Jhanvi says no need but this shouldnt have happened, he is already ill so you should take care of him, parents are like pillars of family and if they leave kids then kids are not able to come out of that pain ever, take care of him, Adi thanks her. Jhanvi looks at Adi sadly. Adi hugs baba and says i am sorry. Jhanvi thinks that Adi is so worried so i cant talk about my resignation and make him worry more, i have to wait, Jhanvi sits on her scooty and drives away.

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