Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 27 July Update: Today’s episode starts with Adi calling Jhanvi at night and says he want to meet her right now, Jhanvi says it is not needed. It was my mistake, I had high hopes but I have my answers now, forget if you met any Jhanvi and I won’t interfere in your life too, Adi says I have to meet you now.

Jhanvi, please… Jhanvi doesnt answer him, Adi says fine if you are not coming here then I am coming to your home right now, we will meet in half an hour in old clock garden. Jhanvi says okay. she ends the call. Maa puts a hand on her shoulder to show her support. Adi smiles and leaves. Nisha has heard his call conversation with Jhanvi.

Adi is in the garden and waiting for Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes there dressed in a nice dress. She says, Aditya? Adi opens his eyes and smiles at her, Adi says you must be thinking why I called you here, look at that clock, people say this clock gives peace if you close eyes in front of it, he closes his eyes, Jhanvi close hers, Adi looks at her and is mesmerized by her. Adi says there was a time when I used to be irritated you but then we became friends, your friends have taught me to live, I feel incomplete without you, I am scared to let you go, Jhanvi says all this.

Adi says please let me say, you were always with me, I remember how you cried on my chest when I was in ICU, no one loved me that much, that moment touched me, I know this is all filmy but sometimes feelings are too strong, heart always wins over mind, I insulted you,scolded you but you never stopped loving me, you loved me unconditionally, I know you wanted to hear something on my birthday but I was in a situation where I had to push you away from me, I am sorry.

Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

When you told your heart thing in front of everyone today, I didn’t know what to do, I am sorry I couldn’t say anything.. you said your heart’s thing but didn’t listen to mine, he holds her hands in his and says I Love You, I love you, Miss. Agarwal, I love you so much, I just want you from this moment, I love you… I love you…

Jhanvi is in tears and says I love you too, she hugs him, Janam Janam plays, they both feel peace in each other’s arms. Adi pulls away and says I want to say something else, Nisha is not in my life anymore but my kids are important to me, they won’t their mother’s place to anyone, you have to take place in their lives, you are young and intelligent and you could get any guy of you to age so think once again. Jhanvi says you think I am intelligent? yes I thought all this before, I loved you before knowing that you are married, when I got to know it, I tried to go away from you but I couldn’t, I never dreamed of getting your love thinking that it would be too much, its enough for me that you love me too, if you are with me then I am ready to fight any problem because I have loved without any condition or demand, I just loved. Adi hugs her tightly and smiles. Nisha sees all this hiding behind bushes, she is in angry tears seeing them hug. Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi comes home. Jhanvi says to Survi and Maa that then he made me sit and made me eat pasta, Survi says tell more details, Maa says let her talk, Jhanvi says then.. she smiles recalling flashback.. they are in the garden, Adi makes her eat with his hands, she makes him eat too and they smile at each other, Adi wipes her lips.. flashback ends. Survi says this is a perfect love story, Adi, you and kids. did Adi sing for you? he is like a romantic hero.

Jhanvi recalls flashback of how Adi took her and slow danced with her, Tere sang Yara plays in the background. Adi caresses her faces and gives a gentle kiss on her cheek, she blushes and hides her face in his neck… Flashback ends. Door knocks, Maa opens it, Nisha comes inside. Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says did I bring you out your dreamworld? sorry about that, Jhanvi says thank you because I have this important day in the life because of you. Nisha says I have brought something for you. She shows her pregnancy report which is positive, Jhanvi is stunned. Maa takes it from her and is shocked to read it.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 27 July Update

Nisha says that’s right, I am pregnant and going to be mother, Adi and I are expecting again, Maa says this is your new trick, leave, Nisha says I know I should rest, but Jhanvi is involved in our matters so I thought to tell her, fact is that pregnancy report is here, you remember our anniversary, Adi was drunk and that’s when it happened.

Maa says Adi can never do this with my daughter, I will talk to him, Nisha says Adi will deny, Jhanvi confessed her love, Adi has a wife and loves both, but Jhanvi I am ready for the DNA test, let me know, she leaves with pregnancy report, Jhanvi is in tears.

In the morning, Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house and shouts to come out. Adi comes there, Jhanvi says can you be happy after cheating me? Adi says what cheating? Jhanvi says you are kind of rich brat who goes out when they have a wife. Adi sees Jhanvi seeing and murmurs Jhanvi to shout more. Jhanvi says you confessed your love to me when you still have a relationship with your wife? I am not a weak girl, you don’t deserve me or Nisha, I don’t know if she was wrong or you did all this to trap me, Adi says what’s the matter? Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says Nisha told me about her pregnancy, you have cheated me and her both, I don’t want to see your face again, I hate you, she hints at him if acting was fine? she nods and leaves. Nisha and Kaka see all this and smirks thinking they succeeded. Adi recalls flashback Adi coming to Jhanvi’s house, he says I knew Nisha would try to separate us that’s why when she talked to the doctor, I knew she would try something cheap, you trust me, right? Jhanvi says I trust you more than myself, Flashback ends.

Adi thinks that Nisha you can’t separate me and Jhanvi, I know you are planning something but I will bring your truth out, just wait and watch.

Nisha meets Kaka and says I am happy that Jhanvi has gone away from Adi, thank you so much. Kaka says don’t be so happy, what if Adi gets treatment for Asha? she will tell our truth then.

Baba calls Adi and asks what are doctors saying? Adi says the doctor said she will become fine with treatment, Baba says then she will also remember who kept her away from us for years and who this with her, Adi says you bring Asha here, Baba says I am coming, he ends the call.

Kaka says to Nisha that I have to do what I didn’t want to, Kaki has to die, it should look like accident, Baba and Asha cant be happy together, it shouldn’t happen, I didn’t want to Asha to die, I wanted to keep her alive and she would see pain of being away from her family, from her own.

  • Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Nisha says, why you did all this? Kaka says I had one daughter Mahi, she was three years old. There was a function. Asha and Sharda took her to market but Asha left her hand and Mahi went missing, we never got Mahi back after that. Sharda was in pain but she started seeing Adi as her son and forgot Mahi but I didn’t, I promised myself to let Asha know the pain of being away from her own son, being in pain for life that you are alive but away from family.

Kaka says I arranged accident and all thought Asha died in that accident, Baba was half-mad in losing her, I kept Asha in my abduction and she was in senses, she used to cry and I used to remind her what pain is to be separated from my family, I kept that for 7 years then I gave her injections which I am giving to Baba. Nisha says if all was according to your plan then why did you start giving injections to Baba, all are doubting now.

Kaka says the reason is Jhanvi, she brought happiness back in his life and she used to check his medicine so I couldn’t give me injections that’s why I changed my plan and started giving him injection at night as a mysterious person. Kaka calls someone and says I am sending details os someone, you have to kidnap that person too. He says to Nisha lets go, we have prepared to do, Nisha is stunned and looks on. Kaka leaves. Nisha is scared.

Baba makes Asha sit in the car, he goes to bring her prescription and leaves Asha with the driver. Nisha comes there and says I don’t have another option, I have to help Kaka. She comes to driver and says you take Maa to doctor, the driver says let Baba come, Nisha says Adi talked to him, he will come with Adi, you take her. The driver leaves with Asha. Nisha sits another car and follows their car.

Adi calls Jhanvi and says everything is happening as per plan. I have put the tracker in Asha Maa’s bag, I am sure Nisha would follow her. Jhanvi says I just want to catch Nisha red-handed. Adi says we have to find out who this mysterious shadow is. Adi says to be careful, Jhanvi says I will be, just keep sharing tracker’s location. she ends the call, she puts on Bluetooth headset and starts her Scooty. Kindred Hearts 27 July Update

Asha is in one car. Nisha is following her in other car and Jhanvi is following them on her Scooty, she calls Adi and says Nisha is following Maa’s car, Adi says to be careful, Jhanvi says I will keep Maa protected and I have talked to the driver too, Adi says to keep a distance from Nisha’s car. They all stop at a signal, signal opens, Asha and Nisha’s car leaves, Jhanvi tries to start her Scooty but it doesn’t. Jhanvi is on a call with Adi and says my Scooty is not starting, she tries and her Scooty starts again. She follows them. Some goons stop Asha’s car.

They make driver unconscious, Nisha comes to her car and says to Asha that come with me, she leaves her bag in her car and takes her away. Adi is looking at tracker on his phone, Asha’s tracker stops working as Nisha takes her away. Adi calls driver but he is not picking up. Adi is on with Jhanvi and asks if she is seeing their cars? Jhanvi says no I have lost them, I cant see their cars, Adi says what if Nisha took Maa? he drives away.

Adi comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I am sorry, they took Maa away. Adi says to leave it, the tracker was last in this area, lets search Maa. Adi and Jhanvi start searching area. Adi and Jhanvi come in a godown, they hide and are shocked to see Kaka and Nisha there. Asha is tied to chair there. Kaka smirks at Nisha. Adi and Jhanvi see this hiding behind boxes. Jhanvi says Kaka? Kaka hears them. Kaka says Nisha its good that I got to know about your truth and followed you till here, don’t know what you would have done with Asha. Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Adi comes there and says I have already called the police here. Nisha says Kaka is lying, it was all Kaka’s plan, Adi I told you that you wouldn’t bear the truth, that shadow who used to torture Baba is Kaka only. Kaka slaps her hard, Nisha is stunned. Kaka says stop your bullshit, we can’t expect anything good from you, you used Jhanvi and blamed her for days and now you are blaming me? Inspector comes there, Kaka says arrest her, she kept Asha in abduction for years. Nisha says one minute, Asha lost way and I was just trying to bring her home, Adi says stop your rubbish I have proof against you.

Jhanvi says there was tracker in Asha’s purse and when you took her from her car, tracker recorded you taking her away. Kaka is stunned, Nisha says Kaka? Kaka says thank God I reached here on time otherwise don’t know what this Nisha would do with Asha sister in law, inspector tries to arrest Nisha but Nisha grabs dagger, she says move away, no one should come close to me. Jhanvi tries to take the dagger from her, Adi comes to Nisha, he snatches dagger from Nisha and gives her to police, Nisha says you don’t know truth Adi, Kaka.. inspector takes her away, Adi looks at Kaka suspiciously.

  • Zee World Update: Kindred Hearts 27 July

Adi and Jhanvi bring Asha back home. Kaki says to Adi that thank God Nisha’s problem is solved and you are free from her mess but how did you both reach Nisha? what if anything happened? Adi says I won’t let anything happen to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I won’t let anything happen to Adi, they both turn and share eyelock. Adi says Nisha is in police custody and now she has to tell truth, now we just have to know who this mystery shadow is and who is helping Nisha… Jhanvi looks at Kaka and says Kaka.. all are shocked that Jhanvi is saying Kaka is helping Nisha. Kaka says what? Jhanvi says I mean to say Kaka reached there first, did you see anyone with Nisha? Kaka says no otherwise I would have told, Adi says don’t worry, Nisha is in police custody and she will have to tell.

Kaki says thank God we are free from Nisha, family leaves. Jhanvi says um… I will leave, he says okay, she turns to leave but he says one minute.. actually. Kaki, Raj, Baba, and Neha hide and listen. Adi says do you have to leave? Jhanvi asks if you have any work? Adi says no. Kaki whispers to Baba that Adi might love Jhanvi, Baba says yes I am happy. Jhanvi turns to leave but Adi stops her and says actually… you and me… I mean.. we.. if.. she asks what? Adi nervously laughs. Kaki says Adi say it, don’t make her wait. Jhanvi blushes seeing family there.

Kindred Hearts 27 July Update On Zee World Series

Adi asks Jhanvi to stay for dinner, all are disappointed. Jhanvi says no I am not hungry, Adi asks why? you didn’t eat anything so please stay, Jhanvi says no I should leave, Adi says I will see you off, they leave, all laugh. Jhanvi says bye to Adi and leaves. Baba comes to him and says you love her so much? Kaka comes there too. Baba says we can talk with her mother to bring her here permanently. Kaka says yes Adi is happy, Jhanvi is a good girl, I should have known Nisha’s true face before, Adi says don’t blame yourself, I trust you more than myself, why would you want bad for me? Kaka says then we should talk to Jhanvi’s mother about marriage proposal for you.

Adi says not now, I haven’t divorced Nisha till now, I am going to the police station to give an offer to Nisha, when this is solved then you can do what you want. Kaka thinks Adi cant meet Nisha alone, she can say anything against me, Kaka says I will go with you, Adi says okay let’s go.

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