Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 20 September 2019 Update On Zee World

Kindred Hearts 20 September 2019 Update On Zee World

The episode starts with Arjun says to the lord to keep family protected. Diya blows off. He says babblu why did you start fan? This is a bad omen. Babblu says when did you start believing in all this? Arjun says I have Adi in me now and he believes in all that, I should go and check on the family. Bablu says but Jia threw you out of the house.

Arjun says they are my family, I have to protect them. He leaves. Nisha says fantastic, my plan worked. Now I will make Baba sign on new will, Priya says new will? Nisha says yes, she asks the hacker to call them from untraceable number. Chirag says to Jia that you care for Baba but you shout at him? Jia asks him to leave otherwise she will shout at him too. Nisha’s hacker calls Jia and says I am inspector, your Kaki Shardi had an accident and she is in the city hospital. He ends the call.

Kindred Hearts 20 September 2019 Update On Zee World

Jia says to Chinni that someone called and said that Kaki had an accident, what if they were fooling us? let me call Kaki. She calls Kaki but it goes to hacker’s number. Hacker says to Priya that I have hacked Kaki’s number and her calls will come to my phone. He doesn’t take the call. Jia says Kaki is not taking the call, let’s go to the hospital, they leave.
Nisha says now I will end this game.

Nisha comes in house, she throws water at Baba and asks him to sign property papers. Baba shouts for Jia and Adi, Nisha says you will not get anyone, no one will come, you know where is Adi? he is kidnapped by me like I kidnapped you for years. Baba says no you are lying, I wont sign any property papers. He tries to leave but Nisha grabs him and says you will not sign papers? she takes knife in her hand and says if you dont sign papers then I wont spare you.. Baba struggles against Nisha…

Nisha tries to control hysteric but Baba gets stabbed in the stomach by the knife in process, Nisha is in shock as Baba falls on the floor and gets covered in blood. Nisha looks at her blood-covered hands and sits in the corner. Baba recalls how Arjun promised to never let him be separated from baba… Baba closes eyes. Nisha calls out to him, she tries to hear his heart beat and says how this happened? it shouldn’t have happened, she tries to leave but says I cant leave like this, I have to remove clues. She drags Baba.

In-car, Jia asks Chirag and Chinni if they brought money? they say no. Jia says we will need money there, you both go to the hospital, I will bring money from home and come there, she gets down from the car. Nisha makes Baba lie in bed and covers him. She starts leaving but finds Jia coming there. Nisha thinks oh God how Jia is here? blood drops fall from her hands, She hides from Jia.

Jia comes upstairs and says why Baba’s room door is opened? Chinni calls Jia and says we are coming back home, Kaki called me and told me she is fine, someone joked with us, Jia says I knew it, Chinni asks how is Baba? Jia says he is sleeping. Nisha is hiding behind pillar and smirks. Jia sees Baba lying in bed and says something is fishy. She comes to Baba’s room and asks Baba how are you feeling?

Baba doesn’t answer her, Jia shakes him and says Baba? Baba’s hand falls off the bed and is covered in blood. Jia takes off the sheet and sees him stabbed with a knife, Nisha rolls her eyes seeing Jia knows it. Jia shouts for Baba to wake up, she cries for him. Nisha wipes off blood drops from door. Jia calls the hospital and asks for an ambulance. Jia cries and tries to take out knife from Baba’s stomach. Nisha starts leaving the house, she drops a pot. Jia hears it and says who is there? she runs behind her but Nisha leaves house before Jia can see her. Arjun comes in the house. Jia runs and hugs him. Arjun asks what happened? Jia cries and says Baba..

Arjun says what happened to Baba? he runs to Baba’s room and is shocked to see Baba stabbed and covered in blood, he tries to wake Baba and pumps his heart, he pleads for him to wake up. Chinni and Chirag come there and are stunned too. Arjun hugs Baba and cries, they all cry. Baba’s last rituals are taken care off. Kaki cries seeing Baba on death bed, she says how this happened, I couldn’t even take his blessings.

  • Kindred Hearts 20 September 2019 Update On Zee World

Chinni tries to calm her. Jia says to Arjun that I wont spare the person who did it. The priest asks who will fire the body? Arjun steps up but Jia says stop Arjun.. Jia says you have cheated Baba and have hurt him only so you have no right. Kaki says Baba used to take him as his Adi, if he lits his pyre then Baba’s soul will get peace, let him do it. Arjun comes to forward, he covers Baba’s body with wood sticks.

Jia cries. Arjun takes water pot and takes rounds around Baba’s body, he recalls his moments with Baba, how Baba used to say that he feels peace when Arjun is around, he tries to take fire stick but Nisha comes there and takes fire stick. Nisha says after Jindal family leaving, I took care of Baba, there are many memories of his in that house, I have the right to to fire his body. Arjun asks her to not say the rubbish. She says Jia and Arjun doesnt have any right to stand here as per law.

Jia says the one who is Baba’s grand daughter, she has the right to do his last rituals right? Chinni will do it. Jia says I am sorry babasa. I was so worried that is why I got angry at you. I didn’t know how to tell you. The one you are hurting yourself for is not Adi. Its all my mistake. She swipes her tears. Adi comes. Kindred Hearts 20 September 2019…

Jia says what are you here for? He says do you recognize this voice of bracelet? It gave Babasa peace because its like your heartbeat. Pure. It can attract anyone to you. Like adi came to you. Jia wonders how Arjun knows it. She says where you read it? He says its not written anywhere. I remember every moment Adi and Jhanvi spent together. You can test. Jia says so much happened.

Babasa left us and you haven’t changed. Please go from here and stop lying. He says I am not lying. I know i have lied so much that you wont trust me. Read that diary its not there. she says i don’t have time. Just give me one chance. She says please go from here. He says i beg you one chance. She says I gave you so many. I won’t let you break my heart. He says stop lying. You love me and that is why you trust me. Don’t fight yourself. Say it. The song agar tum saath ho plays. Jia says it was my mistake to love and trust you. Please go from here. She shuts the door and cries.

Arjun says jia please open the door. Inspector comes to the house and asks Jia you and babsa had arguments? She says he wanted to do something that was harmful for him. It was a normal family aruguement. Inspector says you killed him. Kaki says what are you saying. She is our daughter. Chiragh says it was a normal argument.

Arjun says Jia gave him a new life. She can never do this. He says there are fingerprints of Jia on the weapon he was murdered from. Jia I took the weapon out of his stomach. Inspector says there are no other prints.

Jia says I thought he was sleeping. Jia says I can’t take his life. arjun says you are annoying us. Kindred Hearts 20 September 2019 Update On Zee World

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