Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 4th June 2019 on Zee world

Kindred Hearts 4th June 2019 on Zee world

Kindred Hearts 4th June 2019 on Zee world

Zee World brings you a compelling series titled KINDRED HEARTS. (Replacing This Is Fate) on 4th June at 19 : 00 CAT

The new series KINDRED HEARTS is a story that depicts an unplanned relationship between Aditya and Jhanvi. Aditya is the husband to a cunning wife named Nisha.

Nisha is an exemplary daughter-in-law who everyone trusts and looks up to. It is revealed that Aditya is hiding a secret, Nisha is not the woman everyone thinks she is and Aditya cannot bring himself to inform his naïve family because it may break their hearts.

Kindred Hearts 4th June 2019 on Zee world

Jhanvu is a cheerful girl, She is single and she joins Aditya’s family business and attempts to bring light into his life, but Aditya is a rude woman who misbehaves and punishes Jhanvi.

Just as she grows tired of this, she learns the reasons for his sad life. She decides to keep bringing joy to Aditya’s life and this brings them closer together. Kindred Hearts 4th June 2019

Nisha puts her plan forward to take over the Jindal Empire and Aditya finds a way to stop her. Jhanvi celebrates a new accomplishment in her life. Jhanvi has to deal with Aditya’s frustrations in the office and she makes a decision to try and put a smile on his face.

Aditya still persists to make everyone know Nisha’s true colors. He chooses to remain with Nisha for the sake of their daughters Chinni Jindal and Binni Jindal and his family who think highly of Nisha.

The story progresses with Nisha’s true colours exposed before her family. Aditya divorces Nisha, he and Jhanvi fall in love and after a period of hardships and they are able to get married.

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Aditya and Jhanvi discover true love and companionship despite Nisha trying to sabotage their bond in several ways.

Kindred Hearts 4th June 2019 on Zee world

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