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King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update On Zee World

The episode starts with Roshni  as seen very upset. She asks if he thinks she will hug him seeing this bouquet and card! She asks why he thinks she is so impractical that she will try to harm his bestfriend! She asks Sid if he really thought she would kill his best friend? She tells him to leave because no relationship will survive without trust!
Sid is clearly ashamed of himself.

Roshni leaves the room. DD comments that he gets back what he pays for! Sid gets out of the box and starts following Roshni. She sends him out and locks the door.
He leaves the house but then, he comes back and rings the door bell. He kneels down outside the door.
DD answers the door and drops 1 rs coin in his hand and says he deserves it! She accuses him of never really loving Roshni. She says he always lures Roshni and then hurts her feelings! She asks him not to dare come back to her house and tries to shut the door when Sid opens it and says he is a human and not a god and he’s bound to make mistakes.

Zee World: King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update

Sid says he can make mistakes and he has come to apologise to his Wife. DD closes the door in his face. Sid goes back home and tells Misha what happened. She tells him he could have done better than that. She scolds him for taking only bouquet and card and gives him a suggestion of what to do. She gets a Phone call and tells the caller she’s on her way. He asks where she’s going, but she just laughs and leaves.
Simran apologises to Sid and says she didn’t know Kritika was going to go to such length; they just wanted Roshni out of his life.

Sid says if she hates Roshni, then she hates him as well and he’s aware of all her plans because Misha told him about it, so he doesn’t have any reason to commit to what he promised his Mum and now, he is going to do everything to bring his Wife back! He says Roshni and he are inseparable in this life and he will remarry her for sure, no matter what she and her daughter does!

Roshni is walking along the Street. Sid rides a bike to meet her but she ignores him. He keeps trying to convince her but She fumes and he roams around her singing.
He wears her down by dancing with her and carrying her around. Finally, she agrees and smiles. He kisses her and makes up with her. They both get romantic and She tells him not to do what he did again because she would not speak to him anymore! He makes her a promise then says he has something to tell her. His Phone starts ringing and it’s Mona.

After the call he tells Roshni he has to go and asks if she would have dinner with him later in the night and leaves saying he will tell her in the evening.

Roshni is with Sid’s Grandmother and Misha. She shyingly tells them how she made up with Sid and how Sid kissed her and she forgave him.
Misha teases her about giving in so easily. She taunts her and asks what else they did? Roshni says he wanted to tell her something but says he would tell her tonight. Misha tells her not to give in so easily. Grandmother agrees.

Kesar answers the door and he’s surprised to see a lady. She enters the house singing and dancing.
Sid joins her in the dance but later asks who she is? She says she’s Resham’s younger Sister, Jigna. She points at DD and says she looks like DD. Kesar says she is DD.

  • Today: King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update On Zee World

DD asks Kesar why he didn’t tell her Jigna was coming? Jigna says Kesar didn’t know. DD asks why she came here then? She says she was remembering/missing brother-in-law/Kesar, so she came. DD asks Kesar to show her her room. Jigna sees Shiv and says he looks like a foreigner. She shakes his hand and doesn’t let go even when he tells her to. DD is jealous. Sid eventually breaks them up with great difficulty.

Everyone else leaves the living room and Sid tells Shiv that their plan is working because he saw DD getting jealous.
Misha asks Roshni if she will easily accept Sid again? She says yes. Misha tells Roshni not to give in till Sid gets on his knees to propose. Roshni agrees smiling and leaves the room. Misha tells herself that everything will now fall into place.

Shiv tells Sid and Mona that he can’t flirt with Jigna. Sid tells him to just pretend. Shiv smiles seeing Jigna coming down. She asks why is this rope in the middle of the living room? Sid tells her it’s for drying clothes.
She dries her washing on the rope. DD enters and berates her for putting the clothes there!
Roshni is walking along the Corridor in Sid’s house.

She bumps into a guy (Simran’s lawyer) holding a file and the file falls down revealing some documents.
Roshni apologises and wants to help him pick up the documents but Simran tells her not to bother, as she herself will pick it up!

Roshni catches a glimpse of the document and it has her Mother’s name on it. She wonders what Simran is planning to do to her Mother and vows not to allow it! King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update On Zee World

Sid is encouraging Shiv to talk to Jigna. Jigna calls Shiv handsome. Sid asks if she likes him? She’s shy. Shiv says she sings well. She asks what is his name? He says Shiv. DD pretends not to care.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells Jigna that Shiv is DD’s husband! Jigna asks if he’s really married? Grandmother says very much! Jigna sadly leaves. Grandmother asks Kesar why did he call her here?
Sid gets Roshni’s SMS and realizes he’s actually dating her.
Roshni arrives at the restaurant she’s supposed to meet Sid and thinks he’s always late.
She sees a table set, and candles light up the room and then Sid speaks. He says all the candles here are jealous of her and they are melting.

He appears behind her and tells her she’s his life and says I love you. He gets romantic, and starts dancing with her to the song Tu har lamhaa… They dance sensuously hugging each other, romantically. He asks if he should say what he wanted to? Misha and Grandmother suddenly appear. Sid is shocked to see them. They join them at the table and Sid is not happy.

Misha’s Phone keeps ringing but she ends the calls. She excuses herself to go and wash her hands in the bathroom but she goes to call the person back to tell them she can’t talk yet so that no one gets suspicious! She then joins them back. Sam calls Mona to complain about Yash’s kids! Mona tells her to get used to the kids.

Roshni goes to see DD’s lawyer to ask if he knows why Simran would have documents in DD’s name? The lawyer says he has no idea and DD’s property is safe. King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update On Zee World

Sid calls Roshni to let her know he will be at her place soon and asks her to come home right now.
She gets home and asks Mona where is Sid? She says she does know and even She got a call from him.
Sid arrives with Shiv. Roshni asks why did he call her? He asks her to watch the drama silently and tells her to just play along. He asks Shiv if he’s sure of what he wants to do?

Shiv calls DD and tells her he wants to leave the house but she first has to sign a document so they can get legally separated. Roshni’s Grandmother checks the papers and asks what is wrong with him? He says he has to do it to get DD’s family back. He gives her the document. DD is surprised. Shiv says the family is separated because of him so he wants to leave. DD flings the documents and leaves the room with teary eyes.

Roshni’s Grandmother follows her and meets DD looking at the old photos of her and Shiv. She says all these year, Shiv was away from her, but now, he came back and took the whole family away from her. She tells DD to make her decision and whatever decisions she takes, she is with her and will fully support her. She gives her the documents Shiv gave her earlier. Sid tells Shiv he doesn’t think DD will divorce him.
Shiv says DD is very strong willed and can go to any extent to fulfill her ego. He says if she divorces him, he doesn’t know what he will do. DD enters the room and gives Shiv the signed document. He is shocked.

DD tells Shiv that all these years, he was not with her and she did not feel his absence, even in the future, she will not. Shiv is in deep shock. She says their relationship ended a long time ago and he can now start his life afresh, as she doesn’t think they can be together. Roshni begs DD not to do it.

DD leaves the room and Shiv leaves too. Roshni blames Sid for his plan failing. She asks Sid what did he do; he was so confident that his plans won’t fail, but it failed now and he got his Parents divorced!
Roshni, Sid and Mona begs Shiv not to leave. Shiv comes out with his bags and tells Roshni and Sid that he has to go now. Sid snatches his suitcase from him and apologizes for his mistake, and says he did not know DD would do it. He asks him to give him one more chance to set things right. Shiv asks if he is out of his mind and asks what will he do now? He says it’s his fault so he would fix it! Shiv insists he will leave.

Grandmother and DD enter the living room. DD asks what drama they are playing now!
Roshni places her father’s hand on her head and tells him to promise he won’t leave because if he does, she would die! She tells DD that she and Sid have decided to help them start their lives afresh and get her dad remarried.

She tells Jigna that she knows she likes Shiv, so she would want her to marry him.
Jigna agrees to marry Shiv. Kesar says his Sister-in-law, Jigna is ready to marry Shiv.
DD asks Roshni what she’s doing!

Roshni tells DD that she has divorced Shiv and has no say in his matter! DD congratulates Shiv for his choice.
Sid says Jigna would love Shiv very much. DD shuts him up and yells at him that he is behind all this plan! He winks at her and Roshni says she should not bother about this now but Shiv says he won’t continue to allow DD talk to Sid the way she does! Sid and Roshni discuss about shopping for Shiv’s wedding. Roshni says she has to meet his Grandmother first and then she will shop alone.

Roshni is with Misha. She tells her about the documents she saw and says she can’t mention it to Sid.
Misha says when she can help Sid, then why not her? She agrees to help Roshni. They go into Simran’s room and Misha keeps watch by the door. Roshni searches the room till she finds the papers. She is shocked at what she reads and murmurs how is it possible? Misha takes it from her and reads and she’s shocked as well. King of Hearts 10 August 2019 Update On Zee World

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