Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jia comes to India. a man says to her don’t give up. She says that’s strange. Why would he say that? She feels like she has been there before. A thief steals Jia’s bag. Arjun is there too. He runs after that man. He gives her purse back. Jia thanks him and comes back to her car. She says to driver why didn’t you help? He says how could I?

Jhanvi calls her friend. She says how do i find about that temple? Annie says don’t worry you will find the answers. Jia says I searched online and found out that this temple has been closed for years now.

She looks online and reads about Nisha Jindal. She says the trustee of the temple is Nisha Jindal. Annie says you need to find out who is she.

Adi collides with a suited man. He offers him lotterytickets and sells him those by fooling him. His friend says he is a great man and is son of a policeman. DOn’t do this. Adi says to the man no tickets for you and runs with his friend. His friend says you should do something big. This will take you to jail. You are well studied. Do something that has money and respect. This is my uncle who works with a businessman. Meet him he might find an opportunity for you. Adi says in heart I can fool his boss with my lottery. Arjun’s friend says the real boss is a woman. Her name is nisha jindal.

Nisha says to Samar I want to share a secret with you. I really like you. Do you love me? I don’t think so. I know your love stopped the day Jhanvi died. If I knew before I wouldn’t have married you. Anyway, now that we are married everything is mine. So, cheers. She gives him wine. She says cheers to usSamar leaves.

Nisha’s phone rings. Its Jia. Nisha is dazed to hear her voice. Jia says is it Nisha Jindal? I am Jia. Nisha says can we meet? Jia says I am so happy. Nisha says why are you my fan. Jia says maybe. Actually I need a favor from you. Nisha says people call me for favors. Actually i wanted to know about the temple you own. I want to go to that temple for some research. Please for ten minutes meet me so I can explain I have some relation with that temple.

Nisha says that temple is closed. I can’t help you with it. JIa says pleaase I have to go there for my research. Please. Nisha says no.. Jia says can I meet you for 10 minutes at least so I can explain? Nisha says that temple has strong association with me as well. Okay meet me. Jia says thanks a lot.

Jia says I am sure I will get my answers there. Jia is in car. She sees Nisha in her car. she asks her driver to follow that car. In traffic nisha goes ahead. Adi is in the same traffic. Jia is in car. Arjun’s bike is next to her car. Arjun says she is the same girl whose purse I saved. Kindred Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Samar calls Nisha. He says where are you? She says I am in a car not in a helicopter. I am on way will let you know when I reach.

Jia says there is so much traffic what should I do. A beggar comes to Nisha. She gives him money. Adi is on his bike behind. She says looks like its some rich woman. samar calls Nisha again. Adi says its the same madam from banglow. Nisha says why have you stopped the car lets go. Jia is on her way as well. Arjun sees jia in the car. He says madam.. Her car leaves.

He wrote a message on a paper and a number he wanted to throw it in Nisha’s car but falls in Jia’s. He says what if she sees it. It had her picture behind. He goes after jia.

Adi comes in front on Jia’s car. She comes out. Adi looks at her face. Adi goes towards her car and takes the chit out. Jia says what are you doing. He says something fell in your car. Adi leaves. Driver tells Jia that the car has gone. Jia says why was I following that woman? I don’t even know her. I have to meet Nisha I will be late.

Kaki is in her room. She tries to stitch. Chini says let me do this. Kaki says you do everything for us. Wanted to send this shirt to factory. Chini says you have to just take care of yourself and take your meds.

Kaki says you work so much. You do everything. I should help you too. Chini says no guy is coming to see me you are praising me so much. She makes her eat the food. Kaki says it is so good. Jhanvi would have been so proud of you. Kaki says you eat too.

Jia comes to Nisha’s house. She feels like she had been there before. Jia says what is happening with me. Jia hears kids’ voices in the house. She sees flashbacks in the house. She sees flashbacks of a wedding. Jia is worried. A guy Chiragh(goldie) comes there and says who are you what are you doing here. Jia looks at him dazed. Jia says what.. The guy laughs. He claps. Butler brings juice. He gives jia juice. He says chill. Jia says I will come later. She leaves. Jia goes out. Jia calls Nisha. She says thank God you picked my phone. This is jia. Nisha says so many people call me. I can’t remember everyone. She says I am at your place. Nisha says I don’t have time right now. Jia says but you gave me appointment. Nisha says I am busy. Take another appointment. Jia says please I wanna go to that temple. Nisha says I constructing a resort there. Jia says what. Kindred Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jia sees a poster of her picture outside a tailor’s shop edited with another man. She comes in and asks the tailor how dare you use my picture. You will rot in jail. What is this? How dare you. He says that agent got me these made. I paid him. His name is arjun. He made me this poster.

Jia comes to Arjun’s house. He is in washroom. She knocks at the washroom. She says ARjun you are in there right. Come out. How dare you use my picture. He says in a woman’s voice he is not here. He is a very bad guy. Give the guard downstairs your number. She says why would I. I will call police. I will sue him and he will pay millions of pounds. He says i a man’s house we are romancing here. Please don’t disturb. She says arjun moffed my pictures. Come out right now.

He says in woman’s voice we can’t go out without clothes alone. He says in man’s voice lets go like this. She says how dare you, how can we. I know she is one of your sound chicks. Arjun says in man’s voice you got us fighting happy? She says fine do whatever you want.

Samar brings Nisha home. She is drunk. She says why you drink so much that you can’t walk slowly. She says I don’t stop you from anything. Why do you say that? He says I just care for you. She says so you mean I am careless? I can manage myself. he says you are drunk. Everything is not money for me like you. She gets a call. Its comissioner. He says your temple.. My niece wants to see it. She wants to click some pictures here. He says is her name Jia? He says yes you are right. She says okay I will get it opened. He says thank you.

Arjun sends a guy to Jia’s house. He is looking. He says I am arjun. I have kids. Please dont’ tell police. I have kids. She says I will do what I have to. I will sue you. I will send you to jail. He sits in her feet and says I am sorry. I dont’ have money. He says we didn’t have food. I had to do it. Jia says get up. She says you are not arjun. Jia is dazed. He says how do you know? She says you think I am a food? Tell that arjun to meet him or he will have to come to police station now leave. Kindred Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Arjun says to his friend why did you tell her. He says she got to know. Arjun says leave it. Arjun plays his guitar. He sings a song tere bina aye dil hai mushkil. He sees some flashbacks of his time with Jhanvi he throws the guitar away in shock. Jhanvi’s name resonates in his hate. He screams Jhanvi’s name. Bablu throws water on his face. He comes in senses. Bablu says who is jhanvi? Arjun says who? i dont know any jhanvi. Bablu says you took her name so many times. Arjun says I swear I don’t know any Jhanvi. He is dazed.

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