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Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World: Nisha has arranged peace prayer for Avi. Jhanvi sees his photo and asks what is all this? Nisha says this is for his soul’s peace. Kaki asks who called guests? Nisha says I did, you said that Jhanvi is a family, we should be with her and pray for her husband’s soul and for him to rest in peace.

We have to do Jhanvi’s widow turning ritual. Adi says have you lost it? what are you doing Nisha? Adi asks guests to leave. Door bell rings, Raj opens door, Jhanvi’s Maa and Survi comes there. All are stunned. Nisha says when I got about Avi’s news, I thought about Jhanvi’s family, her family should be with her in this condition, I know they are both miffed at each other but the reason behind anger is gone and blood is thicker than all these problems, thanks for coming.

One guest says daughter’s mother have to do widow turning ritual, she has to remove all hint of marriage from Jhanvi, Jhanvi says nothing like that is going to happen. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I know you are in trauma but you have to accept the truth, you have to realize and let him go, Kaki says its not needed, Nisha says its needed, her husband is dead, Jhanvi says no.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update

Nisha says you have to accept the truth, inspector came here and made you see Avi’s deadbody, your husband is dead.Jhanvi says that deadbody was not recognizable, I dont accept it, Nisha says you have to accept that he is dead. Adi asks Nisha to stop it, she doesnt want to do it so let her be.

Nisha says why you are stopping it? are you her husband? no, I am a woman, we cant let Jhanvi avoid all this, it will affect her health and future. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I know you are in pain, but you have to go through this pain, you have to accept it, I am sorry, I have to do it.

Nisha tries to wipe Jhanvi’s sindoor but Jhanvi says dont you dare touch it, I will forget who is standing infront of me if someone tries to touch my sindoor, I dont accept it, Nisha says you have to accept that your husband is dead, Jhanvi says no he is alive, he is here with me. Nisha says no, you have to accept that he is dead.. Nisha winces in pain and feels stressed, Kaki asks Jhanvi to leave, she leaves.

Nisha thinks that Jhanvi is lucky, she has all my family members on her side, she should have left this house today but I will make her leave soon. Kaki asks guests to leave, on guest says their relations are for namesake, she didnt even do her husband’s prayer meet. Jhanvi’s Maa says we are leaving too,they leave.

Adi comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi cries and says how is this happening? Adi says I am sorry, I created this Avi for Nisha, she is doing all this in her condition, she can hear the truth, Jhanvi says I cant do this anymore, Adi says Nisha is very clever, she is doing all this knowing no one will say anything due to her condition, Jhanvi says you are my husband, you are my Avi, we got married, she cant snatch you from me like this, who took this photo.

Adi sees wedding photo of Jhanvi and some guy, Jhanvi says who is playing with us? Adi sees serial number on the back of the photo, he says there were our initials behind the photo, it means someone made the duplicate, its not the original photo, I will find out truth behind this fake photo. Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says how will we find out? Adi says we can tell police that someone is trying to trap us, I will find out who is trapping us, are you with me? Jhanvi says yes and we will find out, Adi kisses her forehead lovingly.

Adi and Jhanvi meets inspector, they tell him Nisha’s condition and how Adi is married to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says there is no Avi. Adi says we have to find out who morphed this photo. Adi shows him serial number on photo, inspector says it will take time to investigate who morphed this photo, Adi says you can call me anytime. Adi and Jhanvi leaves.

They sit in car, Adi says you forgot your smile? Jhanvi smiles, Adi says dont worry, we will solve this, lets go to eat pani puri, Jhanvi says all are waiting at home. Adi says I didnt take you on date after wedding, please go, please please.. Jhanvi says okay lets go. Adi tries to start car but its not starting, its raining too.

Another car is behind their car, there is man sitting inside in car. Jhanvi says I will search for cab. Jhanvi comes out of car, she goes to road and looks around for cab. There is on truck behind her. Jhanvi doesnt see it and start walking on the street.

Truck starts and approaches her. Adi is checking his car and doesnt see truck behind Jhanvi. The man (Samar, new entry) behind Adi’s car sees Jhanvi about to get hit by the truck. He runs behind her. Adi turns around and sees horrified that Jhanvi is about get hit by the truck. Samar runs towards her.

Today: Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019

Jhanvi is about to get hit by the truck, Samar comes beside driving truck and sees there is no driver inside to control it. Adi sees truck approaching Jhanvi, he shouts Jhanvi.. Jhanvi turns and sees truck about to hit her, she closes her eyes but Samar pulls her aside before she can get hit. Jhanvi turns to look at him. They stare at each other.

Samar asks her if she is fine? she nods. Adi comes there and asks if she is fine? she nods, Adi asks Samar if he is fine? he says yes. Adi thanks Samar for saving Jhanvi, Samar says it was very intense, Miss? Jhanvi says my name is Jhanvi. Samar says Miss. Jhanvi was about to get hit but I saved her like a bollywood hero at last minute.

Adi says thank you for saving her, Jhanvi asks her if he got hurt? Samar says I came like a bollywood hero and hero never gets hurt. Jhanvi says I dont know how truck came behind me. Samar says people dont have sense where to leave their trucks. Samar asks what they were doing on street? Adi says our car brokedown and she was searching for cab, Samar says dont worry, God sent the right man for you, Adi smiles.

Samar says to Adi and Jhanvi that he will drop them if their car is broken, we shouldnt stand on this road. Adi says okay then you have to have lunch with us, Adi and Jhanv sits in his car, Samar changes his jacket and drives away.

Nisha is waiting for Adi. Adi and Jhanvi comes home with Samar. Nisha asks Adi where he was? Adi says to family that meet Samar, he saved Jhanvi’s life today. Nisha says I am Adi’s wife Nisha, I must say Jhanvi always get someone to save her. Baba thanks Samar for saving his kid’s life.

Samar says its nothing, I was nearby and saved her. Samar looks at family’s faces, he recognize them, he recalls flashback how he used to play with Adi in childhood. He recalls how Kaki used to scold them. Kaki says you seem familiar, what is your name? Samar says I am Samar Shukla, son of Srinath Shukla. Kaka says he was our friend, Adi says you are Samar? Sam? my childhood friend, Samar says I remember everything, I still remember Kaki’s delicious food. Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Samar says I came here for business, I wanted to meet you people but my father cheated you in business and you people threw you out of house, you wont believe, you did the right thing with dad, he realized his mistake and used to miss you all, I was worried that you people might not like me here. Kaka says everything has changed, its good you came here.

Kaki says you can stay with us, Samar says no I am staying at hotel. Baba says you are Adi’s friend, your father did mistake and it was not your fault, we have forgotten everything so you are staying here, forget everything too. Samar says okay I will stay here, Adi says Samar its time to taste Kaki’s food, Baba asks Raj to bring Samar’s luggage from his hotel room. All family members leave. Jhanvi finds her earring missing, Samar says its with me, it was thrown on road, I took it. He gives it to her, she thanks him and leaves. Samar smiles at her and is smitten by her.

Raj says to Baba that your diabetes is going high, Kaka says he is taking too much tension that his health is affecting. Adi says we have to go through with so many lies, there is no Avi in real and Nisha arranged his peace prayer, inspector is finding out who morphed the photo. Raj says we hope he finds out about the person trying to trap us, Adi asks family to remain calm, house’ environment is tensed and its taking toll on health of family.

Baba says we have to keep this all hidden from Samar, we dont want him to worry, we have to hide it. Samar comes there and asks what are they hiding? are they planning? I mean you must have planned for my welcome, all laugh. Adi asks Raj to take samar to shopping, Raj says Neha wants to go too, Samar and Raj leaves.

Jhanvi asks Binni to drink milk but she says I wont drink it Maa. Samar comes there and says Maa? He lifts Binni in his arms, he says to kids that I am Samar, you can call me Sam, dont call me uncle, kids say you are Sam. Chinni checks his muscles and says they are so strong, Samar says because I drink milk, you become strong with milk and you learn magic too? kids are stunned, Samar says let me show you magic, he takes milk glass from Jhanvi and asks Binni to finish it then he will show her magic, Binni drinks milk in one go, Jhanvi smiles at Samar. Samar says to kids that now I will show magic, he opens his palm and shows them chocolate, they get excited.

Samar says he will have fist fighting with Binni, Binni fights and Samar lets her win, he says Binni is so strong because she drank milk. Kindred Hearts 8 August 2019 Update

Jhanvi says its time to go to school. Chinni says school bus wont drop us to mama will you come to take us? she says yes, they leave. Jhanvi thanks Samar, Samar says I am Samar Shukla. She says I know your name. Samar says but I havent done anything to make you remember it, whats your name? she says you know it, Samar says yes flower always remain flower and day goes well if you start with a game, see how kids got happy. So your name?

Jhanvi says I am Jhanvi, he says Hi I am Samar. Samar says those cute dolls are your daughters? Jhanvi smiles and nods. Samar says you at Adi’s house? Jhanvi gets tensed and doesnt know what to answer. Nisha comes there and says Jhanvi is living here temporarily, her husband left her so Baba felt sympathy for her and brought her here, she has been living here since then but we recently go to know that her husband died.

Jhanvi gets angry and fumes hearing Nisha putting her down. Samar stares at Jhanvi’s emotional face. Nisha says she is in shock and doesnt accept his death, poor girl. Jhanvi cant take it and leaves from there. Nisha looks on. Jhanvi starts leaving, Adi comes there and sees her going to her room sadly. Adi glares at Nisha.

Jhanvi comes to her room. Adi comes there too. Jhanvi says Nisha can see, please leave. Adi hugs her tightly. Jhanvi sobs. Adi says not anymore, you have bear enough, Nisha has done so much with you still you are doing good for her? I feel my blood boil when Nisha insults you, I am going to tell her now, Jhanvi says please.

Adi gets a call from inspector, inspector says we got to know who morphed that photo, I have sent his photo to you, Adi says okay and puts call on hold. He opens his phone to check photo of man trapping them, Jhanvi looks on.

They see some unknown man’s photo, Adi says I dont know this man, inspector says we are investigating him, he said someone gave him money to morph photo, Adi says find out who gave him money, inspector says its difficult to find out that, I dont want to give you false hope, this case is closed from our side, he ends call. Jhanvi says how we will find out who gave this man money? Adi says if not Nisha then who is behind all this? More Updates Coming Later…

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