Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019 On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019 On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019 On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Nisha saying to the family that I am not able to find my diamond ring, Adi gifted it to me, I put it in my cupboard but I am not able to find it, we are all family members here then who stole it? she looks at Jhanvi’s father and says I am sorry, only you are outsider, please bring your bag, I want to search it,

Jhanvi is hurt hearing it, Adi glares at Nisha. Father says why would I do that? I am a respectable man, I won’t do that, Nisha says I am not doubting you, if you bring your bag and ring is not there then you would be proven right. Father nods and goes to bring his bed, Nisha says that ring is special to me.

Father brings a bag, Nisha checks his bag but Jhanvi says one minute, she brings her bag too and says check my bag too, I am not family member too, Kaki says Jhanvi no need for this, Jhanvi says rules should be same for everyone, Nisha check my bag too. Nisha checks her bag but doesn’t find the ring in it, Jhanvi shows her ID card and says your mother came to my house yesterday and she left her ID card there, Nisah is shocked to see her ID card, Kaki says Nisha why your mother went to Jhanvi’s house? Nisha gulps and says that.. um…

Kaka you know we shouldn’t talk about charity, mom is working for an NGO that’s why she might have gone to ask for some donations, mom feels alone so I suggested her to work with NGOs that’s why she helps poor, I think we should respect her feelings and work and don’t discuss it.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019

Jhanvi says I am sorry to doubt her, she is working so nicely. Jhanvi says to Adi that you wanted to donate to NGO so this is the chance, Adi says now I can give a donation to Nisha’s mom, she is working so nicely and I will meet poor kids too, right Nisha? Nisha glares at them. Raj says I want to do something for those kids so tell me too, Nisha nods. Kaka says what about the ring? Adi says I am sure, Nisha must have forgotten it, Nisha says I will check again, she says sorry and leaves.

Nisha says my mom is so careless. Nisha brings out her ring from the drawer. Adi comes there and sees the ring, she says it was under the bed, Adi says I expected this from you, let’s throw it for real, Nisha says this is our wedding ring, Adi says when you do those kinds of antics then there is no need for this ring. Adi goes in the washroom and flashes wedding ring. Nisha is stunned and says how dare you? that ring was special to me, Adi says because it was a diamond ring? Adi shows her ring and says I didn’t throw it away because she is related to the pure institution of marriage, you don’t deserve it, I knew you would do anything to put Jhanvi down, now go outside and tell everyone that you forgot this ring and now you found it, do it as I say, he gives a ring to her and leaves, Nisha sighs and goes.

Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019 On Zee World Series

Jhanvi comes out of Baba’s room and see father there, he thanks her and says its good to know that you worry about me. Jhanvi says I didn’t forgive you nor I want to have a relationship with you, I am your daughter so I had to fulfill this duty even if I didn’t want to, she leaves. Father says Jhanvi is getting hurt because of me again but this money is important to me and I can’t take it from her so I have to bear. Adi comes there and asks if he can talk with him? Father says I don’t have anything to say, Adi, says please.

Adi comes to the kids’ room and greets them, kids ask him to play the game, Chinni says I will cover my eyes and you have to guide me to apply bindi on Binni’s forehead. Adi thinks that I get peace by spending time with kids, after what happened today, Jhanvi would feel better to spend time with kids too, he says I have an idea, should we call Jhanvi too? They nod and goes to bring Jhanvi.

They bring Jhanvi, Adi asks Jhanvi to play too, it will be fun, Jhanvi says I don’t want to play, Adi says i want you to spend time with kids so their upbringing is good, they will learn good things from you, he asks her to please play, she says okay. They start playing, they tie blindfold on Chinni’s forehead and gives bindi to her, they guide her and she applies it on Binni’s nose, all laugh.

Chinni says now Adi and Jhanvi’s turn, Jhanvi says it must be Chinni’s turn, Chinni says no i will guide Adi to apply bindi on Jhanvi’s forehead, Adi gives blindfold to Jhanvi and says try to come out of it, for kids sake? she nods and takes blindfold from him. Jhanvi comes behind Adi and blindfolds him, she tries to compose herself but blindfold falls from her trembling hands, Adi holds her hands and makes her tie blindfolds over his eyes, Jhanvi is mesmerized by him, thori dair aur ther jaa plays, Jhanvi smiles at him as he cant see her.

Jhanvi gives him bindi and turns him around. Adi smiles and tries to locate Jhanvi, kids guide him, Adi moves closer to Jhanvi and puts bindi on her forehead with blindfolds, Adi takes off blindfolds, he smiles at Jhanvi and hints that she is looking perfect, Jhanvi blushes. She looks in mirror and touches bindi Adi put there, she smiles shyly.

Jhanvi comes home. Maa says bindi is looking good on you but you dont apply it? Jhanvi says kids applied it. Jhanvi says i want to talk to you, Maa asks her to say it, Jhanvi asks Maa to promise to not break after hearing this news, Maa says after your father left me, nothing broke me after that, she asks her to tell her, Jhanvi says papa is doing caretaker job at Adi’s home. Maa is stunned to hear it, Jhanvi says Nisha’s mother came here as NGO worker, Maa recalls it, Jhanvi tells her how Nisha hired father as caretaker and how she asked him to follow Jhanvi’s orders, how she insulted Jhanvi, that father will do things which she couldnt, how father had to clean dog’s potty. Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019 On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says i dont understand what to do? i cant see him humiliated everyday, if i tell Kaki then she wont father to work there but father’s financial condition is bad and he needs this job, Nisha is using this against me to put me down but going there everyday and seeing him get humiliated.. what to do? Maa says let him get humiliated, Jhanvi is stunned. Maa says you do your work there, he took his decisions all life and we didnt get affected by it, our past will come infront of us and try to break us but we cant, after separating from him, i broke all relations with him, let him do what he wants to do but you cant become weak. Jhanvi hugs her and says i get strength after talking to you, how you get so much strength, Maa laughs. Survi comes there and says Jhanvi your bindi is looking good, give it to me, Jhanvi says no, you can take anything but not this bindi, she leaves.

Nisha comes to Kaki and asks what are you making? Kaki says i am making chips, Nisha says let me help you, Kaki says i dont need your help. Nisha says we used to do all work together, you are that much miffed with me? you trust a girl that is outsider to us? Kaki says not that girl but i trust my son, his pain which he kept inside.

Nisha comes to Jhanvi’s father and says what are you doing in house? Kaki left chips in garden to dry off and crows must have eaten them till now, he says no i checked it sometimes back only, Nisha says come with me then, he nods, Nisha thinks perfect, Jhanvi must be coming.

Nisha and Jhanvi’s father comes in garden, Nisha shows him eaten chips, she waits for Jhanvi. Jhanvi comes there, Nisha says to Jhanvi’s father that you will stay here and look after Kaki’s chips, hold you hands in air, he does, she takes off his glasses and brings a box. Nisha puts box over Jhanvi’s father’s head and makes him scarecrow, she says now you will stand here like this whole day and make sure that no crow comes near chips that are spread in garden to get dry. Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019

Jhanvi sees this and is hurt, Nisha says you will make sure that no crow comes near these chips, dont move till i say so, he nods. Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says feeling bad? see how your father is standing, Jhanvi says you are so inhumane, how can you do this? Jhanvi gets in tears, Nisha asks Jhanvi’s father to keep hands in air, he does so. Nisha glares at Jhanvi in pain there and leaves. Jhanvi is sentimental seeing her father’s state. Kids come there and greets Jhanvi, Binni asks who is this statue? Jhanvi asks her to go inside, Binni leaves. Jhanvi gulps seeing her father and leaves.

Kindred Hearts 3 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Nisha comes to kids and says i have come to see your homework, she checks their homeworks and says you both have done it, very good. Binni asks if she brought mannequin in garden? Nisha says yes, i brought it so you both can play with him, let me tell you how to play with him, she smirks.
Nisha is standing near window. Jhanvi comes there, Nisha shows her kids throwing stones at Jhanvi’s father and says what a nice throw, now you will say that why i involved your family in all this? I am waiting, Jhanvi smiles and leaves. Nisha is confused and says what?

Nisha comes in the garden, kids are throwing stones at Jhanvi’s father. Nisha comes there and asks them to leave, they do. Nisha sees that Jhanvi’s father is not standing like a scarecrow but its statue wearing a box on the head and standing there, she says what? She sees Jhanvi smirking at her, Nisha is frustrated. Nisha says, how dare you to do changes in my house? Jhanvi says it was kids idea, see they are smart, your chips are safe and nobody is getting punished.

Kaki and Neha come there, Kaki asks what are you both doing here? and what is this statue? Jhanvi says Nisha is so intelligent, to save your chips, she put scarecrow there, you all came quickly, Nisha asks Neha to go in the house, you need to rest, she leaves. Jhanvi smirks at Nisha, Nisha says come on, she leaves.

Nisha comes in the kitchen and says to Jhanvi’s father why he left chips in the garden? Father says your kids said they need something from the market, Nisha says don’t play smart, leave your love for your daughter at home, if you don’t follow my orders next time then I will throw you out of this job, serve food to everyone now, he nods.

Jhanvi’s father serves food to everyone at the dining table, Kaki asks Jhanvi to sit too. Jhanvi’s father serves her too. Adi comes there and says to Kaka that I wanted to talk about accounts of some client, they didn’t pay our payment so we stopped their work but now they are willing to give payment back, what to do? Kaka says their payment will benefit us, let’s go ahead, Adi says yes. Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019 On Zee World Series

Jhanvi’s father asks if they followed accounting principle, because if you take payment now then your taxation will increase, Adi says you are right, Kaka checks papers and says you are right, I didn’t see it, if I had taken this decision then our company would have a loss. Adi asks, how he knows about accounts? Jhanvi’s father says I am a qualified chartered accountant and been working for 30years, Kaka asks then what are you doing here? Father says I cheated some nice people and got punished, I started a business but my partner cheated and took everything, Kaka says I am sorry, you are expert in your field.

Adi says to Nisha that you hired him without checking his background? he is qualified, he says to Kaka that we can give him junior accountant’s job in an office, Nisha says but we need caretaker, Kaka says we can get many caretakers but he is expert and it would benefit our office to hire him, Adi hire him. Adi asks, his current salary? he says 20,000/-, Adi says will he work for 40,000/-? Father gets happy and says I will give my 100% to the company. Jhanvi looks at her father and Adi and is confused, Adi glares at Nisha, Nisha feels irritated. Kindred Hearts 5 July 2019

Adi comes to Jhanvi, she says thank you for the help but I think it was not needed, Kaki calls Adi, Jhanvi says I will leave, she silently leaves his home, he looks on.

Maa says to Jhanvi that Adi did right, Jhanvi says you are supporting father? Maa says no if you helped him then i wouldn’t like it because he was never your father but Adi saved an innocent man from being used by Nisha, he did right, Jhanvi says he was not a good father or husband, if you don’t want me to have softness for him then why you feel for him? Maa says I have no softness for him, its just humanity, I would feel same for an unknown man too, Adi is right, try and understand, Jhanvi looks on and leaves. Maa and Survi look on.

Jhanvi is tensed and standing outside her house, she wipes her tears. Jhanvi sees Adi coming to her house, she says sir you here? everything alright at your home? Adi says yes ma’am, I am here, she says I mean Adi everything alright? Adi says everything is alright at my home but you are not right so I came to meet you, Adi tries to step closer but he slips, Jhanvi holds his hand and balances him, Adi says thank you, he says you don’t look like girl to throw things in anger, Jhanvi says you don’t know my anger is bad, he says I know, he puts hand on her shoulder and makes her sit down, he says I know you are worried, why?

Jhanvi says you gave job to my father because of me, Adi says nothing is wrong with that, he needs that job and Nisha is using him as puppet, he deserves that job and I can’t see you embarrassed daily, Jhanvi says I don’t care about him, Adi says that’s not possible, some relations are so strong that you can’t break them, he is your father and I know you can’t see what Nisha is doing to him, Adi says I can’t see you tensed, I know i am interfering in your life but you have handled my life so well so give me a chance too, you have taken some rights for me to give me some rights too, Jhanvi is lost in his words, she looks away being shy, Adi smiles. More Updates…

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