Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update - Zee World

Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World -Karuna welcomes everyone to munh dikhai. Bini comes. Everyone is dazed to see her. Bini touches Ambika’s foot. She says I know I am nothing related to Akash but at least we are related. So I wanted to be part of these celebrations. Ambika says welcome. Rano says why is she here? Ambika says who called her? How did she know about it. Rano says she loves Akash. Ambika says I hope nothing gets wrong. Birju gives Bini cooldrink. She says isn’t there anything else? He says no. Bini says okay go.

Rano says thank you for coming. She takes her somewhere. A woman says to Arjun why your brother got married so fast? Bini comes to Jia’s room. Jia says you here.. Bini says why so shocked? You took my love from me. I am not here to create a drama. She leaves the girl on bed and opens it. Bini gives her a wedding dress for Jia. She says you didn’t have any problem in taking my love from me then keep this too.

Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Jia says I can’t wear it. Bini says you should. You took everything from me. But now he is yours so I don’t care. Take care of him. Bini comes to a corner and cries. rano comes and says I know you are upset. I know how it feels when someone takes your love. she tried taking Arjun from me. I know how you feel. You and Akash made such a good couple.

Bini sees Akash . He takes her to aside. he says why are you here? She says I came to meet. He says don’t ruin this function. Rano comes to Jia and and says get ready. Jia wears Bini’s dress. Arjun looks at Jia. She sits down. Ambika says we will start munh dikhai. She gives her gift to Jia and sees her face. All women see Jia’s face.

Jia touches everyone’s feet. Rano smirks. Jia’s bows down and her blouse hook breaks. A woman steps on her pallu and her duppata falls. Her blouse gets open. Everyone is shocked. Jia is in tears. She picks her dupatta and covers herself. Arjun looks down. A woman says this girl has no shame. she showed everything. We are ashamed we came to see a girl like her. She is from London. She might have shown body there. Her parents didn’t teach her anything. Ambika says enough you all.

Don’t you have any shame? You are all women too. She gives her a safety pin to Jia. She ties her blouse. Ambika says no one will say a word. No matter where she is from. No girl would ever want this. This is just an accident. What’s wrong with all of you. Can’t you see how worried she is? I am not ashamed of her. I am ashamed of you all. You all should have empowered her. She asks them all to leave. Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Ambika says to jia i asked you to be careful. You can’t do anything right. you don’t deserve to be the wife of my son. Bini smirks. Akash looks at her. Ambika says why are you wearing Bini’s dress. She says to Rano you asked me to arrange all this and took responsibility of everything. Rano says I am sorry. Ambika says there is a punishment for you too. Akash says its not Rano’s mistake. He says to bring you did all this right. You gave your dress to Jia to do all this.

Akash says this was all your game. Bini says shut up. I didn’t do anything. Have some manners. He says you better not talk about manners. Akash says you did all this. He shoves her. Jia says why would bini do this. He says we can all see this. she should be punished. Bini yes I did this. you can marry whenever you want and leave me. I can’t even do this? She grasps his collar.

Jia says bini please. Bini says you ruined my life. You took your love from me. You took everything from. I only loved one man in life and you took him. Why.. I hate you. Akash says shut up Bini. Go from here. Don’t ever show me your face again…Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Bini says I have you, Jia. Akash says before I forget you are a girl get out. Bini says I don’t want to see your face and nor of this disgusting woman. Akash says you don’t deserve to be loved. You are my mistake. Go from here. Bini leaves. Ambika says you did well by kicking her out. She did so wrong. Thank God she didn’t marry you. At least Jia is a lot better than her. She goes to her room.

Jia recalls everything. She is crying. Arjun comes to her room. He sees Rano. Akash says to Rano at least you didn’t do what happened today. Rano leaves.

Arjun comes to Jia. She is crying and sobbing. Arjun gives her tissues. jia is dazed to see him. Rano sees them. Arjun sits with her. He says you handled everything right. I am proud of you. you saved the dignity of this house. She says thank you. he says Rano should have checked your dress first.

Rano comes to Ambika and says I can’t sleep after what happened. You were so right. Jia is a lot better than Bini. Ambika says go and rest. Rano says Jia is so upset. She is new to this house. I thought if you can go and talk to once she would feel better. Ambika says don’t get worried. She is brave. She can handle it own her own.

Akash gives Jia coffee. she says I am worried for you. After what happened she felt so bad. Rano did all this. Akash says she accepted she did all this. She is so hateful. Jia says I know her. She isn’t that evil. rano did this. Akash says Bini was a part of it.
Rano says to Jia what are you looking for? Your dignity? Jia says shut up. She shoves her and throttles her. Arjun comes and says Jia what are you doing. He comes and slaps her. Rano says Arjun.. what did you do. Akash says shut up you are doing all this, you devil person. I am ashamed you are part of my family. Arjun says I am sorry.

Arjun comes to the room. Rano says please calm down. He says leave me alone. Rano says has Akash started loving Jia for real? He cared for her. Akash gives Jia water. Akash says she has no shame. soon ma will realize how good you are. Ambika calls everyone downstairs. Ambika says I haven’t still owned you. I am just standing you with the truth. I am standing with a woman’s dignity and nothing more than that. You have to punish Arjun for slapping you…Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Arjun comes to Rano and says what happened? She says nothing. He says please keep these files in a safe place. Ambika says to Jia give Arjun punishment. she is silent. Ambika is silent. She says you have to give him punishment at any cost.
Jia recalls him slapping her. Jia is about to slap him her hand stops. Jia caresses his face and kisses his cheek. Rano says do you have any shame? She says I am his bhabhi. Arjun smiles.

Jia says thank God ma wasn’t there. rano was so upset. She goes to Ambika. Jis gets oil ready. Rano stops her. She says you can’t win her heart with all this. Jia says everyone is not like you. Rano rushes to Ambika’s room. She massages her feet. Jia comes and says sorry I just came to see how you are.

Jia comes downstairs. Akash hugs her. He says Arjun is coming. Jia says where are we going for dinner? He says wherever you want? Jia pretends like she has a sprain. Arjun says let me bring first aid. arjun says are you okay? He holds her hand. Rano sees this. She falls from the stairs intentionally. Arjun rushes towards her/ she screams. Arjun picks her and takes to room. Jia slips and Aksh holds her. Arjun takes Rano to her room.

She says it really hurts. She pulls her skirt up. Akash gives Jia coconut water. She says Lets have it. Arjun looks at them. Rano says where is Arjun? Arjun is angry to see them together. Rano comes to her room and takes out Arjun’s files. She opens and sees them. Arjun stands in tears at night. He recalls his moments with Jia. Rano is angry. She says I have to kill Jia. Kindred Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

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