Kindred Hearts 20 November 2019 Update

Kindred Hearts 20 November 2019 Update – Akash opens the parcel. Bini says who sent it? He says I don’t know. It is a fish. Akash reads the letter. It says “thanks for always being with me you are so special”. He says it must be some patient. She says wow special gift for special friend. HE says what are you trying to say? She says you know what am I saying? He says I am not interested in your guessing game. He leaves.

Bini says he got angry at me when he is cheating? Nisha says calm down and focus on observing him more. Krishna tries to sleep with the bandages. He recalls his moments with Jia. He sees her photo with arjun. Jia comes in and says you didn’t sleep? She says you never left me like this before?

Krishna swipes her tears. Jia says I love you. He nods. Jia says you should sleep. He nods. Krishna sleeps next to her. Jia looks at him. He sneaks out when she falls asleep. He looks at her. Nisha sees them and says he is being close to Jia. I have to do something.

Next morning, Krishan comes downstairs. Akash says where is Jia? He says she isn’t in room. Jia comes in with a doctor and says Arjun he is here for your dressing. Akash says I would do this. Doctor says we would dress it daily. Jia says we shouldn’t treat our patients. Jia says we will do dressing after breakfast. Lets go arjun.

Kindred Hearts 20 November 2019 Update

They take Arjun to room. Doctor opens his bandages. Jia sees his face. Bini screams.. Jia runs downstaris. akash says bini are you okay? She says my stomach really hurts. Jia says it should be food poisoning. SHe says please take me to hospital. Jia says lets go. They all rush to the hospital. Krishan takes off the bandages. Nisha says what are you doing. He says enough. I can’t help you in all this anymore.

Krishan comes to room and says I can’t lie anymore. i will leave before she comes. He packs his bag. Nisha comes in and shows him video of him making deal with her. He says you can’t blackmail me. Because you will get exposed. She says they alraedy know how evil I am but not you. I will go back jail but you will lose your job. They will shame you for life. Choice is yours. He drops his bag. Krishna says Jia is coming. Nisha says its about time Jia should be away from Arjun. Kindred Hearts 20 November 2019 Update

Bini is in hospital. She says I am much better, Krishna texts akash enough of the bandage drama. CAn’t do that anymore. Akash tells that to Jia.

Bini comes home. Nisha says how are you now? Jia says take care of yourself. You are about to get married. You have to take care of akash too. Akash says i am not a child. Arjun texts Jia that he left for dressing. Krishna comes home. jia says come have food. He says no I have to go. She says no have food first.

Jia says to Bini there is tension between you and asksh. You need to solve your issues between each other. Please share your problems with me. Everything is bigger than ego. Jia goes to bring her food. Bini says its too late to solve our issues now.

Nisha slips she sees water and gets scared. Jia says I am going to bring Arjun. Akash says i will do that don’t worry. Jia serves everyone food. Police comes in. Inspector says to Jia we found a decomposed body near Arjun’s car. Krishan says I am handling arjun’s car. He came back. Jia says yes he did. Police leaves. Jia says Arjun is back I just feel bad for the family of the person who died.

Krishan says to Nisha enough. She is such a good human I can’t do this anymore. Nisha says keep your emotions to you. I will only stop when my plan is successful.

Akash says to Jia you messaged arjun angrily. He is mad he wot come back. He says check your phone. Jia checks phone. She wrote I hate you. You have another woman in life. Jia says i never texted that. I forget what I do. This is all happening because of me. Nisha says lets take jia for shopping or movie. Akash says bini now you will make plans with this woman? Bini says you.. Bini sees a paper. Its a girls’ photo. Bini is dazed. Nisha says it must be he same girl.

Jia is upset at night. She recalls her moments with arjun. Krishna sees her and says I don’t know how to heal her pain. is this love? I love Jia. Kindred Hearts 20 November 2019 Update

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