Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update - Zee World

Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update – Zee World – Arjun comes in. He says whats happening? She pretends that Akash is raping her. She says Aksh please leave me. I consider you my brother. Arjun is dazed. He picks rano and beats Akash. Akash says she is lying.

Arjun says how dare you. Rano says Arjun ji please stop. Jia comes and says stop it Arjun. Akash is about to slap Arjun.. Ambika comes in and says Akash stop.

Whats happening here. And what is this girl doing here? Jia did all this for sure. You are making two brothers fight. You crossed all the limits. She says no. Arjun says no.. Rano says don’t tell mai please. Please don’t tell her. Jia was standing there. She didn’t help me. I don’t know. Arjun says Jia can never do this. Ajrun syas Jia get out of this house. When I came here you and Akash were surrounding Rano. jia says why are you lying. Ambika says get out of this house.

Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Arjun says Rano wants to break this house. She is doing all this. Ambika slaps him and says shut up. This jia did all this. she has no shame. Jia says Arjun you think I can do all this? Ambika says answer her and ask her to leave. Ambika gives Arjun sindur and says you have to decide who becomes your wife.
Arjun recalls everything Jia did in his house. He fills in Rano’s hairline. Jia is shocked.

Jia says how can you do this. You love me. Ambika says he did right for his life. you made him see your reality. Jia leaves. She is in tears.

Bini comes to a place and says ever since i am alone I come here to make myself feel better. she sees akash sitting on other bench. He is upset. Bini says what happened?? why are you crying? He says there was a fight in house. Ajrun beat me. Bini says he is your brother its okay. Akash says you are so wise sometimes. She caresses his face. Akash caresses her facce. They come close to kiss. Akash leaves.

Bini says why did he go? i really love you Akash.

Ambika gets Rano’s room ready. She says wear this bridal dress. That girl has gone awya. Everything will be good in this house. Rano says see what happens next. Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Rano gets ready is modern dress. She says I look like heroin now. She says I waited so long for this day Arjun. Everything is how I expected it to be. I will kick Jia out of your heart too. She takes out champagne and says you will only remember me. Doorbell rings. Rano says he is heere.

Arjun comes in. He goes to his room and cries. He says why did you do this Jia? I can’t believe I loved a woman like that. Rano comes to see him. Arjun is drinking. Rano comes to his room and he falls on her. Rano takes him to his room. She says in heart you helped me yourself.

Akash says to Jia we have to find a solution. Jia says he ended everything. Rano won and I loss. He doesn’t trust me then whats the point of everything. He said he can’t own me. Rano says come to room.
He says I am fine leave me. Rano says be careful. Arjun lies on sofa. She says lets go to room. If mai see you like this she will be upset.

Akash says she accused me of such ugly thing and Arjun trusted her. Jia says yes she stooped so low. She made you and arjun fight. She has no self esteem. Imagine what else can she do. Rano takes off Arjun’s coat. Jia says I lost my love forever.

Rano comes close to Arjun. Arjun thinks its Jia. She hugs him from back. Arjun holds her and hugs her. He imagines Jia. Arjun holds her hand and comes close. Arjun sees her face and steps back. Rano falls on him and they fall on the bed. She comes close to kiss him.

Arjun shoves Rano and says sorry. I can’t accept you as my wife. I made a mistake. I am sorry. I want to tell you whats in my heart. I filled your hairline in anger. I really love Jia. I can’t even imagine this about you. I am sorry. She says don’t say sorry. I should be apologizing. Please rest. We will tell mai everything on right time. He says I will sleep in hall. She says you can sleep here. I will put these cushions between us…Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

Arjun sleeps. Rano comes downstairs. She hears Akash talking to Jia. Akash sees her. He says yes Jia we should give Rano poison. Jia says what are you saying. He opens the door. Rano falls down. Akash says you accused me and came between me and my brother. He shuts the door. Rano says I have to get done with this Akash too.

Rano comes to wake Ambika up. she says I was coming to your room last night to massage your feet but Arjun.. Ambika says I am so happy for you. Rano says everything will be good now. Please look into Akash’s problem. Amabika says I can’t get him married to a girl like that. Rano says anyone would get mad after what Akash did with her. If you marry Akash to him, I will teach her what our rituals are.

Jia packs her bags. She says before Kaki ma gets ready I have to leave. No one should know about my and Akash’s plan. Rano serves arjun and Ambika breakfast. Ambika says its so good. She gives her a new bangle. Ambika says arjun are you okay? He says yes.

jia says are we doing right? Akash comes and says we have got everything ready. We can’t back out. We have to make it work out. They sit in the car and leave. Bini comes to Rano’s house. Rano says I called her here.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

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