Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019 Zee World Update

Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019 Zee World Update

Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019 Zee World Update

The Update starts with doctor talking to Adi and family saying that it was an accident and Nisha is alive because of Jhanvi, he leaves. Adi says to Jhanvi that she tried to take your life twice and you saved her. Adi comes home with Jhanvi, they come to Baba. Adi asks Baba to come up, Baba asks what decision she took? he asks Jhanvi if she will marry Adi and become daughter in law of this house? Jhanvi looks on and is in tears, she runs away from there, Jhanvi’s Maa looks on. Adi goes behind her, Kaka is miffed.

Jhanvi is sitting in mandir at Adi’s house. Adi comes to her and says I won’t pressurize you, there was no fault in whatever happened and I will leave everything up to you now. Jhanvi thinks God give me a hint, any sign. She bows down and puts her forehead on mandir’s floor, sindoor gets smeared on her forehead, she touches her forehead and sees sindoor applied there. She turns to Adi and says I know your family is important for you and I won’t disappoint them, yes I am ready for the wedding, Adi lovingly smiles at her. Kaka sees this and is angry. Adi says then let’s go and tell this happy news to Baba.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019

Adi and Jhanvi come to the family, Jhanvi says I am ready for the wedding. Baba gets elated and says the wedding will happen tomorrow. Maa says to Kaka that start rituals, we have less time. Adi asks Kaki to bring food for Baba. Adi says to Jhanvi that let’s tell the news to kids too, they leave. Baba cries in happiness. Kaka thinks that Adi your happiness is short-lived as Jhanvi is going to die with Nisha.

Kids scare Kaki and promote Zee Tv’s new show. They say we will watch it with Adi and Jhanvi together. Survi starts the decoration of the house. Jhanvi is getting ready for her function but is still in thoughts. Maa calls Kaki, Kaki says Jhanvi must be happy, Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019 Maa says you are right but Jhanvi hasn’t forgotten what happened, she is still in thoughts even when she is living memorable moments for her life, Kaki says I understand but don’t worry, she ends the call. Kaki calls Raj and Neha, she says Jhanvi has done a lot for us and now we have to make her happy, Raj says we will do anything for her. Kaki tells them some plan which is muted.

Survi comes to Jhanvi and says some woman has come and is saying weird things. Jhanvi comes in lounge and sees a woman in veil, she asks yes? its Adi in the veil. Adi talks in girly tone and says don’t marry Aditya Jindal.

Jhanvi says what are you saying? who sent you? Adi in girly tone says that Adi came to our village two months back and he liked a girl. Jhanvi says Survi you remember, Karan? I should marry Karan. Adi gets jealous and takes off his veil, he says who is Karan? you are going to marry me only. Jhanvi says you are looking good in a veil. Raj and Neha come there, Neha says we were not having fun at home so we thought to come here, Adi says I will go and change, Jhanvi smiles seeing him in saree.

Baba says to Kaki that Adi and Jhanvi will get happiness after so much time, I cant wait for Jhanvi to come in Adi’s life as his bride and bring happiness back in his life. Kaki nods and asks about Asha, Baba says she is not feeling well today. Kaka comes there, he glares at Baba. All leave. Kaka brings out the chemical bottle and mixes it in Haldi bowl, he thinks that Jhanvi will apply this Haldi and I have mixed poison in it, Jhanvi’s life will be gone with this poison and as soon as it starts working, Jhanvi will leave this world.

Haldi function starts. Kaki, Maa, Survi, Raj and Neha dances on Kala Chashma. Adi and Jhanvi enjoy their dance. They bring Jhanvi, Jhanvi wears black glasses and starts dancing too. Survi hugs her. Everyone hugs Jhanvi. Adi smiles seeing Jhanvi dancing and laughing.

Kaki brings Haldi to Jhanvi’s house, she gives it to her maa without knowing that there is poison in it. Maa mixes it in her Haldi bowl. She brings that bowl to Adi and Jhanvi, she is about to apply it when Kaki says stop, this is the first ritual of a wedding and I want kids to take Ganesh’s blessing first for a peaceful life, Maa says you are right. She takes Adi and Jhanvi to mandir.

Kaka is at his home and says they must have applied Haldi till now then why didn’t I get a call of anyone?

Maa and all family members come in mandir with Adi and Jhanvi, they go aarti together. Maa lights Diya in mandir and takes Haldi bowl in which Kaka mixed poison, bowl slips from hands and Haldi falls down on the floor, Maa gets tensed and says this is a bad omen? Kaki says don’t worry, there must be some good behind it, it fell down in mandir so it must be God’s wish, you must have Haldi in your house, right? bring it, I will touch it and bless it, Maa says okay, she goes to bring it

Kaka call Kaki and says Jhanvi must be happy? she says very, he asks if they applied Haldi? Kaki says not the one which we brought, I had to apply Haldi of her house. Kaka ends the call and thinks that it can’t be happening. Nisha and Jhanvi are joined to one person and if I cut that thread then everything will be in my control, Adi your time in this world has finished. Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019 Zee World Update 

Jhanvi comes out from a bath. Aditya asks that glow is from Haldi or because of his love. She smiles. He then asks how she feels.. she is soon going to be his wife. She says it’s like a dream. She never thought it was possible. He promises he will give her all happiness. She says if she thinks now, then she thinks they were destined to be together. Flashbacks come how they met and fell in love. He says he used to think there was no hope in his life before she came into his life. After she came, he felt life is still left. She’s his best friend and he can share everything with her. In fact, she understands everything before he even says. But he feels that her life has become tough after he came into her life. He promises he will change everything and will keep her happy. She deserves the best.

Jhanvi gets lost in thoughts. He asks whether she’s okay. She asks him to go and see Nisha. Something doesn’t feel right. He says she’s fine. She’s taken care of. She insists. He says ok he will go. He leaves. Kaku calls Raj asking about Aditya. Raj says Aditya went to the hospital to see Nisha. Kaku gets some evil ideas.

Aditya comes to Nisha’s room. He asks the nurse whether Nisha is fine. Nurse says her condition is still the same. A hospital staff comes and tells Aditya that doctor is calling him. He comes to a room and it’s dark. Someone grabs him and he is given an injection with the help of the staff member.

It was Kaku. He tells the nurse he will take care of now. They put bandaid all over Aditya’s face and tries to take him out of the hospital. Kaku dresses up as a doctor. A staff member is called by another doctor and he leaves Aditya on a stretcher in the lobby. Baba comes and sits there. Kaku sees him and goes to change his clothes. He then comes to Baba. Baba says he came to see Nisha. Kaku takes him inside. A staff member comes back and takes Aditya somewhere.

Jhanvi wakes up in the middle of the night and screams “Aditya”. Her mother comes there. Jhanvi says Aditya is not fine. She has to go. Her mother tries stopping her. Jhanvi calls Aditya but he doesn’t pick up. She goes to his home and asks where is Aditya. Everyone comes out. A family member says he must be in his room. Jhanvi goes to his room. He is not there. She asks he didn’t come back from the hospital. Raj calls the hospital, Aditya’s friends. Jhanvi leaves to go to the hospital.

Jhanvi comes to the hospital and asks everyone whether they seen Aditya. Everyone says no. In end, one nurse says he came today, but she didn’t talk to him about anything. Jhanvi asks the security guard for CCTV. He says no. Jhanvi requests him a lot and he agrees in end.

Everyone is worried at Aditya’s home. Baba says they should call the police. Kaku says there is no need to call the police. Aditya must have gone somewhere, maybe a bachelor party. He will be back. Baba says Aditya is very responsible. He always tells at home if he goes somewhere. They wonder whether what Jhanvi is feeling turns out to be true. Baba wants to call the police, but Kaku makes him not to call the police.

In CCTV footage, Jhanvi spots Aditya’s watch while he is taken away on a stretcher. She tells the security guard that she is searching for him only. Where they took him? The guard says he was a patient, burned badly. He couldn’t be saved. He was from a Christian family and his family took his body little while ago. Jhanvi says it’s not possible. She asks for the family’s contact info. The guard gives it to her.

Last rituals are going on of that body. Jhanvi informs Kaki about that and says she will get him back. Kaku is listening to music. Kaki says he should go and search for Aditya. Also tells him about what Jhanvi said her. She asks where he was. He didn’t see it? He asks what she thinks. Is the hospital security guard that he will check everybody?

How he would know who came and left from hospital. He is just saying that he didn’t see Aditya there. Kaki says but he was there, right? Kaku gets mad and says this is what will happen if she doubts on her husband. She’s asking the same question again and again. He says he is also tensed, taking care of the whole family. So what if he came to relax for a few minutes. She can’t see that either? He asks her to go and leave him alone. She doesn’t go. He leaves then.

Jhanvi meets the woman and says I am really sorry, someone is brought to your house from the hospital, where is that person? please tell me, the woman says my son left me and has gone to God, they have taken him to the graveyard, they have taken him away from me forever, away from me, she cries. Jhanvi asks where? she says marine ground, they must have buried him till now, Jhanvi says nothing can happen to Adi.

Jhanvi comes to the graveyard, she shouts for Adi and cries. She sees a grave and starts digging it seeing as its fresh. She digs it and says, Adi? she brings out the coffin and sees someone with a face covered with bandages. She takes off bandages and its Adi. Kindred Hearts 29 July 2019 She asks him to wake up. She brings him and pleads him to wake up. She pumps his heart and gives him Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but he doest respond, she cries and says no… Adi suddenly gasps and wakes up. Jhanvi gets elated.

Kaki gets the call and says thank God Adi is fine. Kaka thinks how Adi got saved. Jhanvi is on call and says to Kaki that I am taking Adi to hospital, she ends the call. Kaki says to Baba that someone tried to hurt Adi but Jhanvi brought him out of death trap but whoever tried to hurt Adi, God will punish that person. Baba says, who is trying to hurt our kids? Kaki says thank God Jhanvi found Adi, I will pray to God. Kaka thinks Adi got saved again how?

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