Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts June 9th 2019 On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts June 9th 2019 On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts June 9th 2019 starts with Binni coming to Kaki and says, I made a new keychain for you as you will give key of this house to mama and put keys of a new house in this keychain.

Nisha comes there and says command of this house will remain to elders

Kaki says kids are always right, where will I take keys with me? I think you should key of this house with you as we are going, Nisha smirks.

Adi says to Jhanvi that i thought you wouldnt come, Jhanvi says so what? Adi says why you are talking like this? Jhanvi says you want two words answer for everything.

Jhanvi says i have made logos, see them. Adi sees Nishaโ€™s message and it reads that she has given new keychain to Kaki, you have to become CEO.

Jhanvi says i wanted your time but you are busy, its okay, i should show it to boss as what they can say, kids can never say it, elders have experience, Adi says to Jhanvi that what did you say?

Kindred Hearts June 9th 2019 On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says i said that what elders can teach us, we cant know it from anywhere, what knowledge they give, you cant find it anywhere, not even books, Adi smiles broadly and says this is great.

Adi smiles and leaves. Jhanvi says arrogant smiled? he is crazy.

Adi comes home and thinks that Nisha used elders to her advantage and i will use it against her today. Survi calls someone and says i have chosen my college, its very good.

Jhanvi comes there and says you didnt get admission, you should go somewhere else.

Survi gets sad, Jhanvi says i am joking, you got admission, she says to Maa that they needed fatherโ€™s sign, you cant simply cut it? i handled it.

Jhanvi gives watch to Survi and says thank you for helping that uncle, i bought another one for you.

Adi comes to Baba, Baba says you want to send me to mental asylum, Nisha made me see papers too.

Adi is shocked and hurt, he hugs baba and says i can never do it, you are my blood, i can never do something like that, i will make you get separated from family, i promise.

Baba hugs him back, Adi says to Baba that i am lost one more time but i need you to guide me again, please help me, baba looks on. Adi tells him some plan.

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