King of Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Roshni trying to set the fire off from her matchstick house model and burning her hands. Yash stops her and continues touching her. Biji sees that and gets irked. People talk that Roshni is allowing some other man to touch her.

Judge announces that Roshni made a good house model, but could not save it. If she cannot save her model house, she may not save her real house, so she announces rival lady who burned house as the winner. Biji sees Yash continuing to hold Roshni’s hand and hugging her and angrily walks out with family. Roshni tries to leave behind them, but Yash stops her and asks to get first-aid done. Roshni asks him not to interfere and runs behind Biji. Kritika sees Yash and tells her family is doing domestic violence on Roshni and provokes them.

Roshni reaches home and Biji asks who was that man who was hugging her yesterday and today. Sid comes to her rescue and says he is his friend and came there to click pics, but rescued Roshni seeing her burning her hand. He praises Roshni that he is proud of him and even Biji is. Biji says she was unnecessarily doubting Roshni and asks Sid to not fight with Roshni often. Sid says if she wants, he will love Roshni in front of her. She scolds that he has become shameless.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 10 July 2019 Update

Yash meets DD in a restaurant and asks how can Sid’s family do domestic violence on Roshni. DD in her husky male voice tells she has a plan with which they can get Roshni out of it, Roshni may oppose it, but they have to go ahead.

Roshni thanks Sid for rescuing her out from Biji’s ire. He holds her burnt hand unknowingly and tells he did it for Biji. She writhes in pain. He sees her burnt hand and gets concerned. Roshni says she does not need his help, but he holds her hand and bandages it. She asks why is he doing this. He says he has many severe wounds in his heart which she gave him. Tears roll down their cheeks.

Sid gives pain killer to Roshni and asks her to have it. She does not even look at him. DD calls her and asks her to come home as her gynecologist friend who delivered her is coming. Roshni asks who is she. DD says she went to the US long back but was in touch, now she is coming and wants to meet her. Roshni says she cannot come as has a competition tomorrow. DD asks her to come after the competition. Roshni says ok.

Biji comes to Roshni and Sid’s room and sees Roshni’s hand bandaged. Roshni says she burnt her hand in the competition. Biji apologizes her for not seeing it and says she has gone old and yells at everyone unnecessarily. she asks who tied this bandage. She points at Sid. Biji asks him to take care of Roshni like this and says it is also husband’s duty to take care of wife when she is ill and says tomorrow he should take leave and attend the competition with Roshni. He asks them to be good to each other like this.

Roshni and Sid attend the competition with family. Competitor informs about the competition rules that the husband will make up wives and coordinate with them.

The whole Khurana family gets happy. Biji says she is proud of Roshni. Sid taunts Roshni and their nok jhok continues.

Roshni goes to DD’s house to meet her gynecologist friend. Friend, she is very happy that her delivered child has grown up so well. Naani thinks where did this new friend come from. DD asks Pratima to bring tea and snacks. A friend sees Roshni’s injured hand and forehead and asks what happened.

She says she got injured in competition. Friend says she wants to click the family pic and asks Roshni to stand with her. King of Hearts 10 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Biji prays god to keep his blessings on her family. She taunts Simran that even she had taken competition in her youth and lost it. Simran gets irked. Biji then sees Rajveer loafer and asks why is he still at home instead of going to the office. He says he is going. She gives Sid prasad and forced to eat it.

DD’s gynecologist friend who is actually an officer reaches Sid’s house with inspector and arrests Sid and family. Sid asks what did he do. Inspector says for domestic violence on Roshni’s complaint. Biji comes and asks what is happening. Officer says even complaint is in her name and arrests her also. Sid says she is elder and guest of this house, but inspector does not spare her. Sid tries to call Roshni’s phone, but she does not pick it as DD has hidden her phone. Sid thinks he did not think Roshni would go to such an extent.

Naani and Pratima search Roshni’s phone. DD asks them why are they so worried. Naani says it is manners and asks Roshni to call Sid’s family from a landline. She calls home and asks the servant why no one is picking the phone. Servant says police came and arrested everyone including Biji.

Roshni panics and runs towards the police station. Naani asks DD if she did something. DD with her male-looking face and a husky voice tells she did not do anything. Naani says they should go and check. DD says she will not let her go as she does not want her family falls in problem and if Khuranas have done something wrong, let them face the law.

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