Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says to Nisha that I wished you had accepted your family with as much care as you are taking care of this idol, Nisha says this is my house, when will you stop interfering? I should put board here that this is my house. Jhanvi says you don’t treat your family right, you should enroll in the medical camp. Nisha glares at her.

Pooja starts, Mrs. Rathore comes there to start pooja. Neha says I feel nervous all the time, is there any danger to my unborn baby? Mrs. Rathore says to family that yes there is danger in this house, there is a woman in this house, she is a bad omen for Neha’s baby, her bad shadow will cast negatively on this baby because of her old life’s curses, she should leave this house, Kaki asks who is that woman?

Mrs. Rathore points at Jhanvi and says she has been cursed in earlier life and she won’t let anyone be happy in this life, all are stunned. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I think you should leave, Neha is like my sister, her baby’s safety is important, Kaki says but… Nisha says no its about Neha, Jhanvi has to leave, leave now and don’t ever come back, Jhanvi says I will leave if you want but I want to ask if I had been cursed in my earlier life then I want to know what is the procedure to break that curse, Nisha and Mrs. Rathore gets tensed.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update

Jhanvi comes to Mrs. Rathore and says you know everything, you can see everything so please break this curse, tell me how many people are in my family? what are my problems and what are the reasons behind it, what Maa do? what is her business, is her business good for her? you know everything and can see everything which we cant right? so tell me, Mrs. Rathore gets tensed, Jhanvi says I think it was personal, tell me how many siblings I have? And am I elder or younger? Mrs. Rathore says you are younger and you have an elder brother, Nisha mentally facepalms herself.

Jhanvi says I think it was personal too, I am wearing a ring in my finger, tell me what stone it was like a diamond, pearl or Ruby? Mrs. Rathore says it’s ruby, Jhanvi shows her finger and says it’s not ruby, there is no ring in her finger, all are shocked. Kaki says, what is all this? you have broken our trust, I am requesting you to leave. Mrs. Rathore gets angry and leaves. All guests leave too. Kaki says to Neha that I am sorry, I chose the wrong person to do this pooja, don’t worry God’s blessing is with your baby, let’s go to the room. Kaki and Neha leave. Jhanvi leaves too. Nisha glares at her.

Nisha comes in the kitchen, she is fuming in anger. Jhanvi comes there and pours water in the glass, she offers it to Nisha and says you will feel better, I was thinking Mrs. Rathore doesn’t even know me and blamed me like that? it was odd, Nisha says what you want to see?

Jhanvi says if I pushed her then she could have told truth like what was the reason behind her lying but it’s not needed because Kaki knows the truth of person she should know about, Jhanvi smirks and leaves. Nisha says enough, I told you every time to not interfere in my life but now I will interfere in your life, you must have some weakness which I can use against you and control you then throw you out of the house, Nisha calls her mother.

Kaki is walking in the house, she slips but Jhanvi holds her. Kaki says I am sorry, you were blamed today and I didn’t defend you, I am so worried about Neha’s baby that I didn’t think about you, I brought you in this house and I didn’t trust you, Jhanvi hugs her and says you did everything in emotional state, your faith in me is enough for me, Kaki says always be happy.

Nisha’s mother comes to Jhanvi’s house. Maa opens the door, Nisha’s mother says I am from welfare, I need your help. Maa sees her expansive attire and says can I see your ID? Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update

Jhanvi comes to Kaka’s room and sees him playing with Jimmy, Jhanvi says animals understand love, Kaka says I wish human understood love too and didn’t do wrong deeds, Jhanvi says sometimes we are mistaken about people too, Kaka says experience allows you to see what is wrong, Jhanvi says sometimes we do mistakes to rectify other mistakes, Kaka says those mistakes are not forgivable, Jhanvi says that’s why elders have the ability to forgive their younger ones, elders love their younger ones. Kaka looks on.

Nisha’s mother comes to Adi’s house. She sees the expansive watch on the table, she is about to steal it but Jimmy barks at her, she falls down on the couch. Nisha comes there and sees her with the watch, Chinni asks what she was doing with the watch? it’s Kaka’s. Nisha’s mother says I was saving it from the dog, Nisha asks kids to go and play Jhanvi smirks and leaves.

Kids are playing with Jimmy, Kids ask Jhanvi why Jimmy was barking at grandma? Jhanvi says let’s play the game.

Nisha says to her mother that I give you money every month then why you have to steal? stop this stealing habit, anyway, did you do my work? Mother says I have got to know such details that you will be so happy to know about. She tells her something, Nisha says finally I have your weakness with me Jhanvi, now I am going to use it, I will not throw you out of this house, you will leave yourself.

Jhanvi says to kids that we will play a game, we will write task chits and we will whisper one name in Jimmy’s ear and he will give task chit to that name. Jhanvi writes chit and gives it to Jimmy and whispers Chinni’s name, Jimmy gives chit to Chinni, chit says that she has to drink milk, she says no I don’t want to. Adi comes there and asks what game they are playing? Kids tell him, Adi says I will play too, Adi writes chit and gives it to Jimmy and whispers a name. Adi gets a call, he goes and takes the call.

Jimmy is running around with chit, Jhanvi says Jimmy seem confused, Jimmy comes to Jhanvi with chit, Jhanvi says chit for me? She takes chit and opens it, ‘love you’ is written on the chit, Jhanvi is stunned and looks at Adi who is busy on a call, Han Hasi ban Gaye play as Jhanvi longing looks at him and caresses the words written on the chit. Kids ask Jhanvi what is written on chit? tell us? Jhanvi is just lost looking at Adi. Chinni reads chit and says love you? Adi comes there and says sorry this was for kids, Jimmy gave you wrong chit. Jhanvi sadly looks at him and tries to control her tears.

  • Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update

Jhanvi is in kitchen, Nisha comes there and says it’s good you are here, I wanted to come to you, you see dirty dishes? wash them, please. Jhanvi says this is not my work, I have come for baba here, Nisha says it doesn’t seem like that, you are nanny for my kids, spy for Adi, our made has not come so you can do that work, wash dishes and clean shelf, Jhanvi says you can wash and clean yourself, she leaves, Nisha smirks.

Jhanvi comes to her house at night and sees Survi talking to her father, she gets hurt seeing that, she comes there, father says I came to meet you, I have come to give money you gave me, I have arranged money, he gives her cheque back, she takes it, he says I know you don’t like me, Jhanvi says you are wrong, I hate you.

Father says but I worry about you three, I know you don’t want me to worry you so I have taken a job and I will never worry you again, thank you, he leaves. Survi says I told you that father is not as bad as you and Maa thinks. Survi goes into the house. Maa sees her going to her room and asks what happened? Jhanvi says nothing and thinks that I can not worry her again about father, she says I think how to stop Nisha from playing tricks, I have to bring the real face to family, that’s why Kaki took me there.

Maa says you have to be careful as she is very clever and won’t leave any proof against her. She asks Nisha to sit down, I have made something for you, she goes. Jhanvi sees ID on table. She sees ID and asks what is this? Maa says some NGO woman came here and wanted some funds. Jhanvi sees photo on ID and says why Nisha’s mother came here becoming NGO woman?

In the morning, Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house and greets family, Kaki asks her to have breakfast, it’s warm up, Jhanvi nods and sits with family. Nisha comes there, Kaki asks her to have breakfast, Nisha says no I am not hungry, I want you all to meet someone, we are busy and I think this house needs a caretaker, just meet her once. Nisha calls caretaker, its Jhanvi’s father, everyone looks at him. Nisha asks him to come inside, he comes to the dining table, Nisha says he is our caretaker from now on, Jhanvi doesn’t look at him. Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019 Update

Nisha introduces him to everyone, Jhanvi is busy eating her breakfast, they both don’t see each other. Nisha says to father that this is my family and you have to take care of them and this is Jhanvi, Jhanvi turns, Nisha says she is Baba’s caretaker, Father and Jhanvi are shocked to see each other, Nisha says Jhanvi won’t you meet him? Father greets her, she greets him and gets worried, Nisha smirks.

Kaki says to Nisha that we are all here, we don’t need caretaker, Nisha says you are ill these days and Neha needs attention, so I think I should concentrate on Adi and my kids that’s why I have hired Mr. Khandelwal, she asks him to go in kitchen and see if fruits are less then you can bring from market and Jhanvi is our senior caretaker as she takes care of Baba so you have to follow her every order, Jhanvi if you want anything then you can tell him and one more thing, there are dirty dishes in the kitchen so please wash them, I don’t like dirt in my house, Jhanvi is hurt to see his state, father nods and goes to the kitchen.

Jhanvi is going to Baba’s room and recalls how her father told her that he doesn’t have a job and needs money, how Maa asked him to leave their lives. Baba is in his room and confused about his medicines, he sees Jhanvi and asks which medicines I have to take? she says let me tell you, Baba says I depend on you so much now. Nisha comes there and says Jhanvi is so sweet, she cares about others parents so she must take care of parents so much, daughters are fathers’ favorites so I am sure she must be very close to her father, Jhanvi gets tensed hearing it, Nisha thinks that I can’t control my smile, I can’t wait to see Jhanvi go.

Adi comes home and sees Jhanvi’s father setting Kaka’s tie. Kaka leaves. Adi thinks that he is Jhanvi’s father. Adi comes to him and says youa re Jhanvi’s father right? he nods, Adi asks what he is doing here? Father says i have joined as caretaker of house, Adi asks if Nisha appointed him? Father nods and leaves. Adi gets angry and goes to Nisha.

Adi comes to Nisha and says you have hired Jhanvi’s father as caretaker? you will make him do household work? Nisha says i didnt know he is Jhanvi’s father.
Jhanvi comes to her father and sees him washing dishes, she says why you took this job? Father says i needed job a lot and i didnt want to take money from you and when i got to know that this is your boss’s house so i thought its good, we will get close.
Nisha says to Adi that its good daughter and father are working together, he would work anywhere else so its better to work here.

Jhanvi says to her father that you dont know why Nisha hired you, you thought your daughter would like to see her father working as servant? Nisha have brought you here to hurt me, to put me down, she is nothing to me but you.. you left my mother earlier and now you have you come here to make me lose my strength.

Adi says to Nisha that you brought her father to use him against her and make her weak but you know what? your plan will not work, Jhanvi wont care about it, it wouldnt matter to her, Jhanvi will answer you now, Nisha says i dont care and i am ready for her answer.

Jhanvi says I am ready to answer Nisha back, but not today, let her be happy today but tomorrow she will get answer from me.

Nisha comes in kitchen and says to Jhanvi that i didnt know he was your father, it means father-daughter both caretaker, how sweet. She orders father to clean kitchen nicely, Jhanvi leaves.
Nisah comes to Jhanvi and smirks seeing her tensed face, she says i told you last day that you should do maid’s work but you said its not your work to do but now your father is doing that work, its your level, Jhanvi says no doing all this have showed your level, first i thought your brain is small but now i know your thinking is small too, thank you. Jimmy comes near Nisha’s feet and makes a mess doing potty there.

Nisha says oh my God.. she shouts for Jhanvi’s father, he comes there, she orders him to clean, i know its not your work but our maid is not here so please do it, father sadly looks at Jhanvi, Jhanvi is hurt seeing her father get insulted. Nisha says to Jhanvi that you wanted to bring the dog in this house right? those bring dogs in their house take their responsibility too, disgusting, she leaves, Jhanvi gets sad seeing father cleaning mess. Kindred Hearts 4 July 2019

Jhanvi is sitting kids room and is in tears, silently weeping. Adi comes there and sits beside her, he puts a hand on her shoulder, she looks at him then looks away, Adi says Jhanvi? Jhanvi says baba’s medicines are finished, bring it, Chinni asked to buy Jimmy jacket so buy it, I have allergy from the candle that’s why I have tears in my eyes, he offers her handkerchief, she takes it and wipes her tears,

Adi asks her to cry, it will make you feel better, I understand everything, I am really sorry, you get humiliated because of Nisha every time but I will sort this, don’t worry, your father needs money and I can give it to him then he won’t have to work here, Jhanvi says no from the time he left my Maa, we never interfered in his life and I am this much strong, Adi says no you are more strong than that, remember you are a strong girl, Jhanvi smiles at him and gets lost in his eyes, she looks away and gets sad. More Updates Coming Later…

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