Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019 On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019 On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019 starts with Nisha talking to Raj that you have given so much time to this company, you have worked so hard, if you worked this hard for any other company then you would have been on CEO position, its good to be independent, Raj says I want to be independent, i deserve the chance.

Adi says his friend Sameer that Raj deserves a chance, I don’t care about Nisha but when I will announce tomorrow that Raj will be CEO then Nisha won’t have any choice, failing is not wrong but not trying is wrong.
Nisha says to raj that I want good for you and I will be happy to do something for you, Nisha thinks sorry Adi.

Jhanvi comes Adi’s room, Survi is on call, Jhanvi mistakenly puts the call on speaker, Survi asks if her boss is still Kukkar(arrogant), Adi hears it, Jhanvi says the wrong number. Jhanvi gives an idea to decorate his office, Adi says I want my office simple, Jhanvi says but it won’t go with the theme? Adi says I am boss so i want it simple, she says okay boss, Adi says make sure no one moves my book stand. She says okay, he asks what is Kukkar? Jhanvi says nothing and mutters under breath that it’s you, she leaves.

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019

Survi is filling the form for university, she says I need father’s signature? Maa gets tensed hearing it, she recalls how when Jhanvi and Survi were children, their father said that he has new life with his new wife and won’t be able to live with them and left them. Jhanvi comes there and says my boss is so arrogant, she says oh God i forgot my boss’s office designs in office only, I have to go back and pick them up else he will kill me, Maa says at this time? she says yes otherwise he will eat me alive, she asks Survi to fill form and leaves.

Maa signs Survi’s form and says when someone didnt stop for you then you should stop because of them too, Survi nods. Nisha comes in room and sees Adi working on laptop, she says some poetry and says tell me i am most beautiful, she asks if this saree will look in tomorrow’s party?

Adi asks which party? Nisha says i invited Kaki and Kaka’s all relatives and acquaintances, but i forgot to tell my husband, tomorrow Kaka will announce you as CEO in party, Adi says i am sure this must be your some trick, what will you get by me becoming CEO? Nisha says power, pride and money, Adi says dont try to hurt Kaka and Kaki, Nisha says they are my trump card, i will use them against you, Adi says i wont allow you to break my family, he starts leaving, Nisha says you must be going back to office but dont worry, i will join you in office soon too, Adi huffs and leaves.

Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019 On Zee World Series
Jhanvi comes in Adi’s office and tries to find designs she left there, she says his room’s temperature is hot like he is hot headed. She gets designs and is about to leave but Adi opens door and comes there, Jhanvi slips and falls on floor, Adi asks what are you doing here at this time?

Jhanvi says i left my designs and i thought it might in your office, Adi says you can tell this in two sentences and why you are talking while lying on floor? Jhanvi says you move away only then i will get up, he moves away and offers her hand to make her stand, Jhanvi doesnt hold his hand and gets up herself, she says no thanks and leaves.

Scene 2
Kaki is standing on stool to get something from cupboard, Nisha comes there and is about to push stool away so she falls down but Kaka comes there so Nish acts likes she was holding stool to support Kaki and she wont fall down, Kaki says if Nisha is here then she will bring out silverware from above cupboard, Nisha stands on stool and gets it.

Kaka says to Nisha that tomorrow we will announce Adi as CEO, he deserves it, Nisha says you are right but i want to say something, Kaka says what is it? Nisha says Raj was upset today, it seems like Raj and Neha wants to do something separate to make their name and it wont happen with Raj working under Adi, i am telling you so you can handle it, dont tell Raj that i told you as then he wont trust me, she starts leaving but listens Kaki saying to Kaka that raj cant think all this, what if Neha fed him all this? Nisha smirks hearing it? Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019

Jhanvi is about to leave on her scooty, Adi says to her that i will drop you, sit in my car, she says no i will go on my scooty, Adi says what if your scooty breakdowns on your way? just listen to me, Jhanvi nods and sits in passenger seat of Adi’s car, Adi gets in driver’s seat and starts car but it doesnt get started, Jhanvi says you were talking about my scooty but it seems like your car brokedown, Adi gets embarrassed, Jhanvi says i will drop you on my scooty.

Jhanvi gets down from his car, Adi says one second, i will drive your scooty, Jhanvi says i am possessive about my scooty so i will drive it, she handles him one helmet and sits on her scooty, Adi reluctantly sits behind her. Jhanvi is driving scooty while Adi is sitting behind her and tries to not to touch her keeping his hands behind, Adi sneezes and holds Jhanvi’s shoulders for support, he takes off his hands from her shoulders.

Nisha says Adi didnt come till now, its late around midnight, she says its okay Adi, you can stay away from me but I am going to make him CEO.

Jhanvi comes out of her home, she says to Adi that thanks you for coming with me to my house, it was dark at night. Suvari and Maa are watching them from the window. Adi says to Jhanvi that you can simply say thank you to me, failing is not wrong but not trying is wrong. Jhanvi is surprised hearing it as she said same thing Kaka, she goes in her home. Nisha calls Adi and says are you still miffed with me?

Adi asks if kids slept? she says yes, now dont be angry and come home, Adi ends call and says i am not going home.
Jhanvi comes home. Survi asks who was the guy that dropped you? Maa says first tell me who wsa he then i will give you food,

Jhanvi says it was my boss, Survi says you are fast, you brought him home so fast? he is good looking, Jhanvi says you didnt see him up close thats why saying this. Maa says my dream is to see my daughters getting married, what else mother would want then her daughter getting married? if he is the guy then i dont have problem with him being my son in law. Jhanvi says i dont care about my marriage.

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Survi’s career is important for me, i want to buy this house, my focus is you both. Survi says on that note, i want to say your boss is cute, Jhanvi says oh God.
Kaka comes to Nisha and asks where is Adi? Nisha says he is in office, Kaka says this late? what he is doing there? Nisha says he has work load, also because he is going to be CEO and i am understanding wife, i know he has work so i dont mind him spending time there, he says i understand and leaves.

Its morning, Adi is sleeping in office, he dreams about Nisha’s harsh words, he is shivering in sleep. Kaka comes there and wakes him up, Kaka says you shouldnt be spending time in office when its family time, Adi says i didnt know when i slept, Kaka says Nisha told me you are in office so i came to pick you up, you should spend sunday with your kids, Adi says i will come after taking some papers, Kaka leaves. Adi says i wont let Nisha succeed.

Adi opens file and doesnt find papers which states that Raj will be CEO, he says Jhanvi came in my office last night, he calls Jhanvi but her battery dies and she is in park with her family, she says i will charge it when i go home. Adi is frustrated that she is not taking call.

Courier guy gives papers to baba, Nisha takes it from him. Baba asks what are those? she says Adi made papers to send you to mental asylum as he cant see your state but i will hide it and wont tell anyone, you dont tell anyone, she leaves, baba is shocked.

Adi is driving car, he is calling Jhanvi but her phone is off. Jhanvi’s scooty passesby him. Adi thinks that she is so careless, she switched off her phone.

Adi and Kaka comes home. Kaki says to Adi that i know office is important but its not more important than family, you spent whole night at office, dont do that again, he says yes, Kaka and Kaki leaves. Nisha brings tea for Adi and says have it, i have made your favorite sandwich, Adi says we are married for 8years and you still dont know that i dont drink tea.

Adi sees baba there, he goes and touches his feet but baba doesnt bless him and recalls Nisha’s words that he wants to send him to mental asylum, baba says you didnt do good Adi. Adi asks what? Nisha says baba didnt get his biscuits thats why he is saying this, Adi says i will bring his biscuits, baba is scared, he sadly looks at Adi and leaves. Nisha smirks and says its jackpot day, she leaves. Adi looks on.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes home and charges her phone, Adi calls her. Jhanvi takes it, Adi says how dare you cut my call and switched off your phone? Jhanvi says my battery died, Adi says its excuse, Jhanvi says its sunday and i am not liable to take your calls today, Adi says i am not finding my papers in my cabin, tell me where are they? Jhanvi says what papers?

Adi says you came in my office so you lost them, where are my papers? Jhanvi says i am not irresponsible, i didnt take your papers, Adi says i wont waste my time over you, he ends call, Jhanvi says he is arrogant, she says to her mother that i am going office and i will search his papers, she leaves.

Nisha is calling someone and says yes i have got papers. Adi comes there and asks what papers? she taunts that i have named your property in my name, Adi says i wont be surprised if you do that, Nisha says when you talk like this it shows how much you know me, like we have connection, remain angry, you look hot but dont take today’s decision in anger, its important day, she leaves, Adi looks on.

The function starts in Adi’s house. Adi calls his friend and says i want duplicate papers of Raj being CEO, he says i am out of city and i dont have copy, Adi says i lost them because of my some stupid employee(Jhanvi), friend says the search for it calmly. Kindred Hearts 8th June 2019 On Zee World Series

Nisha says to guests that we will start tonight’s celebrations with pooja and aarti. Nisha starts aarti, Adi holds aarti plate with her and recalls how she wants to break house. Pooja is going on in house. Adi is tensed, he recalls how Nisha said he Kaka will announce him CEO today, he thinks that maybe papers are in office only and they are there, he leaves function and drives to his office.

Adi comes to his office and searches for papers which states that Raj will be CEO but is not able to find them. Adi comes in office and finds papers under his table. Jhanvi comes there, Adi says how did my papers go under table? you touched them, how irresponsible are you?

How can you lose my papers? Jhanvi says i had to come to office because you were scolding me for misplacing your papers which were actually under your table, i didnt even see them ever, it was your mistake and you yelled at me, i have only two words for you, “I Quit”, Adi looks on, Jhanvi leaves, Adi tries to say something but remains silent.

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